Wealthy Affiliate Will Not Make You Successful – But Is It A Scam?

Wealthy Affiliate Will Not Make You Successful? Two sides to every story.

Wealthy Affiliate Will Not Make You Successful? Two sides to every story.

You want to know why Wealthy Affiliate’s online affiliate marketing training in not going to make you successful?  Because the training by itself is not enough.  The most important factor in being successful with Wealthy Affiliate is you.  You have to take what they teach you and utilize it, they can’t do it for you.

The online training at Wealthy Affiliate is first rate.  It gets updated routinely, there is lots of places to ask questions from the experts as well as your peers going through the training.  But it takes some time and dedication to make working at home as an affiliate marketer a viable means to earn an income.  YOU have to work to make success happen.  Wealthy Affiliate does not do it for you, they merely provide the knowledge and you have to implement it.

Your Best Chance For Being Successful At Affiliate Marketing

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is pretty easy to follow.  Anyone can jump into starting their own website and blog.  Having little to no experience with computers can he a challenge to get deal with.  For those of you with some computer skills, especially some word processing skills, you are going to be ahead of the curve.

Here are some things that could give you a boost in your online work at home business:

  • You have a little experience with computers.
  • Some experience with Word Processing programs like WORD, or even experience with WordPress.
  • You know your way around Smart Phones, Kindles, and Ipads.
  • Social Media is something you have used (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc…).
  • You like to write… you don’t have to be good at it, but you don’t mind doing it.
  • Find yourself a mentor that can help you along when learning the ropes.

Now, despite all of those things I listed above, if you know nothing about any of them, you can learn about them as you follow the online training at Wealthy Affiliate.  Can anyone learn to blog and find financial freedom?  I think yes.

Blogging Is Something Anybody Can Learn To Do!

Essentially as an affiliate marketer you are going to be blogging and writing about things that are interesting to you.  People who are looking for information about the thing you are blogging about will find your web posts.  Writing product reviews for items that relate to the ‘thing’ that you blog about on your website will make you money.  It can make you a lot of money.

Learning how to become a blogger and monetize a website you own is not difficult.  Anyone can learn to do it.  Even if you have no experience with any of the things I mentioned above.  You can learn to do it at Wealthy Affiliate.

But you have to take what they teach you and apply it.  You need to put the work and effort in and make yourself successful.  Earn Your Success!

Why People Fail At Wealthy Affiliate

When people sign up for Wealthy Affiliate through this website using one of the links I provide, they get access to me as their mentor.  I am more than happy to help people and answer questions.  Believe me, I want people to find success just like I have.

Whenever someone signs up with Wealthy Affiliate through my website, I get a notification and make sure I send that person a private message inside the Wealthy Affiliate user/member network.  Sadly people sign up and start the training but then they quit.  Why do they do that!?

People fail at Wealthy Affiliate.

People fail at Wealthy Affiliate.

I often wonder why people quit Wealthy Affiliate.  I think the reason why people fail using the training program is this; they are looking for some get rich quick method to make money.  When they jump into the online work at home training they realize they don’t want to work to earn their success.  They want to find an easier way to make money online.

Let me tell you, there is no easy way to make a full income online.  You have put work into it.  If you are able and willing to dedicate some of your free time to learning what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, and apply that knowledge, you will find financial success.  I did, countless other have too, and so can you.

From me to you, if you start in at Wealthy Affiliate learning about blogging and being an affiliate marketer, you need to be prepared to give yourself six to twelve months of continuous work to see success.

Some people freak out and think that is a long time.  But a year goes by very fast.  You can keep spinning your wheels and not do anything while you keep looking for the easy way to make money (which does not exist), or you can decide to learn some new skills and become an online entrepreneur through affiliate marketing.

The choice is yours.

Wealthy Affiliate Will Not Make You Successful

Only you can make yourself successful.  I know, because two years ago I started down the path of blogging and affiliate marketing.  It was fun and exciting to learn new things, but there were some hard struggles along the way.  I learned a lot from Wealthy Affiliate, and I am grateful for what I learned there.  But Wealthy Affiliate didn’t make me successful, I did.

I am the one who put in the work.  It was me who learned how to blog and write product reviews.  I had to push myself to keep working and writing blog posts.  Wealthy Affiliate showed me the ropes, but it never would have happened, the success I built myself, without personal dedication and commitment to use what I learned.

If you are looking for a means to make good money online working from home then check out Wealthy Affiliate here.  Sign up through that link and I will be there to be your mentor and help you along the way by answering questions.  If you are not willing to do some work and learn new things, don’t bother.  By the way, it’s free join, you don’t even need a credit or debit card.

If you are looking for an easy means to make money without doing work… well, I wish you good luck.  You will never find what you are looking for.  Never gonna happen.  Anybody telling you otherwise is scamming you and wasting your time.

Finding Success Online Working At Home

Blogging and writing product reviews may not be a good fit for you personally.  There are other online jobs you can start working from home.  I wrote about a few earlier in the year here.

If you can apply yourself and are willing to put time and effort into starting your own home business as a blogger, then you should seriously take a hard look at learning what Wealthy Affiliate teaches.  You can give it a try for free by clicking here.


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