What To Work From Home With A Job And Succeed!

Trying to figure out what to work from home with a job you can succeed at can be a process of trial and error.  We all learn from our mistakes, usually.  When scouring the internet for a job you can work at home there are lots of bad leads out there.

What to work from home with a job you can succeed at? You first have to find the perfect at home job!

What to work from home with a job you can succeed at? You first have to find the perfect at home job!

Thousands upon thousands of people are on the internet looking to scam you out of your money.  Or they want you to sign up to their businesses where you pay them to sell their product for them.  No thanks!

I’ve seen it all.  I’ve fallen for a few bad leads on being able to work at home.  There are so many horrible jobs out there that you can do from home, but they suck.  They take way to much time and don’t pay enough.  Or they pay you in credits that later convert into money but the conversion rate is abysmal.

Avoid those types of jobs.  Avoid taking survey’s, or being secret online shoppers, or watching videos for pennies, or any of the other horrible online jobs that don’t pay ‘jack’.

Avoid those mistakes!

What To Work From Home With A Job You Can Succeed At

I have looked long and hard at finding the perfect work from home job.  I didn’t want to just start any old job from home, I wanted to start working a viable business that I cold grow and own and be proud off.  One that would allow me to someday quit my day job and give me more time and freedom in my life.

I wanted a job that I could take with me if I wanted to travel – a job that wouldn’t tie me down to my home or the town I lived in.

A wanted a job that would truly allow me more freedom in my life, and pay me a descent monthly income.

Sounds like a hard order to fill, doesn’t it?  Well, I found it.  I discovered what it was I was looking for and I am doing it right now.

I discovered blogging!  Yep, writing on the internet.  Blogging.

If you are wondering how that makes money I can tell you precisely how it works.  And it’s actually pretty easy.

Most people shy away from the thought of owning their own website and blogging.  They think they need to know how to be web-designers, or know somebody who is, or know how to program and code.  Or that they need hundreds or more dollars to start.

Let me assure you that you don’t need to know how to do any of that stuff.  Setting up a website is insanely easy.  The hard part is thinking of a name for it!  It took me two hours to come up with the name “Earn Your Success”.  It took me about two minutes to ‘create’ this website so I could start blogging.

And you can get started for free.  All you need to have is an internet connection and a laptop or desktop computer to use.

Blogging And Online Affiliate Marketing

There are four steps to making money online.

  1. You need to choose a hobby or interest to blog about
  2. Build a website to blog on (takes a few minutes is all)
  3. Attract visitors (the more you blog and the older your website the better)
  4. Start to EARN MONEY!


I have three websites right now that I work on from home in my spare time, usually a couple hours in the evening.  I have only been actively blogging for about a year and half at this point.  As soon my mortgage is paid off my wife is quitting her job, and I will be doing the same.  If I didn’t care about paying off that mortgage, I would have already quit my day job.

So yes, you can make a good income from blogging.  It doesn’t happen over night, but as your website grows with more content and ages it will start to earn.

But you have to learn how to do affiliate marketing to make some really good money from your blog.

Affiliate marketing is not that hard, and it’s a great way to make a passive income.  I know, because I’m doing it.

Create a website for blogging:  Supper easy and doesn’t cost anything, I can show you how and where!

Blog About a hobby or interest you have:  If you blog about something you thoroughly enjoy, it makes blogging easy.

Attract Visitors:  When you start to build up a blog and keep adding content, more and more people will find it.

Earn Revenue:  This is where affiliate marketing comes into play.  You write a few blog posts about interesting items that are involved with your hobby, and then you provide a link to an online retailer that sells that item.  When people buy that item or any other item during their visit you earn a commission!  CHA-CHING!  Cash in your pocket.

As an example of how this works:  I love to watch movies, so I blog about TV programs and movies I enjoy.  I also blog about my TV, my speaker system… etc… you get the idea.

what to work from home with a job? Blogging!

What to work from home with a job you can succeed at? Blogging!

When people like my personal review on my big 4K TV they want to buy one, or buy one like it.  People love buying from online as they often get better deals than they do at local retail stores.  So when a person goes and buys a $2500 dollar TV at Amazon when they click there from my site, I get $50 to $100 dollars in commission sales.

My movie website gets a few thousand visitors per day.  If just one person buys a TV or related product through my site per day I end up making roughly $2250 per month.  If out of those thousand visitors that find that website per day two end up buying something, I can make $4500 per month.

Yes, people do this type of work and get paid for it.  They blog about something they love, create a few affiliate links, and make revenue from their websites.

If you have spent anytime cruising the internet you have seen affiliate blog sites many times.  Anytime a person has a link to an online retailer from a product or item they talk about they are making money as in affiliate marketer.

You can do this too!  I am doing it on three other websites I own, and it works.

If that same person buys anything else from Amazon during that visit, or goes back in the next 24 hours and buys more stuff (anything they want to buy), I also get a commission on those sales at well.

It adds up fast!

That’s basically affiliate marketing.  And you can do it for most any product or hobby you can think of.

I used Amazon as an example if where you can choose to do you affiliate marketing through.  But most big retailers do affiliate marketing.  And you can sign up with them for free!  So it doesn’t cost you anything!

If you have a hobby, chances are there is a product associated with it that you can use to do affiliate marketing.

What To Work From Home With A Job – Where To Get Started

You can start today at no out of pocket cost to yourself.  You can even get some step by step training on how to get started at no out of pocket costs.

Just head over to Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate provides web hosting, free web hosting for people who want to test out blogging without having to buy a domain name.  With an email address you can signup for free and get two website to use, free web hosting, and even some limited free training how how to setup a blog for affiliate marketing.  I wrote a detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

If you want to read more about how I am doing this, check out my blog post ‘how to make money online and from what‘.  I even talk more about affiliate marking and Wealthy Affiliate.

Want ideas on what you can blog about?  Check out this page ‘best niche website ideas‘.

DO YOU WANT TO START NOW?  If you want to jump right into getting started now you get some nice perks if you sign up for free through this website.  To find out what they are come join me at Wealthy Affiliate here.

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