Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

Work At home.  Set your own hours.  Wear what you want.  Have more free time for friends and family.  No products to buy or sell.  No phone calls to deal with.  No commuter rat-race.  No deadlines to make.  Have freedom to travel.  Be your own boss.  Find your financial independence... Earn yourself a lucrative income you can live off of.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate? Don’t Make Me Laugh!

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate? Shown here are their steps to online monetary success.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate? Shown here are their steps to online monetary success.

A couple days ago I was eating dinner with a buddy and we were talking about website monetizing.  Of course the conversation turned towards Wealthy Affiliate and where I do all my website hosting.  A couple people at the table to next to us were listening in on our conversation.  They asked some questions about affiliate marketing that I was glad to answer, but then asked if Wealthy Affiliate was really legitimate.

I chuckled at first, but then did my best to answer. Continue reading

Jungle Scout – Can It Give You A Marketing Edge?

Jungle Scout Review - Can it help jump start your niche website?

Jungle Scout Review – Can it help jump start your niche website?

Let’s face it, Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn yourself an income, but it can be competitive around certain niches you are considering getting involved in.  That’s were Jungle Scout comes in.  They claim they can help you find a profitable niche market with their research tools.

Can they really help?  In this post I perform a Jungle Scout review and see if their claims are legitimate, or if you are better off looking elsewhere for an online niche website edge.

Disclaimer:  I am not associated with Jungle Scout.  What you read in my review below is all based on online research I performed.  The end conclusion I provide is my own, and has not been influenced by outside sources. Continue reading


What Is Affiliate Bootcamp? Can It Help You Make Money Online?

What Is Affiliate Bootcamp?

What Is Affiliate Bootcamp?

Getting into affiliate marketing is not always easy.  You need to come up with a niche idea to focus your website around.  Most people choose a niche that is a hobby they have.  Why?  because it’s easy to write about something you know a lot about.

However, some people just can’t decide on a good niche, even when they list out all their hobbies and interests.  So what do they do then?  Well, from what I have seen cruising around social networks focused on affiliate marketing is this; most people get frustrated and give up when they can’t think of a niche idea.

Don’t give up!  Don’t Quit!  I can help you with picking a perfect niche website idea! Continue reading

Wealthy Affiliate Doesn’t Work Unless You Work At It

Wealthy Affiliate Doesn't Work Unless You Work At It.

Wealthy Affiliate Doesn’t Work Unless You Work At It.

This post is about Wealthy Affiliate.  Full disclosure; I pay for premium web hosting at Wealthy Affiliate and I promote on this website their online training programs.  When people sign up to join Wealthy Affiliate through my site, I am notified of it and that person gets access to me as their mentor learning how to do affiliate marketing.

It amazes me how many people go to Wealthy Affiliate and sign up, but then don’t do anything else.  Wealthy Affiliate does not work unless you work at it.  If you want to start working at home online and be your own boss so that someday you can quit your day job, then you need to work at it.  You need to follow their online training.  It works.

Not sure what I am talking about?  Then you need to check out my Wealthy Affiliate review.  Basically it is an online web hosting site that provides free websites to use, or paid web site hosting, along with high quality online training on how to monetize a website to make money. Continue reading

Earn Your Success – Website Update

Here we are in 2018, almost halfway through the month of February.  Time goes by fast.  Looking back to January 1st it seems to me like it was just a few days ago.

If you are thinking about getting into blogging and Affiliate Marketing – do so now.  The sooner you start, the sooner you can start earning an at home income.  This kind of work takes time to build up and generate an income from, so don’t waste any time getting started. Continue reading

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