Top 10 FAQ About Affiliate Marketing

Here at Earn Your Success I answer the top 10 FAQ about affiliate marketing.

Here at Earn Your Success I answer the top 10 FAQ about affiliate marketing.

As a blogger and affiliate marketer I tend to get asked many of the same questions over and over.  I also see many of those same questions being asked elsewhere on some of the networking sites I frequent.  So today I want to share with you a list of the top 10 FAQ about affiliate marketing.

Top 10 FAQ About Affiliate Marketing – Let’s Jump Right In!

The affiliate marketing questions listed below are the most reoccurring questions I see and receive.  There are certainly other questions being asked, and I’m sure after reading the info below you may have others.

If you are thinking about getting into blogging and affiliate marketing as an online work at home job, hopefully you will get a better idea of possible expectations from starting this kind of work.

#1.  Do I have to spend money to make money?

Yes and no.  To make money online blogging and doing affiliate marketing you need to have a website.  You can actually get started blogging and doing affiliate marketing for free.  It doesn’t have to cost you anything.  There are places online where you can go and get a free website and free hosting, but there are usually limits on what you can do with those freebies.

Using the free websites and free hosting is great to get started to learn about setting up a website, blogging, adding content to a website, and learning how to monetize a website.  However, if you are serious about making an online business out of this kind of work you will want to own your own websites.

Owning your own websites means buying the domain name and paying for website hosting.

It costs nothing to very little to start a home business as a blogger and affiliate marketer.

It costs nothing to very little to start a home business as a blogger and affiliate marketer.

The typical cost to buy and own as single website domain name is about $6 to $15 per year per domain.  That’s it.  It’s actually pretty cheap.

Typical cost to pay for your own web hosting is about $300 to $3500 per year.  Okay, that one can get expensive.  But I am here to tell you that you don’t need to pay more than $30 per month ($360 per year) for website hosting.  If somebody wants you to pay more than $360 per year, you are paying more than you need for website hosting.

Once you pay for website hosting you can typically host as many as 50 website on that single hosting package you are paying for.

As an example, I have four websites that I purchased and own and pay for website hosting, and if I break down the cost to own those sites and pay for web hosting I pay about $34 per month.  That’s it.

I pay for my own websites and hosting because I want to own my business entities.  I don’t want to have limitations on what I can and can’t do with my websites like there are on free sites.  Also, Google and other search engines give more ‘trust’ to websites that people own and pay for… that means you get some boosts in online searches.  There are other reasons to own your own websites and hosting as well, such as business tax incentives.

#2.  Is starting a website hard to do?

Absolutely not!  Years ago you maybe had to know how to program and do coding and possibly go to school for web-design or know somebody who knew about those things.  Today, in this wonderful day and age, you can literally have a website up and running in just a few minutes.  It’s that easy.

You need to choose a name for your website.  Then You need to pick out a visual representation for your website, and then BOOM, after a few more mouse clicks you have a website!

Want to see how easy it really is?  I made a video that shows me creating a FREE website with FREE hosting.  I even show you how easy it is to create a new page and post it for everybody to read.  Check out my video below:

So as you can see, starting a website is pretty darn simple and only takes a few minutes.  However, it may take a little learning to add content and share information through your new website.  Just like with any new job you start there is some learning you need to do.  Learning to blog and make money online as an affiliate marketer is no different.

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#3.  How much money can I make blogging?

It really can vary from person to person and blog to blog.  I have four blogs that I now own and work on.  Two of them are between sixteen and twenty months old.  The other two are much newer.  I make on average about $3800 to $4200 per month working part time from home on my blogs an doing affiliate marketing.

Each one of my blogging websites is what is call a niche website, meaning that each one focuses on a theme and I only blog about things that pertain to that theme.  As an example camping and fly fishing.  My camping website makes me “x” amount of money per month.  While my fly fishing website makes “x” amount per month.

Niche websites can earn more or less than other niche websites.  So how much you make depends on your niche you focus on, how often you work on your site and add new content, how old your site is, and if there is a lot of people out there in the real world looking for information about what you blog about.

I know some people that have only one website and make over $12,000 per month.  I wish I had a website like that!  And then there are people who make a lot more than that, and own several websites that generate money for them.

The key to making money online this way is to do some research into your hobbies and interests and pick one to blog about that has potential to earn money.  Basically any niche idea you come up with is going to have some potential to earn you an income working at home.

