Work At Home For Women – A Job That Is Rewarding

Viable work at home for women - A job you can get behind working for yourself!

Viable work at home for women – A job you can get behind working for yourself!

Are you a woman looking to start working from the comfort of your own home?  In this blog post, Work At Home For Women, I am going to tell you how you can do just that.  It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a career change, if you are a stay at home mom, just tired of the daily grind, going back to school, or maybe retired.  The job I’m about to share with you is something pretty much everyone can do.

All you need to get started today is a computer and an internet connection.  Other out of pocket expenses are $0.00.  You read that right, if you have a computer with internet that’s all you need to start today.  Keep reading ‘Work At Home For Women’, and I’ll tell you how to get started.

Work At Home For Women – Be Your Own Boss

What I am about to share with you might seem scary.  Don’t let it frighten you!  Really, anyone can do this.

Ready?  You need to start a website and monetize it.  Basically what I am talking about it starting a blogging website.  Bloggers can make a very good living, and they do it from the comfort of their own homes.  Starting a website is as easy as clicking around with your mouse – it’s incredibly simple, but most people think its difficult – it’s not.  I’ll show how easy it is further below.

Some bloggers don’t even work at home – they travel all over and work as they travel.  How can they do that?  Well, all they need is a computer with internet access, and they can work from pretty much anywhere in the world.  Wherever they travel to their website is still online and making them an income.  It’s not like owning a store or working at an office.  Your business is online and you’re not tied to it geographically.

This website you are on right now is one of a few blogs that I maintain myself.  I write (blog) about how people can avoid online jobs scams while helping them get started with viable online work they can do at home.

Let me ask you a question:  Do you have any hobbies or things that you are highly knowledgeable about or interested in?  It can really be anything.  I’m sure you have a few things that popped into your head.  You can create a blog about those things and make an income from them.

I have a couple websites I blog on and make money from.  Camping, fishing, working at home, memory foam mattresses… get the idea?

Tip For Women Looking To Work At Home As Bloggers

Okay, this tip is not just related to my Work At Home For Women post, but really for everyone.

Because I am interested in those topics I mentioned above, things I know a lot about, I find it easy to blog about all those topics.  Choosing something you know very little about can be tedious when it comes time to sit down and write a blog post.

When choosing to create a blog, create a blog around a topic dear to your heart, and you will certainly succeed.  Imagine being able to have a job that you focuses on something you enjoy?  Blogging can provide that to you.

Work At Home For Women – Creating A Money Making Blog

Starting a website in this day and age is really simple.  Anyone can do it.  It’s as easy as picking a name for your website and then clicking on a ‘theme’ that you want your website to potentially look like from a list of themes.

Adding content to a blog, like the text you are reading right now, is a lot like writing in a word processing program such as Microsoft Word.  Dropping pictures and video into your blog post is super easy too.  You want to write in a simple and easy to read conversational tone.  No need to get fancy and become a wordsmith, just write like you would talk to a family member.

The more content you add to your website that focuses on your hobby or interest, the better chance it is of your website getting found by people.  When people find your website you can make money.  The more people that find your website, the money you can potentially make.

Once you create a website and start a blog you want to monetize it.  Monetizing a website is how you make money.

Working At Home – Ways To Monetize A Blog

You make money by creating a blog website.  People will find your blog, and when it’s monetized you can make an income from it.  Here are the primary methods bloggers use to monetize a website:

  1. Sell Advertising:  Once people are finding your blog it is very likely that companies selling product will find you and ask if they can advertise on your site.  Usually that means they want you to provide a banner somewhere on your website.  When people click the advertisement it will take them to another website.  The more people (traffic) your website has, the more you can charge for advertising.  Monthly advertising fees you can charge range from $20 to many thousands – it all depends on how much traffic your website has.
  2. Pay Per Click Advertising With Adsense:  You can sign up with Adsense and place banners on your site.  Typically the banners that show up are controlled by Google and relate to what your website is about.  When people click on an Adsense add you can make anywhere from a $0.01 to several dollars.  This can add up fast, especially on websites that get a lot of traffic.
  3. Create A Product Of Your Own And Sell It:  Have a book or “how to” pamphlet, maybe a crafted item or other product you created?  You can sell it on your website.  Be prepared to have to deal with shipping and returns, as well as customer contact requirements (emails, phone calls).
  4. Affiliate Marketing:  This is my favorite of the four things mentioned here.  Affiliate Marketing is where you blog about a product that is sold elsewhere online.  When People read your product review they click on a link you provide that takes them to where they can buy the product (such as Amazon or any number of online retailers).  When they buy that product, or other products after clicking on your link, you make a sales commission.

