Solo Build It Review – It Can Help You Learn To Make Money Online

Solo Build It - "CTPM", an Action Guide!

Solo Build It – “CTPM”, an Action Guide!

Every day I login into Wealthy Affiliate to check messages and see if people I am mentoring need any assistance.  I don’t have a link saved that brings me straight to my login.  Typically I type ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ into Google and then select the link from the search menu.  Lately I have been seeing some pay per click adds pop up promoting SOLO BUILD IT… which seemed odd to me…

Why would somebody promote Solo Build It when people are typing in searches for Wealthy Affiliate?  And just what is Solo Build It anyway?  Because I had never heard of it before.

Well, after some research I found out Solo Build It is an online marketing program that teaches people how to make money online.  They are a smaller online company, not nearly as big and as successful as Wealthy Affiliate.  By promoting their site via using pay per click keywords focused on Wealthy Affiliate, Solo Build It has been trying to pull people away from Wealthy Affiliate.

Solo Build It Review

Anyone familiar with my website, Earn Your Success, knows that I do reviews on a variety of online money making opportunities.  Most of them are scams, but some of them are legit.  Solo Build It is legit.

Would I recommend Solo Build It (sometimes called SiteSell) over Wealthy Affiliate?  No.  Not at all.  I am of course a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community and use their domain registration services as well as their site hosting services.  For a low monthly fee I have great website hosting with many premium perks (at no extra cost) as well as routinely updated training on affiliate marketing – with a fantastic support base behind it all.

So yeah, I’m biased.  But I have a reason to be:  Wealthy Affiliate’s online training has helped me build my couple affiliate sites up to making me an extra $2.5k to $3k a month.  And as I write this I have only been doing affiliate marketing for about twenty-one months, and with Wealthy Affiliate for seven months.

But this review isn’t about Wealthy Affiliate.  If you want to read more about Wealthy Affiliate click here.

The Basics Of Solo Build It

Solo Build It does have some decent training that helps you start working online owning your own business through website monetization.  Solo Build It was created by Ken Envoy who wanted to help people learn how to better their lives and learn how to make money working from home.  His program has some good detail and a loyal user base.

The basics of the program, The Solo Build It Action Guide, is what you buy.  You continue to make monthly payments in order to have access to online support.  The training comes in a variety of formats; text files, video, audio…etc…

When you run into issues in the training where you don’t understand something, you can tap into the members forum and ask questions of people who are also using the system.  Accessing the members forum is easy if you are a paying member of the program.

The Solo Build It program costs $29.99 per month.  For that price you have the training and the online access to the community to ask questions if you need help along the way.  A cheaper option is pay a yearly subscription of $299.00, which saves you almost $60 a year instead of staying with the monthly payment program.

Solo Build It does have a 90 day refund guarantee, which is very nice.  If you buy into the program and later decide it is not a good fit for you, there is the opportunity for a full refund up to that point.

The Solo Build It Steps To Success

The training evolves around a short acronym; CTPM.  Here is how that breaks down:

  • C” is the first step.  It focuses on writing compelling ‘content’.  “Content is king”… you may have comes across that once or twice before when reading about how posts get noticed by Google.  It’s about the content you write.  It has to be good to get noticed.
  • T” is the second step and it stands for ‘traffic’.  You are learning to build a site  and to build traffic towards that site.  Traffic is what you need to draw to your site in order to make money from your monetizing efforts.  There are various ways to get traffic to your site, this part of the training teaches you how to make that happen.
  • P” stands for ‘pre-sell’.  This part of the overall training teaches you how to build up product or services that your website is offering.  It’s all about getting people to take action and decide they need what you are promoting.  Essentially this is teaching you how to sell.
  • M” is the last step and stands for ‘monetizing’.  This is all about learning how to monetize your site and make money from it.

The Solo Build It Actions Guide

The Action Guide contains all of the necessary training you need to build an online business.  Now, whether you understand all the information there is sometime else entirely.  But that is where the online forums come in as a member of Solo Build It.  If there is something in the Action Guide that you don’t understand, just go to the forums and ask some questions.

There are a variety of tools and topics found within the Action Guide.  Here is a list of a few:

  • Website hosting
  • Website design and building
  • Finding profitable niche website ideas
  • Picking a domain name
  • SiteSell supply – used to analyze your potential online competition
  • Keyword review
  • Social media – how to drive traffic to your site
  • How to build email lists
  • Responsive CMU templates
  • Online Marketing

Can You Learn To Make Money Online With Solo Build It?

Yes!  This is a legit program that will teach you a great deal about building an online business from the comfort of your home.  It is certainly worth checking into and seeing if their training is a good fit for you.

While there is never any guarantee that you will make money from their program, you have a very good chance of success as long as you work at it and putt some effort into building up your online business.  I tell that exact same thing to people looking to try out Wealthy Affiliate’s free online membership.  You get out of it what you put into it.

If you want to make money online, real money, you need to work at it.

There is no magic wand that is going to be waved if you buy the Solo Build It program… you will have to work and learn to do new things.  If you do, success will likely come.


If you are looking to learn how to start a website and build an online business out of it, Solo Build It may be a good fit for you.  The program will surely provide you with a great deal of information and provide a course of action to follow.  However, with any legit program you need to work at it to be successful.  Learning how to work at home and quit that day job is on the minds of many people, more so than ever.

Make sure you look carefully at any program you are thinking about joining.  There are many scams out there, and with that said Solo Build It and Wealthy Affiliate are both legit.  Before joining either one, take a look at what both systems offer and select the one that feels like it fits you best.


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