#4.  How do you make money as an affiliate marketer and bloger?

People like to shop online.  They can usually get better deals online, get free shipping, and can usually find exactly what they are looking for.  Retail stores don’t always have the exact item or items people are looking for, and people also like to read reviews on product before they buy them, especially big ticket items like TVs, beds, computers, phones, and outdoor gear.

That’s were bloggers and affiliate marketers come into the picture.  I blog about things I love to do, hobbies and such.  I also write product reviews about some of the camping and fishing gear I use.

Making a passive income is one of the great things about affiliate marketing.

Making a passive income is one of the great things about affiliate marketing.

When I write product reviews I also provide a link to an online retailer where people can go and buy that item, or look for similar items to buy.  When they click on that link and go to REI or Amazon or Target or WalMart (there are thousands of online retailers to choose from) and buy something, I get a commission on the sale.

That’s how I make around $4K per month.  I sign up with places like REI, Cabellas, and Amazon, and when I send people to their online stores that end up buying something, I make a commission on whatever the item items is that were purchased.

I don’t deal with customers, I don’t handle returns, I don’t talk to people on the phone…

  • I just blog on my computer about things I love to do and know a lot about.
  • I write some product reviews on gear or items I own.
  • People find my websites because they share my interest or they are looking for a product review on gear that I use camping or fishing.
  • When people want to buy something that I write about they click on a link and go to Amazon and buy it.
  • When they do, I get a check from Amazon.

That’s affiliate marketing.  In a nutshell that’s all there is to it.

People who go to Amazon from my website don’t have to just buy what I blogged about.  If they decide NOT to buy the tent or hammock or wrote about but decide to buy a crock pot or a new shower head… I still get a commission on the sale.  It’s doesn’t matter what they buy – I get a sales commission.

And guess how much it costs to sign up as an affiliate with Amazonr, REI, or any of the other online retailers?  Nothing.  You can sign up and become an affiliate with thousands of such companies for free.  They want you to sign up with them and send customers to their online stores – they make money that way, and in turn reward you for it.

#5.  How long does it take to begin making money?

This is probably the hardest question to answer because it’s always different for each person who starts blogging and affiliate marketing.

Some people make money their first week.  But that is unusual.  Most people will see a sales commission in about two to three months.  But it usually takes about six to eight months to see money trickle in on a routine basis.  Usually around twelve to thirteen months things start to pick up and grow.

The reason why it takes so long and the months are spread out like that is because of this:  people work on their blogs at different paces.  The more content you have and keep adding the more chances your site has to get found.  When your site gets found by people doing searches online you start making money.

Also, ‘site trust’ has a lot to do with it.  Google does not give a lot of ‘trust’ to new websites.  As website mature they gain more trust.  As you add more content, good content, they gain more trust.  As people find your website and share it on social media you get more trust…  as that trust builds you start to get found more and you rank better in the search results.

When you rank well in search results, people find your site, and that’s when you make money.

By far the hardest part of starting a new blog and doing affiliate marketing is creating new content and putting a lot of work into that site – and then nobody is seeing it!  That just sucks.  Sadly many people quit a couple months into starting this because they don’t see results.  They quit just when they should be pushing a little harder because usually things start to turn around and get better around that third or fourth month.

It took me a month to get my first sale’s commission from my first blog, and then it was another two months before the next.  So yeah, it can be slow.  But I stuck with it and it got better.  A lot better.

If you start working online at home doing this, don’t quit!

#6.  Is affiliate marketing the easiest way to make money online?

People are always looking to make easy money; little work and lots of payout.  They see or hear stories about how people made thousands or millions online and that it was easy to do.  Let me tell you straight, 99.9% of all those online get rich fast stories you see and hear are just scams.  They are full of crap.

If you want to make money working from home online, then you need to find a viable means that is going to make you a sustainable income that you can live off of.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and simplest ways to build an online business and start earning a revenue.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and simplest ways to build an online business and start earning a revenue.

Sure, you can get paid to watch sales videos and offer feedback, you can also take online surveys… but jobs like that don’t pay anything worth while for the amount of time you put into it.  I tried jobs like those and made only a few bucks for well over twenty hours of work.  Easy work, but it pays horrible and will not earn you enough to live on.