Working At Home For Women – More On Affiliate Marketing

Out of the four things I mentioned above about monetizing a website, I prefer Affiliate Marketing the most.  Remember the websites I mentioned above that I maintain?  Fishing, camping, memory foam mattresses…

Here is how it works: Because I like to camp and do things outdoors that are camping related, I find it very easy to blog about.  I write about camping trips I have gone on, places I want to go and camp, tips and tricks (hacks) I share, and sometimes I write about product I like to use that is related to camping.

Sample affiliate link. Sometime they appear like this, sometimes they are just text that is highlighted in your blog post.

Sample affiliate link. Sometime they appear like this, sometimes they are just text that is highlighted in your blog post.

When I write a product review I suggest where people can go online and buy that product.  I don’t have to store the product, take phone calls, handle orders, deal with product returns… none of that.  All I do is simply direct people where they can go to buy the various items I might write a review on, and the online retailer handles all the grunt work.  It’s easy!

Check out the picture to the right – it’s an example of an affiliate link I placed on my memory foam mattress website.  You have likely seen such things before on other websites – those websites are doing affiliate marketing.

Online retailers want affiliate marketers like me to send people to their websites to buy stuff.  They pay me for doing that with sales commissions.  It costs NOTHING to sign up as an affiliate with an online retailer such as Amazon, Walmart, Tiffany’s, Bass Pro Shops, etc…

If a person clicks on a link I provide for a product and goes to Amazon, but does not buy that item, and instead buys something else – I still earn a commission even though the consumer bought an entirely different product or products other than what I was reviewing.  And if that same consumer goes back within 24 hours and buys more stuff after using my product link to get to Amazon, I make sales commissions any anything else they buy within that time frame.

It gets better too… if they put an item in their shopping cart but don’t buy it right away, as long as they buy it within the next 90 days I still earn a commission!

Work At Home For Women – Starting A Website

If you are still here reading then you are interested in what I have been blogging about.  The one thing that scares people the most about starting blogging is that they think it’s difficult to create and maintain a website.

Let me assure you it is easy.  You don’t need to know programming or coding.  If you have any experience messing around on a smart phone, doing Google searches, writing and sharing on social media, or working with a word processing program, you certainly going to be able to maintain a website on your own.

In this day and age having your own website is is a minor thing.  It’s easier than going and getting a new cell phone!  And guess what?  You can also get a website and hosting for that website for free!

Remember up above I said all you needed was a computer with internet access and you could start today with no other out of pocket costs?  Well, I wasn’t blowing smoke.  That’s the truth.  I’ll tell you how further below.

But for now, check out the YouTube video I made below.  It shows you exactly how easy it is to start up a free website of your own.  The video is a little over thirteen minutes long, but the actual process of starting your own free website just takes a few minutes.  Watch below to see how easy it really is.

See how easy that was?  Just pick a name for your website and then literally choose a theme for it.  You can be up and running in no time and adding content to your website.

Is It Really Free To Start And Host A Website?

The sample I showed you above was a free website I created.  It really did not cost me anything to create.  Free websites are great because you can test out if you like blogging.  If it’s not a good fit for you, you can stop and there’s no financial loss.

However, there are benefits to paying for your website and hosting.  Most every blogger who monetizes a website does so on a website they own and pay hosting for.  The reason for that is this:  Google does not ‘trust’ free websites as much as they do sites that are being paid for.  Having Google’s trust is important, it means the difference between making a little money, and potentially a lot.

So how much does it cost to own a website and pay for website hosting?  It’s not that much.  Buying a website domain can cost around $8 to $18 per year.  Website hosting for a blog site that does affiliate marketing can cost anywhere from $349 to $780 per year.

I have a few websites and my total cost to own them and pay for hosting breaks down to about $32 to $36 per month total.  That cost is not a cost per website, that is the total cost I pay out every month for all the websites combined.

