Top Rated Legitimate Work At Home Jobs

Top Rated Legitimate Work At Home Jobs - they can be hard to come by online.

Top Rated Legitimate Work At Home Jobs – they can be hard to come by online.

When I started doing research a few years ago regarding work at home jobs, I was shocked and dismayed at what I learned; for every legitimate work at home job there are literally sixty or more out there that are scams!

It’s mind boggling to think about.  But sure enough, through my searching I came across scores of so called ‘businesses’ that wanted to help me become my own work at home boss.  They try to sell their ‘proven technique’ to show you how to make money from the comfort of your home with little to no work.

The one thing I can tell you is that if you have to pay somebody to have them inform you how to find an at home job, or to get you started in work at home jobs, it’s more than likely a scam.  Not always… but darn near always.

As the old saying goes; if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.  And paying somebody so you can make money is not making money, it’s you giving somebody else money so they can make money.

Over a year ago I started my own business from home.  I didn’t pay anybody to get me started.  I’m not saying I didn’t have any out of pocket expenses, because I did.  I needed to have a computer I could use, a WiFi connection, and web hosting.  But that was it.  I did the rest myself.

I’ve found success with my work at home business, and I created this webpage to help people like me with an entrepreneur spirit get started doing the same:  Review work at home jobs and find a good fit to start earning from home.

Put your wallet away.  This is free of charge.

Top Rated Legitimate Work At Home Jobs

I wish my work at home office looked this orderly.

I wish my work at home office looked this orderly.

Below I am going to provide you a list of a variety of legitimate businesses you can start on your own from the comfort of your home.  Being able to work at home is a luxury and a freedom many people want but don’t know how to achieve.

I started my own work at home business over a year ago.  I work at it part time.  My wife even helps a little.  Right now I estimate that in about eight months, maybe a year, I am going to tell my wife she can quit her day job.  I look forward to that day.  And I also look forward to the day a year after that when I’m expecting I too can quit my day job and focus on my work at home business.

Do you want to do the same?  I imagine you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Work at home jobs, actual legitimate ones that you can make a descent amount of money at are not easy.  What I mean is that you can certainly start doing surveys at home on your computer or Ipad, which are easy to do, but you aren’t going to make much money at it.  Real work at home jobs that you make a nice monthly income from require work.  You have to work at them.

You can go get a day job working for somebody else.  Or you can get a REAL work at home job and make similar or better money but it will still require you to work.  Either way you have to work.  You can work for somebody else.  Or you can work for yourself in the comfort of your home.

List Of Work At home Jobs

The list below contains legitimate no scam jobs you can do at home.  Some of them require you already have certain skills and tools to start.  Others you can start from scratch.  The list below of work at home jobs is just a list.  You will be required to do a little research on your own.  In some instances I will provide links that you can follow up on.  But many require an entrepreneurial spirit and desire from you to take the next steps.

Freelance Writing:  This is one of the most flexible online work at home jobs you can do.  If you can write, you can make a pretty good living doing freelance writing.  You don’t really need any experience, but most companies you hire out to require you to provide writing examples of your skill.  They will rate or grade your level of experience and you can apply for jobs that pay for your qualification level.  Starting pay with limited writing ability can pay very low, but people with advanced writing capabilities can easily make $35,000.00 or more per year.  Much more if you become sought after.  You can try COPIFY if you are looking to get started today.

Photography is a popular work from home job.

Photography is a popular work from home job.

Transcriber:  If you can type fast and do it accurately you can transcribe.  Usually this means listening to something verbally recorded and turning it into text.  Modern speech to text software has advanced considerably, but there is still a need for people to put the human element into transcribing.  Typical jobs pay around $15 to $20 per hour of work.  Check out REV for finding transcription work.  You have to be speedy and efficient, you won’t have unlimited times to complete a transcription.  Speed tests are often required before getting actual work.

Photography:  If you can take good quality photos you can start a photography business out of your home.  Take family portraits and baby pictures, or avoid people coming into your home and hire out to do weddings or other local events.  Many photographers supplement their income by selling their photos online through sites like SHUTTERSTOCK.

Proof Reading / Editing:  If you have a good command of spelling and grammar you can make a good editor and proof reader, especially if you can scan documents quickly and accurately.  This is another of the highly flexible work at home jobs on this list.  You can set your own hours, but there are usually deadlines involved when you need to turn in work.  BOOK IN A BOX pays by the projects you take on, and can earn you up to $3000 per project.  But you have to be thorough, accurate, and able to work under deadlines.

Blogging on your own niche website it can generate a large monthly income, and you can do it from anywhere with a computer and internet connection.

Blogging on your own niche website it can generate a large monthly income, and you can do it from anywhere with a computer and internet connection.

Chat support:  Many companies with interactive online websites have live instant chat features where people can chat with customer service representatives and get questions answered.  Many of these ‘chat’ associates work out of their homes.  Typically to excel at this job you need to be highly computer literate, be able to do online document research for correct answers, you need to be quick, and be able to multi-task.  Pay is not that great, reportedly in the low teens.  But it also appears to be a growing online job field.  APPLE usually has openings a several times per year.

