Wealthy Affiliate Doesn’t Work Unless You Work At It

Wealthy Affiliate Doesn't Work Unless You Work At It.

Wealthy Affiliate Doesn’t Work Unless You Work At It.

This post is about Wealthy Affiliate.  Full disclosure; I pay for premium web hosting at Wealthy Affiliate and I promote on this website their online training programs.  When people sign up to join Wealthy Affiliate through my site, I am notified of it and that person gets access to me as their mentor learning how to do affiliate marketing.

It amazes me how many people go to Wealthy Affiliate and sign up, but then don’t do anything else.  Wealthy Affiliate does not work unless you work at it.  If you want to start working at home online and be your own boss so that someday you can quit your day job, then you need to work at it.  You need to follow their online training.  It works.

Not sure what I am talking about?  Then you need to check out my Wealthy Affiliate review.  Basically it is an online web hosting site that provides free websites to use, or paid web site hosting, along with high quality online training on how to monetize a website to make money.

Wealthy Affiliate Doesn’t Work Unless You Do!

On average about 75 people per week take the steps to go from my website to Wealthy Affiliate to learn about how to work at home.  Out of those 75 only about 1-2 actually take steps to start learning how they can monetize a website to earn an income.

I get it, people are curious and go on to take a closer look at what affiliate marketing is all about.  Blogging and running a website from home is not for everybody.  It can be intimidating, I guess.  But really it’s not that hard to learn how to do if you just take an hour and jump into a lesson or two over at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to make money, real money working from home online, then you are going to need to do actual work.  There is no way around it.  An easy paycheck does not exist, but people still go looking for it.  That’s why online scams, such as Facebook On Fire are so popular, because people want to believe they can do little to no work and make thousands of dollars per week.  Jobs like that don’t exist, you have to work in order to make money.

Learning About Affiliate Marketing – The Easy Way

Some people are intimidated by becoming bloggers.  They think the work is hard because they are afraid to have to write content.  Writing content for a website is easy if you make your website theme about something you know a lot about, such as hobby.

It’s also a lot of fun to write about your hobby and share it with people.  People who share your hobby will comment and write back to your posts and share ideas.  They also help make your website earn you an income.  Think about it… work at home blogging about a hobby you love, and make money from it.

That’s exactly what I do.  I run a couple websites that evolve around hobbies I have and make money doing it part time.  But I have to work at it.  I have to spend 1-2 hours a day working on my websites.  Did I mention I make about $3000 per month from my websites?  If I can do it you can do it.  I still work my day job – but as soon as my house is paid off, I’m quitting!

The easy way to learn about Affiliate Marketing is to surround yourself with people who are affiliate marketers.  That’s where Wealthy Affiliate comes in.  When you sign up (for free, it costs nothing to get started), you become part of an online network of affiliate marketers that you can learn from to be successful.

You want to succeed online and be able to work at home?  Find a mentor like me, and surround yourself with other people in an online network that are doing exactly what you are doing.

You Can Work For Yourself Or Work For Somebody As Their Employee

Working for somebody else is not a bad thing.  With that in mind, few are the people who have become successful working for somebody else.  You want to find financial success, become your own boss.  Some people hire themselves out online as freelance writers or photographers.  You can read more about that here.

Then there are people who like to do odd jobs online, such as working for Clickworker, doing micro-jobs.  Nothing wrong with that.  It can help pay the bills.  Just be prepared to put in a full days work every day to make a living.

Learn how to work at home online and make an income big enough to live on.

Learn how to work at home online and make an income big enough to live on.

Working for yourself as an affiliate marketer is a great way to earn a passive income.  Once you have a website set up and monetized to earn money, you can earn even while you sleep.  You can earn when you go on vacation.  Your website is always up on the web even if you are not working on it.  And if people are finding it, you are going to be able to make money.

Want to learn more, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

Personally, I would rather work for myself and call the shots.

Wealthy Affiliate Doesn’t Work Unless You Work At It

The bottom line with this post is this: It’s great that people are signing up for Wealthy Affiliate through my site, but it surprises me how many don’t take any steps after that.  Once you sign up, for free, you can start learning how to monetize a website.  They even provide you with two free website to play around with and learn on.

If you want to make money online working from home, then you need to apply yourself and work at it.  After you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate take an hour or two and jump into the online lessons they provide.  That’s all I ask… just take a couple hours and jump into some online lessons, most are via video and are easy to watch and learn from.

Ready to give it a try?  You learn more at my Wealthy Affiliate review by clicking here.

Or you can straight to Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link here.

Either way, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t work unless you work at it.


Learn How To Work At Home!

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