Currently as I write this blog post I earn around $3000 per month from my monetized websites.  I still work a day job, but I’m paying of my mortgage fast.  My wife and I plan to quit our day jobs when we own our house free and clear.

How Long Does It Take To Start Making Money?

Google does not trust free website too much, and they also don’t trust new websites.  The older a website is and the more content that gets added to it the more trust Google will give it.  That takes time.

Most people who get started working from home as bloggers and affiliate marketers don’t start earning money until a few months down the road.  How long actually depends on the website and how much content you add to it on a routine basis.

I started making a little money on a few of my websites in a month or two.  It wasn’t much.  But as the websites matured I started getting found more and more, and as that happened my monthly income grew.

This is not a get rich fast process.  It does require work, time, and motivation to work at home among common distractions found within a home.  On average I work 1-2 hours per day at home.  Some days I work a little more, some days I don’t work at all.  Newer website might require more time and attention.  This website you are on now I work on about 3 hours per week, and that’s it.

It’s not so bad though; if I can’t be out doing the hobbies I blog about, at least I can be at home reading and blogging about them.  It actually makes the work fun, and I learn more about my interests that way.

I tell people to be prepared to give blogging and affiliate marketing six months, then give it six more after that.  A year goes by fast.  When I hit the year mark on my first website I was starting to make some nice money… money that was making a big difference in my monthly budget.

I’ve been doing this kind of work on the side at home for two years now as I write this blog post.

Online Consumers Are Increasing

If you are a woman thinking about starting a home business and working at home as a blogger and affiliate marketer, let me share some interesting information with you.

More and more people every year are shopping online.  They also go online looking for product reviews before they buy items.  There are so many choices in this day and age for all products being sold that serious consumers do online research before buying.

That’s where the blogger comes in who writes product reviews.

People review products online and buy online because it’s easy.  They can get better deals, more product selections to choose from, and less hassle during the buying process.  Anything from gift cards to six person saunas are being bought online at Amazon.

  • 2015 online sales reached $335 billion dollars in the United States alone.
  • In 2016 the internet giant, Amazon, captured 53% of all online sales.
  • By 2020 online sales are estimated to be at $523+ billion in the Unites State.

You can get in on the money exchanging hands online as a blogger by making sales commissions as an affiliate marketer.

Get Started With A Free Website First!

This post ‘Work At Home For Women’ is about starting up an at home business where you are the boss calling all the shots.  It’s also about getting started online for as little money as possible.  I push people who are interested in blogging to give it a try for free first.  Don’t pay for a domain and hosting.  Use the free website options!

If you find this kind of work is to your liking then I suggest strongly you buy and own your own website domain and pay for hosting.  The benefits are many, and doing so can help you make more money online in the long run and sooner.

The place online where I created that free website in the video above is called Wealthy Affiliate.  All you need is an email address to create an account with them.  Once you create an account you have access to two free websites and free website hosting – that you have forever, no expiration on how long you can use their free services.

They also provide services for paid web hosting and online training on building up a website for affiliate marketing.  You can get started with them today by creating an account – Just click here.

When you sign up with them you get access to me as your mentor.  I’ll be there to help answer any questions you may have about blogging and affiliate marketing.

What Do I Get Out Of It?

Since you know a little about how affiliate marketing works now, and clicking links, you may be wondering what I get out of you signing up with Wealthy Affiliate.

When you create a free account and use their free website services I get nothing at all.  However, if at some later time you decide you want to pay for web hosting and sign up with them to provide that service for you, I do get a commission.

I do my web hosting at Wealthy Affiliate.  I love their premium hosting service.  It’s affordable, and they don’t try to sell you anything else – just a flat fee and all the perks that come with premium hosting.

They have an excellent online community of people who are bloggers and affiliate marketers.  On top of that they have excellent training that helps people learn about building up successful websites to earn them online incomes.  Click here to get started for free.

Work At Home For Women – Wrapping Things Up

You can get started today.  All you need is a computer.  I pointed you in the direction for two free websites and free website hosting.  You can easily check things out and see if you like blogging for no out of pocket costs.

However, if you want to read more information about affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate, I suggest you check out my Wealthy Affiliate review.  It will provide you more information about the company.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post “Work At Home For Women”.  It really is geared towards anybody, not just women.

Thanks for reading,


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