What Are Keywords And How Do You Use Them

If you are new to blogging and trying to figure out to get people to your website, you may have come across the use of the word ‘keywords’ and o ‘keyword phrases’.  You may be wondering what are keywords and how do you use them.  I’m here to give you the skinny.

Keyword research and usage in your pages and posts is going to get you organic traffic to your websites.  So your understanding how to use keywords early on is important.  Especially if you are trying to start an at home business online.

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What Are Keywords And How Do you Use Them

What are keywords and how do you use them? It's about good Search Engine Optimization and getting your website found by people.

What are keywords and how do you use them? It’s about good Search Engine Optimization and getting your website found by people.

A keyword is a word or a string of words that people use to type into search engines when they are trying to look for specific information.  The average person doesn’t know it, but when they type into Google “camping in Wisconsin” they are using a keyword that triggers the search engine they are using to pull up websites that have content in their pages using the phrase “camping in Wisconsin”.

So what you need to understand is that when you are getting ready to write a new blog post, you need to do a little research and figure out what keyword bests fits your blog post.

Some keywords get used more than others.  Some have higher competition than others, meaning that a lot of websites are trying to get found using a particular keyword.

You want to find a keyword that fits what you are writing, that has a good amount of searches each month pertaining to that keyword, and that does not have too much competition.  The higher the competition a keyword has the harder it will be to rank for it and get found in the search engines.

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Here is an example of how keywords work:

  • You want to write a new blog post about camping in Wisconsin.
  • You do some keyword research and find a keyword “camping northern Wisconsin” that fits your need.
  • You write your new blog about camping northern Wisconsin, and you use that keyword you found a few times in the article.
  • As your page matures and gets indexed by Google people should start to find your blog post when they do searches using “camping northern Wisconsin”.

Why is keyword research so important

By now you can imagine there are thousands and millions of keyword phrases that people type into the search engines every single day.  Basically anything that enters into a person’s head to type into a search engine is a keyword.  You need to ask yourself what that word or phrase might be… what might a person type into a search engine that will lead them to my site?

Obviously there are keywords that get typed in more often than others.  Those keywords usually have a lot of competition where there are many other websites trying to rank for them.

When you do keyword research you want to find a keyword that is relevant to your page or post you are creating, but also one that is going to generate you some traffic because the competition is low.

  • It’s hard to rank and get found using keywords with high competition.
  • It’s easier to get found with keywords that have low competition.
  • Low competition keywords may not get searched as much.

Okay, the third bullet point above is an important one.  If you want to get traffic to your site, you are usually better off choosing a keyword that has low competition, but that also means usually choosing a keyword that has low searches.

I would rather have ten posts using low competition low search keywords then ten posts with high competition high search keywords.  Why?  Because the high competition keywords, if I use them, are probably not going to get my anywhere close to being on page one of Google.  If you want to get traffic you need to get on the first page of Google.  And it’s really hard to do that with high search/high competition keywords.

It’s easier, much easier, to get on the first page of Google using low search/low competition keywords.  You are going to start generating traffic much faster.

If you consistently are creating content for low competition keywords, you are going to get way more traffic that you would focusing on high competition keywords.

Am I saying you will never rank and get on the first page for high competition keywords?  No, it is possible.  But hard… very hard.

Where To Use Keywords In Your New Post

Search engines look at specific ‘areas’ of your post or page to determine what keyword, or sometimes keywords, you are trying to focus and get ranked for.

So when you are putting together a new post you want to be sure to include that keyword in specific locations.  This is essentially a big part of what is called Search Engine Optimization.  You may have come across that term from time or time, or seen it mentioned simply as SEO.

Certain page elements hold more weight than others.  What I mean by that is this: if you include your keyword phrase in certain page elements you are able to give the search engines a good idea of what your page is about.  If a search engine knows exactly what your page is about, it will give your page ranking when people search using certain keywords that pertain to it.

So where do you want to make sure you place your keywords when typing up a new post?

  • Page title
  • H1, H2, H3 headers
  • Meta description
  • Somewhere in the first paragraph of your post
  • Perhaps a few times in the body of your overall post, in a natural way
  • Somewhere in the last paragraph of your post

Those six things I mentioned above are where you certainly want to share your keyword.

Write For People, Not Search Engines

Many people get confused or think that if they use the keyword over and over and over in an unnatural way within their post that it will help them get ranked in the search engines.  That’s not at all true.  In fact if you have a keyword written too many times where it pops up a lot it could actually hurt your page.

Google and other other big search engines don’t like what is called “keyword stuffing”.  When you write something and try to use the keyword every chance you get you are keyword stuffing.

The best thing you can do to avoid that is just write naturally… write like you would if you were talking to a friend and telling them something.  Just be casual.

When you write for people you will get your content found.  Google’s algorithms that go out and search websites are incredibly smart and powerful… they are looking for pages that share content in a fresh way, in a natural way, in a simple way, so that people can understand the information being presented before them.

What Are Keywords And How Do You Use Them – Conclusion

Take some time to look at a few keyword tools that are out there.  I like to use Jaaxy.  They have a free version as well as a monthly paid version that is very powerful.  Check out Jaaxy here!

If you want more insights and training into setting up a new website I suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate.  Not only will they give you a couple free websites and free limited speed hosting, they also will throw in some free training on monetizing a website to earn money – which includes step by step keyword use training.  It’s actually where I learned all about SEO and how to use keywords.

If you have an email address you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate here.

Figuring out what keywords are and how you should use them in your content is not that hard to do.  Keep it simple.  Focus on your content, and look for keywords that aren’t high competition.  If you do that, you will rank and get traffic to your site.



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