Simple Income Strategies – Scam Or Legit Online Business?

Thanks for reading my Simple Income Strategies review.  I want to take a moment to point out that I am not at all affiliated with Simple Income Strategies (SIS) in anyway.

All of the information below has been researched by me online using several sources, as well as directly from SIS’s website.

If you are looking to join SIS it is very wise of you to review it before hand.  Make sure you check out a few other reviews of this money making program before making any final decisions.

The information in this review are my own based on the research I have conducted.

What Is Simple Income Strategies?

First and foremost SIS is your standard link posting online business.  I consider such sites as nothing more than scams that should be avoided.

Sadly, there are thousand and thousands of online scams that promise you the chance to make money.  You pay them for that chance, and then you are left with little or nothing for your efforts.

Link posting scams like this one have been reviewed multiple times on this website.  They go by many different names, but they all have the same theme and basic hook to draw people in.

Let’s take a closer look.

Simple Income Strategies – Another Link Posting Scam

All of these link posting scam sites try to make themselves look legitimate by having some fancy graphic image in their site that says they have been featured many of the top news programs.

Flat out lie. Go to any of these news sites and do a search for Simple Income Strategies... you will find nothing.

Flat out lie. Go to any of these news sites and do a search for Simple Income Strategies… you will find nothing.

Along with trying to appear legitimate, they also try to urge you into their clutches by telling you there are only an ‘x’ amount of positions available – and they are going fast!

So when you sign up with them you give them your email address.  That’s your first mistake.  Because now a fraudulent online ‘company’ has a piece of your contact information, and you can be well assured they are going to sell it on a list.

The early part of the sale pitch is to get your email address.  Even if you decide not to sign up and pay the fee they require to start posting links for them, they have your email address.

If you go to the next step and sign up with them and pay their fee of $97, you supposedly get to post links for big companies.  And that how you make money in return.

Link Posting At Its Worse!

So if you pay them the sign up fee of $97 you will have lost $97 dollars.  Why they need this money up front from you is beyond understanding.

They claim you can easily make $379 a day.  So if that is true why not just adjust your first paycheck and subtract the signup fee from that?

The answer is this:  You will not be making anywhere close to $379 a day, if anything at all.

So when you sign up and give them your debit or credit card number, you get to post links that they provide to you.

The idea is that you should place these links on blogs, forums, social media…wherever you can find a place to post them online.

When somebody sees your link and clicks on it you are supposed to earn money.

Most social media sites and big blogs don’t let anybody ‘new’ and ‘unproven’ come along on their sites and just post a link.  It just doesn’t happen.  So right from the start you are facing an major uphill battle of placing your link anywhere that it will get seen.

And if you can place a link someplace… will just anybody click on it?  I see links all the time all day long and rarely click on them unless I know 100% what they are for.

SIS claims that you will be posting links for big companies like Uline, Subway, Target, Blockbuster (yeah, they really say Blockbuster on their site!) and other major companies.

But why would those companies pay you, some person at home $10 to $20 per link when they could pay some part time high school student $7.50 an hour to place dozens of links?

The answer is that they wouldn’t.  They would be throwing money away if they paid you to do what they could pay some part time student to do for a tiny fraction of the cost.

Link Posting Is Based On Affiliate Marketing

In part link posting is based somewhat on affiliate marketing.

Have you ever heard of people who are bloggers?  They own and run their own websites from home.  They sometimes review products that they think their readers may be interested in.

When bloggers write product reviews they provide a link where their readers can go and buy the product.

Bloggers who do this tend to sign up with online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Cabelas, and other large online retailers, as their affiliates.

When somebody reading a bloggers review clicks on the link to buy the product they are writing about, and goes to a place like Amazon to buy it, the blogger makes a sales commission.

I do this type of work myself.  I have a couple blogs where I write about memory foam mattresses and hiking gear.  I make about $4k per month as a blogger and affiliate marketing working part time at home.

Link posting scams don’t work because they want you to post links blindly on sites that are unrelated to what product you are linking to.  Why would anybody clock on a link to buy a Ipod from Walmart when they are on a website that they clicked on looking for information on crock pots?

The answer is that they wouldn’t.  And that is why scam links don’t work.

If you want to really make money online, then you should check out blogging and affiliate marketing.  It’s how I make legitimate money online.  You can read more about how to get started here.

Simple Income Strategies – Conclusion

The bottom line is that Simple Income Strategies is nothing more than a cookie cutter site for a link post scam.  If you do a search on my website for ‘link posts scams’ you will that I have reviewed many such sites.  And are all nearly 90% the same.

They are all scams.  It is very safe for me to suggest that you should avoid such sites, and never ever give them your email address.  You will certainly have reason to regret it.

If you are looking to make money online from home, then you should seriously check out how to start your own niche blog and learn about affiliate marketing.  It’s not that hard to get started.

And guess what… you can start for free.  It doesn’t cost you anything.  As long as you have a computer with an internet connection you can start working at home as an affiliate marketer today for no out of pocket costs.

If you want more information about how to learn to blog and do affiliate marketing, check out my affiliate marketing review here.


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