Top SEO Mistakes You Should Fix Right Now!

Top SEO Mistakes You Should Fix Right Now!

What are the top SEO mistakes you can easily fix?

If you are like me you may be or may have struggled learning about onsite SEO and what it takes to make your posts Google friendly.  Getting love from Google and having posts show up high in searches is key to making money fora n affiliate marketer.  Over the past couple years I learned a lot about the top SEO mistakes.

I’m sure you have heard of it, Search Engine Optimization, (SEO), has to do with a variety of tweaks you can do onsite to your pages and posts to help search engines find and index your website.

SEO changes often, and if you want to stay on top of your site getting ranked you need to keep up with those changes.  Never more so than now has onsite SEO, good onsite SEO, been critical to getting your site found and ranked in the search engines.


It doesn’t matter if you are new or old to websites and SEO.  Check out the list of top SEO mistakes you should fix right now below… you may or may not been in error on anything.  But if you are… get it fixed ASAP.

1. Duplicate Content

Some old tricks people used to do to get ranked was to create dupilcate content on their sites.  That doesn’t work anymore, and hasn’t for a long time.  Google hates duplicate content and it will punish you for having it.  Make sure you posts and pages are not spewing the same content.

Sure, sites that are built around a theme will have duplicate intent within the posts, but you need to try and write things uniquely from post to post.

2. Your Site Is Not Mobile-friendly

Lucky me, Earn Your Success is mobile friendly!

Lucky me, Earn Your Success is mobile friendly!

If your site is not mobile friendly, you need to fix it ASAP.  The future is heading towards handheld devices that can easily and quickly cruise the internet.  If your site is not able to convert into mobile devices, Google may once again rank you poorly.  They want to see pages load quickly and cleanly on laptops to small phones.

Fixing this may be as simple as finding a new theme for your WordPress websites, one that is mobile friendly.  But you may need to also take a look at making sure your content, such as images, or optimized for fast loading.

Curious to see if your site is mobile friendly?  Check it out here using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tool.

3. Bad Website Design

Spend some time cruising your through website online and looking at it… are the pages hard to read?  Lots of spelling and punctuation errors?  Is the site easy to navigate around and find things?  Are the fonts easy to read?  What about the color pallet, is it hard on the eyes?

A poorly designed website isn’t going to keep anybody on it, and Google can surely tell by crawling your site if it has lots of errors on it such as bad grammar and poor spelling.

4. Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, And Alt Tags

Make sure you are using title tags to break up content in your posts.  This is something many new bloggers don’t do, and it can severely hurt your onsite SEO.  Google’s crawlers pay particular attention to title tags as it helps them determine the content and information on your page.  If Google doesn’t’ have a clear understanding of your page, it will not rank it.

Meta Descriptions as well as picture and video Alt Tags also play an equally important roles along with title tags.

5. Don’t Stuff Keywords

Years ago if people wanted their post to rank well for a particular keyword they would do what was called ‘keyword stuffing’.  They would use the same keyword over and over and over and make their content read unnaturally.  Don’t do that.

Focus on your keyword you want to rank for in your post title, in the first paragraph or two of the content, and then in a title tag and the meta description.  Everything else should be written naturally, much like you would come out of your mouth in a general conversation with a good friend.

6. SSL Certificate

One of the most recent of the top SEO mistakes and not having an SSL certificate on your site for added security.

One of the most recent of the top SEO mistakes and not having an SSL certificate on your site for added security.

Security has become a HUGE part of the internet, and Google penalized sites that don’t have an SSL certificate.  Usually this can be fixed by installing an SSL from the same place you do your web hosting at.  Some hosting sites provide them for free.  Others make you pay.

Many search engines will block people from being able to access sites that do not have an SSL, so if your site does not have one, get one right away.

7. XML Sitemap

If you don’t have a sitemap, you need one.  This is huge.

Submitting a site map to Google means getting setup in Google Search Console.  It’s easy to do.  Click here to get started.

Once you have an account check your messages there and Google will tell you what you need to do to get your site setup properly in Search Console.  That includes submitting a sitemap from your website.

Having a sitemap submitted allows Google to crawl your site easier, index it faster, and get your posts ranking in searches.  Just because you have a sitemap submitted does not mean you will rank better… it just helps you get new content noticed faster by Google.

If Google can crawl your site and understand what it is all about, it will rank you better if your content it good.

8. Fix Broken Links

Make sure you don’t have broken links.  This is usually easy to check once you are setup in Search Console.  There are also plugins you can install on WordPress that will check for broken links.

You should check for broken links every couple months and redirect them or do whatever you need to do to fix them.

Many broken links tells Google your site is not being maintained, and it will not rank it as well.  Google likes content that is maintained.

9. Social Media Sharing

Share your content with social media.  If people are out there talking about your site and in turn sharing your content, Google will take notice and give it some love in the rankings.  If people are talking about it, it must be worthy of being given more attention, right?  Well, Google thinks so.

Google Plus is a great place to share your content.  Google owns it and maintains it, so they are sure to take notice of content being passed around on it.  If you don’t have a Google Plus account, today is the day to get one.

Don’r forget Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  All can help spread word about your website and get people talking and sharing your content.

Wrapping It Up!

Tuning up your posts and pages can and will go a long way towards getting your site noticed.  Above I shared the top SEO mistakes commonly overlooked…  they are overlooked because they are so simple, they are easy to forget about.

Take your time when writing your content, pay attention to your onsite SEO, keep up with your site maintenance, and you will help your posts build up rank with the search engines.

I learned most of what I know through starting my own affiliate marketing business.  Sadly I made a lot of SEO mistakes as I learned to build WordPress websites.  Eventually I came across an online web hosting company that also provided first rate training on affiliate marketing and SEO.

If you want to learn where I did, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

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