Work At Home In Canada

I want to help people there learn how to work at home in Canada.

I want to help people there learn how to work at home in Canada.

I enjoy vacationing in Canada.  I mostly go on fishing vacations there, and of course site-seeing and checking out some of the culture along the way.  On my last vacation I had a chat with a guy working in a marina, and of course we got talking about the work we do.  He was very much interested in at home business opportunities.  So Jacob, this blog is for your.  You can work at home in Canada!

All you need is a laptop or desktop computer and a connection to the internet and you can start working today!

Work At Home In Canada!

On this website I blog often about online work from home scams to avoid as well as legitimate online work opportunities.  Anyone who has spent any time on just a few of my blog posts knows that my number one suggested method for making an income from at home is by blogging and affiliate marketing.

To all my Canadian friends reading this blog, I started affiliate marketing about twenty months ago and make around $4k per month.  I started learning about blogging and monetizing a website on my own, but several months ago I came across a company that is owned by two fine Canadians that teaches people how to do affiliate marketing.

Yep, I learned a lot about how to make money working at home from an online Canadian company.  More on that Canadian company further below.

Want to learn more?  Keep reading!

Working At Home In Canada – Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

I’m sure you have heard of people who are bloggers.  Some of them make a great deal of money blogging.  Well, I still work my day job, but plan to quit in the near future to blog part time from home and make a full time income.

So what is a blog?  A blog is a website that is updated on a routine basis with some new content.  Blogs are typically owned and operated by an individual or small group of people, and it’s written in a simple and easy to read conversational style.  Basically this web page you are on right now is a blog.  A niche blog to be exact.

What is a niche blog?  Good question!  A niche blog is a blog that focuses on a specific theme.  In the case of this website, Earn Your Success, I blog about being able to work at home, and try to help people become successful in such endeavors to start their own at home business as a blogger and affiliate marketing.

Other types of niche blogs may be a website about camping tents.  Another might focus on cooking with grill smokers.  Another example would be a website that focuses on space video games.

So what is affiliate marketing?  That is the method of marketing that a blogger can use to make money from their website.  As an example I have a website that is all about fly fishing.  I write blogs about some amazing trips I have gone on, some in Canada, some in the United States.  I also blog about fishing tips.  I even blog about tying some of my own flies.  But I also blog about the gear I use, like some of the rods and reels and other items that are particular to fly fishing.

When I write about a fly reel I use, I will also provide a link to an online retail store where a person reading my blog can go and buy that item.  If they buy that reel, or if they end up buying another reel or any other item at all I make a sales commission.  They don’t have to buy the item I am talking about have a link for, they can buy ANYTHING from that online retailer and I will make a commission on the sale.  I once had a person click from my fishing vest to Amazon and they ended up buying a 55″ TV… I made a big commission on that sale!

Starting an online business in Canada in Affiliate Marketing is a basic four step process.

Starting an online business in Canada in Affiliate Marketing is a basic four step process.

Online retailers, if you sign up with them as their affiliates, and send people to their website to buy product, will pay you sales commissions.  There our thousands of online retail stores.  Amazon is the biggest, REI, WalMart, Click Bank, Target… pretty much any retailer is also going to have an online affiliate program.

How much does it cost to sign up to be an affiliate with any of those retailers?  Another great question!  It does not cost anything.  It’s free to sign up to be an affiliate.

Starting An At Home Business Online In Canada – It’s Super Easy!

All you need is a computer and access to the internet and you can start working at home in Canada today.  It’s easy to get started, and you can actually start for no out of pocket cost.

You are going to need a website of your own.  But don’t worry, starting your own website is simple to do.  If you can operate a cell phone you can start your own website and be blogging very quickly.  You can also start a website for free!

Want to see how easy it is to create a website and post new content to it?  Check out the video I made below showing you how easy it is.

As I mentioned above you can get your own website and start blogging today for free, and that also includes free web hosting.  Doing this for free is a great way to figure out if you are really interested in blogging.  However, if you decide that you like blogging and want to really make a business out of affiliate marketing from home, then you are going to want to buy your own website and own it, and also pay for your web hosting.

The reason for eventually owning your own website and paying for hosting is that you will have more control over your online business, and there are perks that come with owning your website domain.  Search engines like Google and Yahoo give more ‘trust’ to websites that are owned over websites that are free.  That trust issue is HUGE when it comes to getting found in searches people do using Google… it’s the difference between making some money and a lot more money.

The average monthly cost to buy a domain name and pay for hosting is about $30 to $49 per month for a basic package.  I won several websites and pay for my own hosting, and pay about $36 per month… and I make around $4K.  So yeah, that’s a pretty cheap investment into an at home business in the United States and Canada.

So you need to get a website, and you need to learn how to create a website that is monetized through affiliate marketing.  If you want to learn where to go for those things… Keep Reading!

Work At Home In Canada – Where To Start

Like I said up above I learned some things on my own when I first started doing learning how to work at home.  Several months ago I came across a company that is Canadian owned called Wealthy Affiliate (WA).  They provide web hosting and also provide some amazing training on how to create and niche blog and start doing affiliate marketing.

Want to read more about WA, check out my HUGE review I wrote about about them:  Wealthy Affiliate Review.

You can be working from home as your own boss today, online, blogging and doing affiliate marketing.

You can be working from home as your own boss today, online, blogging and doing affiliate marketing.

When you create a free account with WA (all you need is an email address), you get access to two free websites, free hosting, and some excellent free training to help get you started as a blogger and affiliate marketer.  Starting out using their free services is a great way to see if blogging is for you.  If not, you’re not out anything.

However, if it is for you, buy your own website and sign up for their amazing web hosting service – it is one of the best out there.  I do my web hosting through them now, and am so glad I do.  When you sign up there is also more advanced training you can access for online marketing, as well as networking opportunities as well as incredible IT support for your website or websites.

If you want to get started right now, learning to do what I do and earn an income working from home in Canada, you can go straight to Wealthy Affiliate From This Link Here.  Signing up from my page will put me in place as a mentor you can utilize for answering questions along the way – and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Working Online At Home In Canada – Conclusion

I hope this blog post helped get you motivated for starting your own job from home.  Working online is a great way to earn a solid income.  It’s a passive form of income too, so I don’t have to be working to make money.  Blog posts I wrote over a year ago are earning me money on a reoccurring basis.

The hardest part is getting started.  Most people are worried about running a website, thinking they need to know how to program and do web design – I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to know that stuff.  If you haven’t watched my video above, do so now… you will be surprised how easy it really it.

So if you want to learn more about WA check out my detailed Wealthy Affiliate review here.  You can also learn more about me and affiliate marketing in general by reading about work at home jobs here.

If you have any questions about working at home online in Canada, please ask me below.



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