Working At Home In 2020

Working at home in 2019

Working at home in 2019

Is 2020 going to be the year you decide to finally get serious about working at home?  If you want to be your own boss then I would strongly advise you to take a serious look at blogging.  Blogging is a great way to start working at home, and once you learn how to monetize your blog you can start to earn an income.

How To Start Working At Home In 2020 Today!

Many people hear that they can make money working at home as bloggers but are intimidated by the mere thought of it.  They think in order to start a blog you need to know how to write code and design web pages.  There is nothing further from the truth!  You do not need to know any of those things in order to start a website and begin blogging.

With just a few clicks of the mouse you can have a blog up and on the internet – yes it is really that easy.  Don’t believe me?  You can test it out right now for free by clicking here and proving an email address.  You can get access to two free to use sub-domain websites to play around with.

If people are not intimidated by the thought of being able to start a blog and maintain it, they usually next worry about how much it will cost.  Let me assure you, yes, it does usually cost to own your own website and pay for the hosting.  However, it is not that expensive.

I have several websites I run and maintain.  It costs me around $33 to $35 a month, and that covers ALL my websites.  That’s not per website, that’s ALL of my websites.  I currently earn over $3500 per month as a blogger.

What Do You Need To Start Working At Home?

I’ll break it down for you:

  • A computer at home, either a desktop or a laptop
  • Access to the internet for your computer
  • A niche idea for a website (more information below on this)
  • You will need to come up with a name for your website
  • Once you have a name, you will need to register that name ($9.00 to $15.00 per year)
  • You will need a place that provides website hosting for your website ($29 to $40 per month)
  • Be able to type with some proficiency and write in a way that is easy to read

What is a Niche Website?

A niche website is a website that is focused tightly on a particular theme or idea.  When starting a blog you intend to monetize and make money from, you want to have that website be very specific in regards to what it is going to be about.  Being focused like that will allow people to find your website much easier.  When people find your website you can make money.

As an example I create blogs that revolve around my hobbies.  I like to canoe camp in the wilderness, so one of my blogs is all about canoe camping and only canoe camping.  People who like that same hobby can usually find that website easily.

You don’t want to create a blog that is too broad and covers too many interests.  A well focused blog is easier to find.

Tip:  It’s always a good idea to create your blog about something you are highly interested in and know a lot about.  Guess what… when you know a lot about your hobby you will find it exceedingly easy to blog about it.  It’s not really even work!  If I can’t be out canoe camping I certainly enjoy blogging about it and interacting with other people who enjoy that same hobby.

The Cost Of Working At Home As A Blogger

Registering your website domain name and paying for hosting are your primary overhead costs for doing this kind of work.  As most people already have a computer at home and WiFi internet, I don’t really consider those things a cost that is usually one to worry about.  Even if you don’t have internet access at home, you can always do your work at home and then go to a cafe or library to upload your work to your website.

Best way to start working at home with little overhead: Start a blog!

Best way to start working at home with little overhead: Start a blog!

But you still need to buy and own your website name and pay for hosting.  The average cost for good website hosting is around $29 to $40 per month.  There are some places were you can get free website hosting, and that is all fine and good to learn on and get used to blogging.  However, I wouldn’t rely on free hosting when it comes to seriously making money from a website.  Free websites are not likely to get found as easily when people do organic searches in Google… and you want to get found in order to make money.

I do all my website hosting through Wealthy Affiliate/SiteRubix.  They provide website name registration and website hosting with no up-sells.  They have excellent hosting and provide many free services.  And for their hosting fee you can host up to 50 websites if you had that many you wanted to have hosted.  You can check them out here, free to create an account and sign up.

How To Make Money Working At Home In 2020

Up above I talked about starting a blog and shared some information on how to do that.  But once you have a blog setup how do you make money from it?  The easy answer is to say you need to monetize it.  But that likely doesn’t mean anything to you if you are just starting out and trying to learn the ropes.

Monetizing a website consists of a few different ways that will allow a website to make you an income.  Here are a few ways to monetize a website:

  • Google Adsense
  • Sell advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell your own product, such as an e-book or craft item

Make Money From Home Using Google Adsense

This one is pretty easy.  You sign up with Google Adsense and let them analyze your website and they place pay per click adds where you allow them.  Anytime a person on your website clicks on one of your adds that Google places, you make money.  I use this method on a few of my websites and make around a hundred bucks per month from it.  Not a lot, I know… But it adds up!  Websites that have more visitors can make a lot of money from this method of website monetizing.

Make Money Selling Advertising On Your Website

I do not do this one on any of my websites but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great way to make an income.  If you have ever been to a website with consistent (rarely changing) banner advertisements, you are likely looking at sold advertising space.  90% of the time a company will contact you directly about allowing them to advertise on your website.  The more visitors your website gets the more you can potentially make.

Visitors to your website don’t even have to click on the advertisement like they do with Google Adsense – you get paid just for the add being there!

Working At Home In 2020 With Affiliate Marketing

I make 98% of my online income from Affiliate Marketing.  More and more people are buying product online from places like Amazon and Walmart, to name just a few.  Before buying many items, especially high ticket items, people go online and look for reviews of the product.  Then they go and buy the product online!

On my canoe camping blog I blog about trips I have taken, camping tips, and of course the gear I like to use on my trips.  I write product reviews about my canoes, paddles, life jackets, canoe packs, portable camping stoves… get the idea?  When I write reviews I also provide a link where people can go and buy that product, such as Amazon.  When they click on my link and go to Amazon and buy that item I make a sales commission.

If they buy something else I also make a sales commission on that item to, even if I didn’t write about it on my blog.  Anything they buy during their visit I make money from, and anything they go back and buy within 24 hours I do as well.  It adds up fast!

Becoming An Affiliate Marketer

Any company that sells online has an affiliate marketing program.  It costs NOTHING for you to sign up as an affiliate.  Those companies, and there are thousands of them, want bloggers to help send traffic to their online websites.  And they pay you to do it in sales commissions.

Sell Your Own Product Online From Home

This is another one I don’t do, but many people enjoy it and can make good money doing so.  If you have an item that does not require you to have to worry about shipping items and having product in inventory, such as an e-book, then I would be all of this.  If not… wow, you could have to work out some details for having product on hand, dealing with returns, shipping issues…etc… etc…

The Simplicity Of Working At Home Online In 2020

One of the nice things about working online as a blogger and maintaining niche websites you own is this: You can work when you want and where you want.

Obviously when you work at home you can work whenever you want.  You call the shots, you decide what you want to wear and when you are going to sit down at the computer and work.

But when you work online with a laptop and an internet WiFi connection – You can work almost anywhere.

Think about it.  You can take your laptop and travel!  Sure, you can head to the local cafe and sit down to work.  You can also hop on a plane and go on a trip someplace, stay in a hotel, and still be able to work.  All you need is internet access and you can log into your website and blog.  A handheld tablet can also be used.

Many travel blogs are maintained by people who just travel around the country or world blogging about their adventures and what they see.  Their travel blog pays for their lifestyle.

The Next Step To Start Working At Home In 2020

Hopefully I got your attention with some of the details in this blog post.  If you are looking for more information you should take some time to check out other resources here on my website.  The sole purpose of this website is to help people find viable means on how to work at home.

As I mentioned above I do all my website name buying and hosting through Wealthy Affiliate/Siterubix.  For more information on Wealthy Affiliate and their various hosting services you can go straight to them by clicking this link.

Another option is to read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Good luck!  And if you have questions about working at home be sure to let me know.


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