The Top 5 Work At Home Jobs

Want to work at home? Below is the top 5 work at home jobs that I researched online.

Want to work at home? Below is the top 5 work at home jobs that I researched online.

Here at Earn Your Success I focus on helping people get started working from home.  I want to see you succeed at becoming your own boss.  If you have a similar mindset to what my own had been just a few years ago you spend a lot of time researching jobs that you could do at home.  The list below is based on some recent research I did into the top 5 work at home jobs.

There are a lot of employers out there that hire people to work from home.  However, the list below is with the entrepreneur in mind.  I focused my research on jobs that you can start that allow you to work for YOU, and not some employer.

Some of them may fit your particular skill sets, or you may find that none of them do.  If not, I hope at least you will come away from this with some ideas for future research.

The Top 5 Work At home Jobs – In No Particular Order

Okay, without any more preamble let’s jump straight into my list.

1. Voice Actor:  This one caught me by surprise, and I have to admit it sounds like it might be fun.  People who can read scripts for commercials, books, and pretty much anything that requires talking without seeing who the speaker is, are in demand.  You of course need a good computer with better than average microphone and sound software.  You no longer need the deep commanding voice, there was a shift in voice talent a few years ago and average people are landing some pretty good gigs.  Commercials (radio and TV), audio books, e-learning, phone message prompts…etc… you can get paid starting from $100 to $150 per minute.  That sounds pretty good.  But it takes time to build up a resume of work, so be prepared to lose more jobs than you get when starting out.  Interested in learning more, check out VOICES.

2. Photographer:  I was not at all surprised to be adding photography to my list of the top 5 work at home jobs.  If you have an eye for photography and now how to take quality pictures, you can make some pretty good money.  Of course you can hire yourself out to take photos at events like weddings, or do freelance work for online magazines, but many people are setting up their own portfolio at online picture sites where people can search for and find their pictures, then pay to download them if they want to use them.  Sounds pretty easy.  Probably harder than it sounds though.  Check out SHUTTERSTOCK for an example of a place where you can create an online portfolio to sell your pictures.

Voice acting sounds like an interesting and lucrative work from home business.

Voice acting sounds like an interesting and lucrative work from home business.

3. Copywriting:  Copywriters are people who can write persuasively to promote opinions, products, people, and businesses.  Copywriters work hard to write alluring adds and perspective pieces.  If you have a way with words this may be a good fit, and you can do it freelance at home for a great home based business.  There are places online you go to get training to be a copywriter if you lack a four year degree.  Beginning yearly salaries for a successful copywriter are usually around $50k.  Looking for more information, try COPIFY.

4. Transcriber:  Didn’t think something like this would make the top 5 work at home jobs.  If you have blinding fast typing skills you can probably listen to recorded audio and transcribe it into written form.  The audio can be a lecturer, two people talking (or arguing), a podcast, a webinar, or any other form of speech.  Types of transcription includes medical, legal, and general.  You need to have an excellent command of the English language and super fast typing skills.  Beginners can expect to earn $15 to $20 per hour.  Once you are established you can make as much as $60 per hour and higher.  Sound interesting for a top work at home job?  Check out REV for more information.

5. Blogger:  I have the most experience with this one.  It is easily going to be in the top 5 work at home jobs for entrepreneurs.  I actually do this and have a handful of niche blog sites that earn some income for wife and I.  Soon I hope she will be able to quit her day job and work from home – with myself following closely behind.  Bloggers create niche websites and write about the niche.  They focus their web page on a theme, usually something they know about like a hobby (cooking, smoker grills, camping, guitars, popcorn…etc…), and then review and promote products they like and use that are associated with their niche.  It’s pretty easy, but does require some startup time and learning how to get your web page found in Google and the other search engines.  Looking for more information to get started doing this today for free?  Just check out the information on my page ‘HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE AND FROM WHAT!?’.


Maybe I am biased, but blogging is a great work from home job, and you can get started doing it today!

Maybe I am biased, but blogging is a great work from home job, and you can get started doing it today!

Hopefully my list regarding the top 5 work at home jobs will be beneficial to your search for finding a job you can start at home.  For many of us the mere thought of being our own boss and calling the shots brings a smile to our lips.  It is an admirable pursuit, and one that I started over a year ago and am getting closer to achieving.

The entire intent of Earn Your Success is to help people get started with blogging and becoming an affiliate marketing expert.  Various pages and post on this site will help get you started for free and point you towards free training.

If you have any suggestions for a great work at home job, I would love to hear them.  I encourage you to share your thoughts below and any experiences you may have had looking for a job you can from your home.

For the record, if you are looking for jumping into the fast track of blogging and affiliate marketing, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review here.  You won’t be disappointed.

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