Translator:  If you can speak as well as read and write another language, there are many work at home jobs that could utilize your skills.  You would basically be working to convert text or speech into another language.  Usually services are required to take written text and convert it into text in another language, or take audio and translate it into audio, text, or both.  Typically pay is about $0.10 per word translated.  Check out GENGO for job opportunities.

Blogger:  This is one of my favorite work at home jobs, because this is the one I do to make an extra income every month.  Basically you start your own website, much like this one, and you write a couple posts per week about something you are interested in.  You then monetize your website so that it makes you a passive income.  Sounds pretty simple, but it’s still something you have to work at.

Check back from time to time, as I will be updating the list above.

More Information On How To Work At Home

Of all the jobs listed above the only one I can talk about with authority is the one about being a blogger.  There are links available for all of the other jobs where you can go and do more research if they interest you, but that is the extent of what I can help with for those.

You, working at home on a computer as a blogger, makes money.

You, working at home on a computer as a blogger, makes money.

If out of all those work at home jobs listed above the one about blogging has most caught your attention, then I can certainly help you take the next few steps towards getting started.  I love blogging.  I started doing it over a year ago, currently have three websites I blog on, and it has grown into such a lucrative at home business that both my wife and I will be able to quit our day jobs in the near future.

In order to start blogging and making money from doing it you need to have a website of your own.  Usually this costs some start up money to start doing, as you need to buy a domain name (Earn Your Success is this websites domain name), and then you need to pay for your monthly hosting fee for your website.  Other than that, as long as you have a computer and WiFi you are set to start blogging today.

If you have reservations that you need to be a programmer or web-designer to make a website you are wrong.  Starting a website just like this one takes a few minutes.  Then it’s just a matter of typing in content and ‘publishing’ it with a click of your mouse button.  Are you familiar with word processor programs?  If you are then you can blog today.  If not then it might take a few hours to figure some things out.

Want to see how easy it is to start a website and get blogging?  Check out my video I made below… I walk you through the process of starting a website and posting a page in just a few minutes.

What Does It Cost To Start My Own Blog?

A lot less than you may think.  Most work at home jobs require you have a little cash to start up.  Not all, but most do.  To start a website you need to buy a domain name (about $9 to $16 per year) and pay for web hosting (anywhere from $30 to $300 per month).

What if I said you could start blogging today for free?  Well you can.

Making that kind of investment to get started does not fit in the budgets of many people.  It is especially hard to jump into when you don’t even know if you will like blogging.  If you want to give blogging a try without having to put any money into a domain and hosting, you can do so today.

Most hosting companies like GoDaddy, WP Engine, and Pressable can sell you a domain name and provide hosting, but there is only one company, Site Rubix/Wealthy Affiliate, that will allow you test out having your own website with free limited hosting.  They even provide some free training on how to setup your free website.

Top Rated Legitimate Work At Home Jobs - Get yourself online and blogging.

Top Rated Legitimate Work At Home Jobs – Get yourself online and blogging.

Free is good.

You can get a couple free websites to use, you get to name them, they provide limited free hosting and some easy to follow training to get you started as a blogger.  If you like what you are doing and learning you can then upgrade to a premium account with unlimited hosting benefits, better IT support, and some additional training.

To get the free website and limited hosting all you need to do is signup for it at Wealthy Affiliate.  No credit card required.  No out of pocket payments.  You get to give blogging a try for free, network with people just like you, and start building your work at home business.  Just click on the banner below – if you sign up from my site for the free starter membership and decide to go with a premium account later I can save you some money.

Out of all the work at home jobs I researched over the years, blogging and monetizing my websites was the best fit.  I knew I could build a successful at home business from doing it.  One that I could work easily from anywhere as long as I had a laptop and a means to connect to the internet.

Unlike the other hosting companies, Wealthy Affiliate / Site Rubix caters to people who want to work from home as bloggers.  They provide an excellent hosting package, the cheapest out there with no upsell services, and in exchange for hosting your websites with them you get excellent training on how to create your first blog and monetizing it to earn an income.  The other hosting companies don’t give you that focused training, and they try to sell you additional services for more money that is already included in the Wealthy Affiliate hosting package.

***Wealthy Affiliate’s monthly hosting fee is $49 per month, but if you sign up for a yearly plan it works out to less than $30 per month.  I have a few websites I host through Wealthy Affiliate, and I pay around $35 per month for combined hosting and domain name ownership.  Pretty darn cheap!

Legit Work At home Jobs – Conclusion

What is going to fit your need and your life the best?  That is what you need to ask yourself.  There are some great examples of top rated legitimate work at home jobs above.

If you are interested in doing what I am doing, head over to Wealthy Affiliate here.

If you want to read my thorough review and see how much money I am making as a blogger and affiliate marketing, check out my WA Review here.

As always, any questions – just ask below.



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