What Is Wealthy Affiliate About – A Straight Forward Answer!

What is Wealthy Affiliate About? taking a passion and turning it into an online money making business.

What is Wealthy Affiliate About? taking a passion and turning it into an online money making business.

When I get talking about blogging, niche website and Affiliate Marketing, the conversation usually turns to Wealthy Affiliate.  So what is Wealthy Affiliate about, and why do I promote it?

If you have been hearing a lot about Wealthy Affiliate and what to know exactly what it is then you have come to the right place.  Let’s jump right into this easy explanation!

What Is Wealthy Affiliate About?

Wealthy Affiliate is like Blue Host, Go Daddy, Network Solutions, and many other companies you may have heard of.  Just like those other companies, Wealthy Affiliate provides services that let people register website names and also provides hosting for those websites.

They also does something else that those other web companies do not; they have an online training program that teaches you how to monetize a website so you can make an income from it.  BOOM!  That’s a huge service!

The website monetization training sets them apart from all the other hosting companies.  It really is what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.  Teaching people to work online so they can work from home and make a good income; enough money to live on month to month once they build up a website.

Wealthy Affiliate Website Name Registration

Just like Go Daddy, Host Gator and many others, You can also register website names on Wealthy Affiliate.  The cost to register using their service is comparable to other sites.  They all heave roughly the same charges for registering and owning a website name.

The average cost to register a domain name is usually $3.99 to $16.99 per year.  Just like with the other companies listed above, you can also register for many years at a time and save a lot money.

Wealthy Affiliate Website Hosting Services

Along with website name registeration, they also provide website hosting.  Website hosting can cost anywhere from $4.00 per month up to several hundred dollars.  Of course the super cheap hosting services do not provide much in the way of services, and are usually very slow running websites.

Most bloggers and people who do Affiliate Marketing pay around $29.00 to $75.00 per month to host their websites.

Wealthy Affiliate has flat hosting fees with no upsells for around $30.00 per month if you sign up for the yearly plan they offer.  For that amount you can host up to 50 sites.  They also have specials a few times a year where you can sign up or renew your hosting and pay less!

The nice thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that they do not have any upsells.  Most of the other providers have many upsells for more services you can get for an extra cost.  That is not the case with Wealthy Affiliate… they provide all of their services for one fee.  Fast servers, 24/7 support, site backup, free SSLs, free site speed boosting…etc… the list goes on and on.  You pay more at other hosting sites for many of those services.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Training & University

This the thing that separates them from the rest of the online hosting companies.

You can sign up with Wealthy Affiliate for free and get access to two free websites of your own to use, free website hosting, and ten free lessons on how to setup and get a website ready for being monetized.  You read that correct, they do that for you for free!

All you need to access those free services is just sign up with an email address.  That’s it.

Their online training university provides step by step training on starting a website and building it up.  Each lesson includes ‘tasks’ or assignments to complete at the end before moving on to the next.  There is also a question and answer section at the end of each lesson to help you if something doesn’t make sense – get help fast!

There are many more courses and additional training after those first ten lessons, but in order to access them you need to sign up and pay for your website hosting.  Wealthy Affiliate offers the free hosting and free websites with the training to introduce people to working online.  Usually at the end of the first ten lessons a person knows if such work is a good fit for them and sign up for website hosting.

Believe me, if you are serious about this type of online work and being your own boss you will want to pay for your website hosting; there are many perks for doing so which you learn about in the training.  Basically it works out like this: Google gives more trust to sites that have paid for hosting over those that are free… the more trust your site has the easier Google makes it to find online, which means more people find your website.  The more people that find your website the more money you can make online.

You can read a 4000+ Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

Wealthy Affiliate has two training programs.  The primary one teaches you how to create a niche website and monetize it to promote anything and everything that you can think of.  But they also have a ‘Bootcamp’ program.

The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp teaches you how to promote the services of Wealthy Affiliate – and they pay you for it!  You can read more about that by clicking here.

My Experience With Wealthy Affiliate

I started working online a few years ago learning things on my own about monetizing websites as I built up a website I owned.  It was hard, but a lot of fun too.  A few months into it I discovered Wealthy Affiliate and signed up.  It was one of the best things I ever did because I learned a lot very fast.  You can read more about my journey, How To Work At Home, here.

Some of the things that helped me excel was their training on Keyword Research for my website posts.  Another thing they helped me with was learning about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which helped me write better posts in a way that made them easier to find online.

Click on this image to get started at Wealthy Affiliate now.

Click on this image to get started at Wealthy Affiliate now.

Along with the training they provided there was also an online community I had access to; thousands of people just like me working online monetizing their website to earn them an income.  If I ever had a question about something pertaining to SEO, keywords, analytics, marketing, monetizing, etc…  all I had to do was ask the community and I would get answers fast.

As I write this post I’ve been using Wealthy Affiliate as my support center and website hosting site for a little over one year now.  I currently make roughly $3500.00 per month online through a couple websites I own and maintain.  You can see why I promote and support them to people looking to find a means to work at home.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate About – Conclusion

Every work week day I log into “My Wealthy Affilaite” dashboard a handful of times and check my websites.  I make a nice side income every month, and like to keep an eye on my sites.  Because I do my website hosting at Wealthy Affiliate it’s easy to check on all my sites in short order.

If you are looking for a means to start working at home then I strongly suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate.  They provide many free tools and services for people looking to start a blog or niche website to monetize.  Free is the best way to start and check things out.  If it’s a good fit you’ll know it right away, just like I did.

For more information you can go directly to Wealthy Affiliate by CLICKING HERE.

Or, if you want to read more about who they are and what they offer, I suggest reading my large and detailed Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

What is Wealthy Affiliate About?  It’s about opportunity.

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