Yoast Copywriting Training Review – Can It Help Your Site Rank?

Yoast Copywriting Training for $199

Yoast Copywriting Training for $199

Writing good content is essential for helping your website achieve rank with the search engines.  You need to be able to convey your message to your readers in a concise way that is both easy to read and fun.  Being able to do that can be the difference between success and failure, the difference between making money from a website, or not.

In this blog post I am going to provide a Yoast Copywriting Training review.  More than likely you have heard of Yoast, they are one of the ‘big dogs’ on the SEO scene for webmasters.  Can their training in copywriting help you get your website to rank better?  And if not what course or training out there will?

What Is SEO Copywriting?

Essentially anytime you write something on your website that is intended for people to find through a search engine inquiry is SEO copywriting.  It’s that simple.

Overall learning SEO copywriting is not that difficult.  It does take some time to figure out, but you can do that as you work on your website site and continue to pump out content.  Basically it involves being able to do good keyword research and implementing that into your writing that your readers can easily engage with.

Yoast SEO Copywriting Training

Yoast offers a variety of training programs, and their SEO Copywriting Training is one that they offer.  In order to get the big picture of SEO and implementing a solid campaign of it on your website you would need to take all their various courses.  Their copywriting training is just a small part understanding and applying an SEO strategy.

With that in mind, their training has fairly good reviews and has been well received by many newbies into website building and affiliate marketing.  Be prepared to spend some money to get the full SEO training that Yoast has to offer.

This shows what you will receive from Yoast's Copywriting Training

This shows what you will receive from Yoast’s Copywriting Training

The training in in depth with lots of great insights you can start applying right away to any writing you do on your websites.  They also provide ‘assignments’ in the training that you can do to help make sure you are grasping the information.  Also, when you signup for the course you can have two of your assignments reviewed by people at Yoast to make sure you are ‘getting it’.

How Much Does Yoast Copywriting Training Cost?

As I write this the Yoast Copywriting Training costs $199.  This price can fluctuate from time to time when they offer course discounts.  I recall seeing it for $179 a few months ago.  If it is worth saving twenty dollars by waiting for a discount price, then it is hard to say how long you could be waiting.

As I mentioned above the copywriting training that Yoast provides is just one piece of their overall SEO strategy training.  There are a variety of other courses that they offer as well.  If you were to sign up for all of their SEO training you would expect to pay roughly $894, perhaps a little less if you manage to sign up when there are course discounts.

Is the Yoast Copywriting Training worth it?  This is a hard question for me to answer.  I think that it could be for the right person.  Sure, there are places you can go online and get a lot of what they provide in their training course for free, but you will be doing some research and have to piece everything together.  Yoast provides a concise learning experience with their training that many will appreciate.

The Pros!

  • In depth course training – you can start learning some great insights right away that you can apply towards your website.
  • Assignments – the course work includes various assignments that you can do to make sure you are learning what you study in the course.
  • Assignment Review – two of your assignments, if you so choose, can be reviewed by people at Yoast.  They’ll let you know if are missing key elements of the course work or not.


The Cons!

  • While the Yoast Copywriting Training is in depth, you are really only getting a partial piece to the puzzle that is SEO.  Ideally you would need to sign up for all their training courses to get full knowledge of onsite SEO.  Which can get expensive.
  • They only will review two of their assignments.  I think this is a great feature they provide, but wish they would do it for more than just two assignments.  For $199 for this course, it would be nice to be able to get more feedback.

Conclusion On Yoast Copywriting Training

I think the training they provide can be helpful.  If you want to learn as much as you can quickly, then signing up for this course and their others will give you a great understanding of SEO.  If you have the money, if you want to jump head first into SEO, this is a great way to do it.

Otherwise, as much as I like Yoast and use their SEO plugin on all my WordPress websites, you can find the training from various sources online, many for free.  The downside of this is that you will have to piece things together and apply them as you work on your website.  This is also a great way to learn.

I personally learned about SEO from Yaost and another company called Wealthy Affiliate.

TIP:  Yoast has a variety of posts online that touches of many aspects of SEO.  They update these posts routinely as things change.  While they don’t give the full picture, you can learn a lot from the free resources Yoast shares online.  Here is a link to their Copywriting post.

If you need website hosting check out doing it at Wealthy Affiliate.  When you pay for hosting there you get access to highly detailed training for marketing and on page SEO.  It’s a fantastic perk to get along with the hosting you need to pay for anyway to have your own website.  You can check out Wealthy Affiliate here.

Wealthy Affiliate also provides training on how to start a home business as an affiliate marketer, you can read more about that here.

Thanks for reading.  If you have any personal insights into Yoast Copywriting Training please share them below.


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