You can also try freelance work, such as a photographer, writer or transcriber.  Such jobs can and do pay well.  You can earn $30k+ per year from home doing such freelance work.  But you only get paid once for each job you complete.  I wrote about such jobs on my blog previously, click here to check it out.

With affiliate marketing you can make a lot more, and keep getting paid from a blog you wrote years ago!  Passive income…  it’s a wonderful.

What’s passive income?  Well, thirteen months ago I wrote a review on a fancy portable camp stove I love to use… thirteen months later I am still making money from that blog.  I love waking up in the morning and logging into REI and seeing that I made money while I was sleeping from blog posts I wrote over a year ago.

I firmly believe blogging and affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.  And once you get past the learning curve it’s pretty easy to do, too.

#7.  How do I get my niche website noticed?

To make money you need to get your website found.  There are a few ways to do that.

  • Get found organically through people searching for topics related to your site through Google, Yahoo, or Bing.
  • Create social media sites around your niche website that directs people to your posts from Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, to name a few.
  • Pay for website advertising that drives people to your website.

Personally I don’t pay for traffic like pay per click advertising through Google Adwords.  I rely on good old organic traffic and also some social media sharing.

Up above I mentioned it takes time for your site to build trust with Google.  But once it does the organic traffic will start to show up.  In order to get a better chance of that happening you need to learn and do what is called ‘onpage SEO’ (SEO: Search Engine Optimization).  Sound scary, it’s not.  Learning on-page SEO is not hard.  I provide some helpful information on writing good content and SEO here.

Early on in a websites creation when you have a low trust rating, a great way to drive traffic to your site is through social media.  Create a Facebook page for your new niche site, and a twitter account as well as Pinterest.  You would be surprised how quickly you can start sending people to your site through social media.  It can mean making money sooner!

#8.  What is a good niche website idea?

This is going to be different for everybody.  The reason is because you want to pick a niche that you personally know a lot about.  Hobbies make great niche website ideas because most people know a lot about their primary hobbies.

Pretty much any niche website idea you come up with is going to be capable of making you an income.

Pretty much any niche website idea you come up with is going to be capable of making you an income.

The intent behind picking a hobby to blog about it that you will find it much easier to blog about something you love to do and know a lot about.

I know first hand choosing a niche that you are not familiar with is going to set you up to fail.  Twice I tried to create niche website to earn an online income from them and failed – because I knew little to nothing about the niche.  I was spending too much time researching the niche and products that were related to it.  I struggled to write good content and it become work… hard work.

If you pick a niche you know a lot about it is actually very easy to write about it.  For me camping and fly fishing are passions I have.  If I can’t be out camping and fishing I can at least be at home blogging about it… and that’s fun, it’s easy, and it makes it even better when I can make an income from hobbies I love.

Literally any hobby or passion can be used as a niche website idea to make you an income.  Yes, some will make you more money than others.  But that is where you need to do a little research and review what product out there are associated with your niche idea.

I wrote about niche websites ideas on another blog here.

#9.  Can you help me learn about blogging and affiliate marketing?

I certainly can.  Helping people was the reason I started this blog website, Earn Your Success, to begin with.  I want to share with people how I found online success working from home on my computer.  For me it started out as a means to make some extra money on the side to help with monthly bills and have some extra spending cash.  Now, twenty months later I see it as a means to quit my day job and focus purely on blogging and affiliate marketing.

Can I help you?  I sure can.  Remember that video I made above showing you how easy it is to start a website of your own?  Well when you join Wealthy Affiliate, where I learned about affiliate marketing and where I host my websites through, you get direct access to me as your mentor learning how to build niche websites, blog, and start learning about affiliate marketing.

If you are ready to gets tarted and join me, click here and sign up for Wealthy Affiliate through my page.  It costs nothing.  Just need to create an account and get started.  You can test out blogging and learn about affiliate marketing using their free websites and hosting – but if you get serious about doing this you will want to buy your own websites as I mentioned above.

#10.  Where can I learn more about Wealthy Affiliate?

I wrote a full review of Wealthy Affiliate here.  I blogged about the hosting, domain registration services, online training, and much more.  Be sure to check it out.

You can also learn more about me and affiliate marketing on my blog post, How To Work At Home, here.


I hope my top 10 FAQ about affiliate marketing was helpful.  If you have more questions be sure to ask them below in the comments, or just say hi.

Thanks for reading!


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