Who Said You Have To Spend Money To Make Money? They Were Wrong!

Who Said You Have To Spend Money To Make Money? They Were Wrong!

Who Said You Have To Spend Money To Make Money? They Were Wrong!

I don’t know who said you have to spend money to make money, but from experience they are mostly wrong.

Yes, most businesses has some sort of overhead.  It could be product they buy and warehouse, bills they pay for phones service, electric bill for a home office, an internet bill, office or building rental, website hosting fees… the list can go on and on.

Working from home can cost little to get started doing, but there are usually still costs associated with running a business from home.  So yes, more than likely you have to spend some money to make money.  But I really didn’t have to, and neither do you!

I am here to tell you about a home business you can start that costs you very little or nothing to jump into.  I spend about $35 per month working from home, and earn around $3000.00 per month.  I still work a day job too, but my online income is growing and I will someday quite my day job and just be an online entrepreneur.

Ready to learn how to work at home for nothing in startup costs?  Keep reading!

How To Work At Home For Free

I’m just gonna spell it out for you: Get yourself a website!  If you already have a computer at home with internet access, and most people do, then you can start your own online business today by just starting a website.  You can start your own website for nothing.  Totally free!

A website can be monetized to earn you a monthly income.  Wanna know how it works?  I can tell you exactly how it works, because I am an authority on making money through websites.  I have a few websites of my own, and they all make me money every month.  Want to know how I do it?

I blog about things I know a lot about, like on this website… I blog about helping people get started working at home owning an online business.  Do you have any hobbies or things that you are highly knowledgeable about?  I am sure you do.  Well, you can get a website of your own, for free, and blog like I do.

Do you like to camp, read books, cook, sew, craft, play video games, watch movies?  What are your hobbies?  You can create a website and share about your hobby or hobbies, monetize that website, and make an income from doing it.

Owning And Maintaining A Website Is Easy

In school did you have to ever type up a report in a word processing program?  Have you ever written a post or shared pictures on Facebook or other social media sites?  If you answered yes to those two questions, you will have absolutely no problems at all maintaining and adding content to a website.  None what-so-ever.

Now, if you have never done any of those things before, it may take you a little bit of learning to figure it out.  But it’s still pretty easy to learn.  Gone are the days where you have to know coding and programming.  These days most websites are created by picking a name and then picking a website theme… a visual image showing you what your website can look like.

Below is a picture image I took of this website showing where I work to write and add content to it.  It looks a lot like a word processing programming.

Screenshot from this website post showing how much writing and adding content in a website looks similar to working in a word processing program.

Screenshot from this website post showing how much writing and adding content in a website looks similar to working in a word processing program.

Then you just type and share the information you know a lot about by writing posts on your website.  Writing is not that hard to do when you are sharing your thoughts and knowledge.  Just type like are talking to a close friend sitting across the table from you.  That’s what I am doing now as I type this post on this website.

Making Money With A Website – How Do You Do It!?

There are many ways to make money with a website you own.  You can sell advertising on it, setup adds that when people click on them you get paid for it, and doing what is called Affiliate Marketing.  I make money by doing the last one.  I blog and do affiliate marketing.  There are other methods to make money online through a website, but those three are the most popular.

Affiliate marketing is where I write a product review and refer people to an online store where they can buy that product, or products like it.  When they buy I make sales commissions.

Does that make sense?  Maybe… maybe not.  I’ll break it down further.

Like I said, I blog about the things I know a lot about or hobbies that I enjoy.  I like to play guitar and own four or five.  Some are electric and some acoustic.  One of my websites I own and blog on is about my hobby of playing guitars.

So on that website I write about music I like to play, about the guitars I own, the other equipment I use to help me when I play, etc… you get the idea.  Sometimes I write a detailed review of new gear I get, such as a new guitar or amplifier.  When I do that, I also provide a link to Amazon (or other online stores) where people can click to buy that gear.  (Here is an example link, Fender Guitar).

You click on that link above for the Fender Guitar and it takes you Amazon.  If you decide to buy that guitar after reading my review of it, and reading more about it online at Amazon, I get credit for sending you there to buy it.  Amazon pays me a commission!

If you don’t buy that guitar, but instead buy another item such as a different guitar, a TV, a computer, a cell phone case, or anything else, I also earn a sales commission on those items as well.  In fact, if you go back to Amazon within 24 hours of visiting their site from using my link and buy something there, I will get sales commission for those purchases as well.

Yeah, you can make some pretty good money this way.  Product reviews I wrote on my websites a couple years ago are still around and being read and found by people and I’m still making money on things I wrote long ago!  That’s called making a passive income.

Amazon Likes People Who Are Their Affiliate

The keyword in what I do is ‘affiliate‘.  I blog and work as an affiliate to online retailers.  Amazon and pretty much any online retail store will pay you commissions on anything people buy when you send them to their online stores to shop.

