What Is 30 Minute Money Methods – Really Make $500 In Thirty Minutes?

Can you really make $500 in thirty minutes with 30 Minute Money Methods?  Or how about $1000 per hour?  Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?  It sure did to me, and that is why I had to ask what is 30 Minute Money Methods and how can they make such claims.

What is 30 Minute Money Methods? It is another online scam?

What is 30 Minute Money Methods? It is another online scam?

My review of 30 Minute Money Methods is based on a few hours of focused research I did online.  I wanted to know if their claims were real and what the substance was behind their ‘methods’.  The opinions in the review that follows are my own.  I am not at all associated with 30 Minute Money Methods.

What Is 30 Minute Money Methods?

(Update:  4/20/18, 30 Minute Money Methods appears to be taken down from the net.  It may reappear again at another time, under a different name)

The basics is this:  They provide you with some suggestions on how you can make money working online at home.  Their suggestions consist of things like:

  • Play video games and make gaming videos online
  • Take pictures and sell your photographs online
  • Become an online freelance worker doing data entry, or copywriting
  • and that’s about it…

When you pay them $37 they will provide you with PDFs on the above mentioned content.  The PDFs will explain to you how you can make money by way of the methods listed above.  They don’t actually provide any services that will assist you in doing any of those things.

If you try to leave their page they will offer you the same information package for $27 if you act right away!

Guess what?  All of the information they provide you in those PDFs can be found for free online at hundreds of other sites.

30 Minute Money Methods – Scam?

So is 30 Minute Money Methods A Scam?  Yes and no.  It certainly isn’t as bad as the online scam Facebook On Fire, but it’s pretty bad all the same.

The information they are selling is certainly easy to find online if you look.  However, some people are not internet savvy and when they come across a source that is selling information they are not able to find themselves – they can and do pay for it.

That $37 I mentioned above is just the beginning, as they have many upsells.  This is where I get annoyed.  You see, they have a slick hype presentation to get people all excited about making easy money, and then they try and exploit people to get their money.

The methods they sell you information on can certainly make you money, but it’s not likely to happen overnight.  They pass over reality and make you think you can earn easy money with little to no work.

Their Content Is Old And Outdated

What they are selling you is old and outdated information.  On top of what information they do provide is not enough to really get you started and earnestly working towards a viable means to earn an income.

Here is an example:  You need to get from New York to San Diego.  I tell you that I can help you get there.  You ask me how you can get there.  I tell you that all you need to do is drive yourself.  But guess what, you don’t have a car, you don’t have gas, you don’t have money to help get you there, and you don’t even know how to drive a car.

That is pretty much what 30 Minute Money Methods is doing to you when you buy their methods from them.

They just scratch the surface on and what you really need to do.

30 Minute Money Methods’ Hype

They really do go all out trying to create some amazing hype on how you can go from being down on your luck to making $500 in just thirty minutes.  It sounds too good to be true, and it is.

On the 30 Minute Money Methods Website they show you videos and screenshots they claim are proof that their information they sell you works.  Well, anybody can make a video of themselves and lie their butts off.  And anybody can photoshop a fake earning statement.

Don’t believe any of it.

They Focus On People Who Are Desperate

Let’s face it, people who are desperate or just plain down on their luck are more susceptible to the sales gimmicks used on their website.  That’s an angle many scammers out to get your money use.

If you are in financial desperation you are going to consider anything you can to make money… fast and easy money sounds good.  And that is what 30 Minute Monty Methods is claiming.

Their sales pitch starts off spouting about sob stories hoping to find something that relates to the person watching or reading on their site.  Then they jump in with their proven methods on making money online.  Then they claim you can easily make $500 in just thirty minutes.

As I always say, if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t true at all.

Fact:  You can’t make $500 in just 30 minutes from the start of this program or any other without experience or a solid base of customers.  It just isn’t going to happen.

People who make that kind of money put a lot of hard work into doing.  If anybody could start one of their proven methods and make that kind of easy money, everybody would be doing it.

30 Minute Money Methods Refund!

The good thing about this crummy ‘program’ is that it is pretty easy to get your money back.  If you buy into it and are not satisfied (who would be), you can get a refund fairly easy.

They use Clickbank as the company that does their payment processes.  Clickbbank is a standup company and supper easy to deal with.  You can get a refund by using the Clickbank Support Portal here.

Don’t bother going through the 30 Minute Money Method’s site for a refund… go straight to Clickbank.


30 Minute Money Methods is all hype with little to no substance.  You can find everything they sell online for free elsewhere.  In fact you can find more than what they provide for free elsewhere.

They are essentially trying to get your money.  You sign up and pay them.  Then you maybe get caught up in their upsells and pay them even more money for additional useless information.

There is a huge gap between what they product can actually do for you once you obtain it.  They provide no substance that guides you through execution.

Now, if you are looking to make money working at home online I strongly suggest you check out my Wealthy Affiliate review.  When you read that you will learn about an online means to make money, one that teaches you step by step, if you are willing to do the work.  And it’s free to get started.

Don’t pay 30 Minute Money Methods a dime!

Iv’e been working online as a blogger and Affiliate Marketer for a couple years now and make over $3500.00 on the side.  Want to read about how I am doing it? Check out my How To Work At Home blog post.

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