Working Online At Home – It Starts With Setting Goals

Working online at home - In order to succeed you need to set some goals.

Working online at home – In order to succeed you need to set some goals.

When you want to start working at home and give up the daily grind you first need to set yourself goals.  If you don’t set goals, your chances for success are going to be lower than for somebody who does.  By setting goals you have a better chance of staying focused, and when that happens you can accomplish a lot more.

Here are a couple questions that should hopefully be easy to answer:  Do you want to work at home but for somebody else that allows such work?  Or would you prefer to be your own boss, working for yourself, and being able to work from home making your own decision?

There are many jobs you can try and find working at home for others, and there are a fair share that you can find that allows you to start a home business working for yourself.  You just need to choose your direction and do some research to find something that fits your needs and desires.

Beyond that, setting goals is the key to success when working at home, especially if working for yourself.

Working At Home – Set Yourself Goals

Why do you want to work at home?  What benefits are you looking to get out of doing so?  Are you hoping that in working from home you will be able to accomplish something specific in your life?

For me I wanted to make more money to pay bills and to spend on vacation.  I also wanted to pay down my mortgage faster and hopefully someday be able to have my wife quit her day job and stay at home.

Those were my long term goals and I am almost there.  I certainly have stopped living paycheck to paycheck like I was, and my mortgage is getting closer to being paid off.  My wife will be quitting her day job in the future.  Setting long term goals is a good thing.

But it’s also a good idea to set short term goals.

Short Term Work At Home Goals

If you have not yet started an at home business but are looking to do so, short terms goals are what you will need to determine and focus on.  Usually you already have long term goals, like I mentioned for myself above.  But how do you get to your long term goals?  Short term goals are the answer!

All goals are important to write down and work towards.  But it’s the short term goals that you set and work your way through that will eventually lead you to your long term goals – and success!

For me when I began wanting to start an online business I needed to find a business model that fit my needs and desires.  That required me to identify certain things about myself and the work I was comfortable doing.  I didn’t want to work for somebody else at home in my office, I wanted to be the boss.  So I needed to identify short term goals for finding a job that fit my desires.

Here is a short list of short term goals that may help you get ideas flowing:

  • Identify the benefits of being my own boss
  • What jobs can I do online at home and be my own boss
  • What equipment do I need to be able to work at home, if any
  • Do I need to learn any skills in order to start my own business online
  • Where can I learn the skills needed to do what I want to do working for myself

Long term goal ideas:

  • Make enough extra money to pay my bills and not live paycheck to pacycheck
  • Pay off my mortgage faster and eliminate my most expensive monthly bill in doing so
  • Let my wife be able to quit her day job
  • Travel and enjoy more family time with the extra money I’m making
  • Continue to grow my online business enough where I can quit my job as well

Working Online At Home – Making It Happen

I spent a lot of time researching various online jobs and found that there were many scams out there, like Automated Daily Income System.  Do your research and avoid scams.  Many people will offer to sell you information on how to work at home and make money, 99% of those people are likely scammers.  Another one to avoid is Facebook On Fire.

For me I wanted to be able to be my own boss and work when I wanted.  Blogging was a good fit for me over other potential jobs I checked into.  Blogging about my hobbies and interests made a lot of sense.  So I learned how to start my own blog and how to monetize it to make an income.  Learn more about that here.

Today I have a couple different blog websites I maintain and make income from.  I blog about things I am interested in and find the work enjoyable.  It’s pretty darn simple to write about things you know a lot about and are passionate about.  Imagine being able to do that yourself, travel and work anywhere around the world were you have internet access, and make passive money while doing so?

If you are interested in learning how to blog and make money from monetizing your blog, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review.  They are an online website hosting company that provides hosting and training on blogging.  Free to join, which is nice in this day and age.

What steps do you need to take to make working at home a reality for you?  It will depend on what kind of job you want to do at home.  Start a photography business perhaps?  Freelance writer?  There are lots of potential jobs out there.

You Can Get Stated Today

Don’t know what kind of work you want to do online from home?  You can still get started today if you want a suggestion.  I would seriously encourage you to check out starting your own blog.  It’s easy to do and you can have one up and running today at no out of pocket cost.

For more information check out my blog post here on how to Get Started.


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