In this day and age more and more people are shopping online.  I know I do!  In fact the past few years I do about 90% of all my Holiday shopping online.  I don’t enjoy going out and into retail stores during the winter months.  They are crowded and it can be hard to find what I am looking for.

Shopping online is easy.  I usually get better deals and save more money shopping online.  Many people agree with me.  In fact it is being estimated that by the year 2020 online spending in North America will reach 520 billion dollars!  That’s amazing.

Many consumers turn to the internet to do product research before they buy things.  They also turn to the internet to read about the things they like.  So when people go online looking for information about guitars and playing them, they sometimes find my website.  That can lead them to following a link on my website that takes them to Amazon where they buy product, and that’s how I make money working at home online.

Amazon pays me to send people to their website to buy things.

But what does it cost to do this kind of work from at home?  Keep reading!

Who Said You Have Spend Money To Make Money?

Who said you have to spend money to make money?  Probably somebody who spent a lot of money to make their money.  You can do what I do starting today as long as you have a computer with internet access.  So yes, that costs you something right there.  You need to have those tools at your disposal.  Internet access usually has a monthly fee involved.

But does it cost to sign up with Amazon as their affiliate?  Nope.  Not a penny.  In fact it costs nothing to sign up with any online retailer that works with affiliates.  They pay you, you don’t pay them.

Does it cost to have a website of your very own?  No, you can get a free website, I can tell you where to go to get one.

And does it cost anything to pay for web hosting for the free website?  No, I can tell you where to go to get free website hosting as well.

I can also tell you where to go to learn more about affiliate marketing and get some free information and training – if you need it.

However, most people pay for their websites and most people also pay for their web hosting.  Free sites are slower and have limited use, but they are out there and can be used to blog and do affiliate marketing.  Usually, once people start making money they will pay for their web hosting and pay for their websites – there are perks for owning and paying for those things that make it worth it once you start making money.

You are probably wondering what it costs if you want to pay for a website and pay for web hosting.  It’s actually pretty cheap.  I own four websites and pay for web hosting… my monthly cost for those things adds up to about $32-$35 per month.

That’s it.

I tell people to NOT pay for those things until they know for sure they like to work for themselves as their own boss, from the comfort of their own home, as an affiliate marketer.  To be completely honest, this kind of work is not for everybody.  If you are thinking it could be for you, don’t pay for web hosting or or your own website.  Use the free services to test things out and see if this is a good fit.

How Much Can You Make As An Affiliate Marketer?

How much do you want to make?  I know several other affiliate marketers that make around $10,000.00 per month doing what I am doing.  There are also know one or two that I network with online that make twice that much.  Most people I know make between four thousand and ten thousand per month once they they are established.

It takes time to build up to that kind of income.  Don’t think you can start doing this and be making a few thousand dollars in a month or two.  Well, it is possible, that could could happen, but the odds are low.  It takes most people a couple months before they make any money online this way, and it’s usually not much at first.

Several months into it most see a steady income, and from there it will keep increasing.  The more time you can put into your website and working online, the more money you will end up earning.  Right now, because I still work a day job and am trying to pay off my mortgage, I only work 1-2 hours per day at the most on my websites.

Once my mortgage is paid off I’m quitting my day job and focusing my efforts working for myself online as a blogger.

One of the nice things about this kind of work is that you can do it from anywhere.  Want to go on a trip for a month or two… go ahead!  More than likely wherever you go there is going to be internet access.  Bring a laptop and work on your business as you travel.  You’ll never be tied down again.  Imagine having that kind of freedom and still be making a good income?

Where Can You Get A Free Website And Free Web Hosting?

There are companies out there that sell domains and provide hosting.  You may have heard of Blue Host, Host Gator, iPage, as well as many others.  Most of those companies sell cheap web hosting and website domains.  But then they try and sell you what are called ‘upsell’ services… services you tell you that you should have in addition to your web hosting.  Good web hosting costs anywhere from $29 – $49 per month.

Good web hosting means having I.T. support, fast servers, backup processes, security processes…etc…etc…  I use a company called Wealthy Affiliate (read about them here on the Better Business Bureau profile).

When you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate (all you need is an email address, no credit card needed, you can get started HERE), you get two free website to use and free web hosting.  You also get some free online training to help you get started adding content to your website and how to make money online as an affiliate marketer.

They provide all those services for free – because they are sure you will like what you are doing and learning, and will eventually want to sign up with them for their paid services; such as owning your own website and web hosting.  By the way, when you sign up with them for free, you can keep those free website forever.  You don’t ever have to buy anything from them ever.

So I always suggest people take advantage of the free services at Wealthy Affiliate… I did, and look where I am today.

More Information About Working Online from Home

Curious to learn more?  Well then check out some of the other posts here on this website.  I talk a lot about helping people start working at home for little to no money.  Really, as long as you have a computer with access to the world wide web you can start doing what I am doing this very day.

Want to read more about Wealthy Affiliate?  I wrote a very detailed review about them.  You can read my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Yes – you can start making money without having to spend money.


Learn How To Work At Home!

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