Why People Fail At Affiliate Marketing

Why people fail at affiliate marketing: They give up too soon.

Why people fail at affiliate marketing: They give up too soon.

There are a couple main reasons why people fail at affiliate marketing.  Understanding what those primary reasons are before going into this kind of work will help you to succeed.  Be prepared for what you are getting into.

First and foremost, niche blogging and affiliate marketing is work.  Yes, it is considered easy work, but nonetheless it is still work.  There is some learning involved on how to do it properly, but once you get past that learning curve… you can make some really good money.

I’ve been blogging and doing affiliate marketing for around nineteen months now and have been successful at it.  I kept my head down and kept working at it.  I know what the obstacles are that need to be overcome.  I know how to succeed at building a website to make an income.

I also know why people fail and give up.  I network on a daily basis with people doing what I do, and I see first hand what causes people to get frustrated and give up.

Why People Fail At Affiliate Marketing – #1 Reason

In order to make money as a blogger through monetizing your website you need to have actual content on your website.  You also need to have people find your site.  The more people that find your site, the more potential you have to earn an income.

Of course there are many other mitigating factors to the process, such as keyword phrase use, what you are promoting, and your SEO practices to name a few.

#1 Reason:

  • New bloggers get frustrated and quit when people aren’t finding their website.

New websites don’t get much respect from Google.  They have what is called a low trust factor.  To get more respect from Google your website needs to age.  It also needs to have good content being added on a regular basis.

What is frustrating to people, and I know because I’ve been there too, is that you are churning out lots of blog posts and people are not seeing them.  You want to make money, but you can’t because nobody is finding your site.

After a month or two of working hard putting content on a site with no results causes most people to think they are doing something wrong.  Or that they start thinking affiliate marketing and blogging just doesn’t work.

But you know what – it can take 4-6 months before a website starts getting noticed by Google and starts earning more trust.  It’s a slow process.  But then after a year, things really change and you can really start getting some traffic.

In order for that to happen you have to be patient, keep working despite the fact that nobody sees your work… just keep at it.

You have to keep working at it. Avoid developing self doubt.

You have to keep working at it. Avoid developing self doubt.

Sadly people have a hard time pushing through that ‘dark phase‘, as I like to call it.

If you can keep posting on your site a couple times a week, you will start to get noticed and start getting traffic between 4-6 months.  Some people start to get traffic sooner… some later.  It all depends on how much work you put into your website.

If you can post good quality content everyday, you are going to get traffic faster and make money faster.  But you can’t just spew out worthless content… It has to be good content.

Most people can’t publish fresh new content on a daily basis and that’s okay.  If you can do it a couple times a week that is awesome… just keep doing it.  You will succeed if you don’t give up.

Why People Fail At Affiliate Marketing – #2 Reason

Many people think that they know what they are doing.  They already have some blogging experience and have a website or two, or more, up and running.  But they never monetized a site before to make in income.

#2 Reason:

  • Experienced bloggers think they know most of what they need to know, and look for shortcuts towards making money online.

This was me.  Totally me.  When I started doing affiliate marketing nineteen months ago, I already had a couple websites up that I was blogging on for fun.  I thought I was going to be able to start marketing my website and make money right away.

Boy was I wrong.  I tried to jump into affiliate marketing by taking some short cuts.  There are no short cuts!

The best thing I did was find a network of people already doing this kind of work and learn from the ground up.  There are no shortcuts for monetizing a website.  There is a clear and distinct path to doing it, and if you follow the path, you will succeed.

I see this all the time with people I network with.  Somebody comes along and thinks they can just jump into this and expect to find success nearly overnight – but they don’t, and then they quit, and go back to whatever it was they were doing with their websites before, such as pay per click Adsense adds making pennies on a click.

I don’t want to make pennies.  I want to make thousands, and I do.   Don’t you?

What You Can Learn From #1 And #2 Above – Patience

People fail at blogging and affiliate marketing because they don’t have patience.  They want success fast.  Building a business takes time.  It’s a slow process.  But as time goes on, traction for your website picks up and you will start earning.

Blogging and affiliate marketing is not a get rich fast scheme.  It’s not going to give you instant monetary gratification.  But, if you put the time into doing this, it will pay off, and it will pay off big.

With time and effort on your part you can quit your day job and just stay working at home a couple hours a day blogging and earning MORE money than you ever have before.

To often people loose site of what they are trying to accomplish with starting an online business in affiliate marketing.  Don’t loose site… keep your dream alive, keep working.

It’s sad to see people quit when they are literally just a few weeks or a month or two away from seeing the some results.

Conclusion, And My Best Advice

If you are thinking about getting into blogging and affiliate marketing be prepared for excitement!

Yes, the first month is very exciting.  You will have become an online entrepreneur!  And that’s awesome!

But then self doubt starts to creep in.  You look back at the work you have been doing and start thinking you should be seeing at least some results, or some sign that you are doing things right.

But it just doesn’t work that way.  You need to focus even harder and push through the next few months or longer.

When that self doubt starts to creep in you need to really buckle down and fight hard to keep moving forward, to not quit.

The best thing you can do is find yourself a network of people who are doing what you are doing.  They can help provide answers to questions you have, and also give you support you need along the way when that doubt starts to stir within.

A good support network can do wonders to make you successful.  I know… because I’m part of one.  And I help people daily.  And I learn a lot about marketing and websites every day by being part of it.

Check out the image below… here is an example of what goes on in my support network, and that’s me at the top answering a question to somebody who needed some help:

Why people fail at affiliate marketing - they don't have a support network to help them.

Why people fail at affiliate marketing – they don’t have a support network to help them.

If you are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing and doing what you can to have your absolute best success at it, then do what I’m doing.  Check out my #1 recommended support and training site here.

Don’t fail at affiliate marketing!  Let me help you.



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