Understanding Your Amazon Associate Cookies

Understanding your Amazon Associate cookies. It's pretty easy to learn the way I break it all down.

Understanding your Amazon Associate cookies. It’s pretty easy to learn the way I break it all down.

If you are setting up your niche blog for affiliate marketing through Amazon, then you may have some questions pertaining to understanding your Amazon Associate cookies.

Amazon gets some bad rap from many affiliate marketers because they pay lower commissions and have an unusual short cookie period, where as other online retailers and places like Clickbank offer higher commissions and a more generous cookie duration.

Well, it all really depends on the end retailer and what they provide.

I think Amazon has lower rates and more stringent cookies because they know they can.

What I mean by that is this: Amazon knows they are the leader in online ordering.  They alone controlled over 53% of all online sales for the United States in 2016.  That means you add up ALL the other companies that do online retailer ordering, and they all can’t add up combined to what Amazon does all by themselves in online sales.

Wow…  right!?

Amazon knows they are the most trusted and most well recognized online retailer.  People will order from Amazon over other places just because it’s Amazon.  They count on that, and they pay a little less on commissions because they can.

So some bloggers, depending what they are marketing on their websites, don’t like Amazon.

Personally, I like Amazon.  But I also like REI and a few others that I use.  But Amazon makes it so easy.  Also, Amazon really knows how to showcase product.  If you can get a person to click over to Amazon, Amazon does a great job taking over and making the sale.

Understanding Amazon’s Cookies!

At the time that I write this blog, Amazon has two cookie durations…. sort of…  The 24 hour and the 90 day.

I am presuming you know what a web cookie is, if you don’t click here.

24 Hour Cookie

If somebody reading your blog clicks on an Amazon affiliate linked product, it places a cookie in their browser as they go to the Amazon link they clicked on.  If they don’t’ buy anything during that visit and don’t place anything in their shopping cart, the cookie stays in their browser for 24 hours.

If that same person goes back to Amazon within that 24 hour period and buys anything, you still get credit and commission on the sale, no matter what it is they buy.

But only if your website was the last one they clicked on a link and followed to Amazon.  If they went to somebody else’s website and followed an Amazon link their cookie would replace yours.  You would then get nothing if that person bought anything.

90 Day Cookie – It’s Not A Cookie!!

This is where it starts to get a little interesting.  Some people don’t understand the 90 day cookie.  I call it a cookie.  It is actually NOT a cookie.  But rather a feature that works off of Amazon’s shopping cart feature.

Let me explain why the 90 day cookie is not a cookie at all.

No, it's not that kind of cookie!

No, it’s not that kind of cookie!

Some people like to think about big purchases before buying, or maybe they know they don’t have the money just yet to buy something, but they like the item they are looking at so they save it in their Amazon shopping cart.

As soon as they add that item to their shopping cart that item stays linked to your Amazon Associate account for 90 days – but just that item or items that they saved while your original 24 hour cookie is in their browser.

So if anytime in that 90 day period they buy that item or items they saved, you get a commission on only those items.

They may have other items in their shopping cart that were saved before they visited your site or after your 24 hour cookie vanished, so your associate account is not linked to those other items.  So if they buy those items at the same time they buy the item they saved in their cart after visiting your site, you don’t get commissions on those other items, just the item or items they saved during that 24 hour period your cookie was in their browser.

The Amazon shopping cart does not work off cookies.  It works of data that is available at the time an item is individually saved in the cart.  Amazon shopping carts empty automatically on their own after 90 days.  After 90 days if they didn’t buy the item… well they didn’t buy it so you make nothing.

Understanding Your Amazon Associate Cookies

Amazon really only has a 24 hour cookie.  But you can still get a commission up to 90 days if a person saves an item or items to their shopping cart while your 24 hour cookie is still in their browser.

Hopefully, as an online business owner that blogs and does affiliate marketing, your website followers will buy a lot from Amazon within 24 hours!  The more they buy the better for you!

I have made some nice daily incomes from people buying all kinds of stuff from Amazon all at once.  They linked over from a website that I write about fly fishing then end up buying a flat screen TV, a new bed, sheets, pillows, and some lamps!  I made over $350 in commissions on a single customer purchase… and they never bought anything that I was blogging about.

Hey, that’s okay with me!

hopefully after reading my blog you will have better understanding of Amazon’s Associate cookies.

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