Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

Work At home.  Set your own hours.  Wear what you want.  Have more free time for friends and family.  No products to buy or sell.  No phone calls to deal with.  No commuter rat-race.  No deadlines to make.  Have freedom to travel.  Be your own boss.  Find your financial independence... Earn yourself a lucrative income you can live off of.

Work From Home As An Email Marketing Specialist – Get The Facts!

Email Marketing Specialist, another job you can do working at home.

Email Marketing Specialist, another job you can do working at home.

Believe me I get it; being able to work at home is an appealing desire many people have.  There are a variety of ways a person can go about making that dream come true.  Learning to work from home as an Email Marketing Specialist is one such way.

If you enjoy writing then you may want to take a closer look at being an Email Marketing Specialist.  It is a viable means of being self employed.  Bit it can be a tricky job.  Keep reading if you want to learn more about being an email marketing specialist.  It can be one of the more lucrative jobs a writer can do from home today. Continue reading

Thinking Of Joining Fix Monthly Income? Get The Facts Firsts!

Thanks for checking out my Fix Monthly Income Review.  I always like to point out on such reviews if I am affiliated with the program in question.  I am not at all affiliate with Fix Monthly Income in any way, shape or form.

All of the information in my review is based on research I that I conducted online.  Thinking of joining Fix Monthly Income?  If so, you should take a little time and check out some other reviews online about this program before you decide to join or not. Continue reading

Accelerated Income: Yet Another Link Posting Scam

Here we go again, yet another link posting scam.  It is really remarkable how many of these scams promote the exact same template, or darn near the same advertising template.  Sadly there are people out there that get suckered into trying these scams out.  Accelerated Income is just like many of the other link posting scams I have blogged about on this site.

As usual I highly recommend that if you are looking into joining Accelerated Income that you first check out reviews of them online, other this my site.  I am not at all affiliate with Accelerated Income, and everything mentioned below in my review is from information I gathered online doing research. Continue reading

Top SEO Mistakes You Should Fix Right Now!

Top SEO Mistakes You Should Fix Right Now!

What are the top SEO mistakes you can easily fix?

If you are like me you may be or may have struggled learning about onsite SEO and what it takes to make your posts Google friendly.  Getting love from Google and having posts show up high in searches is key to making money fora n affiliate marketer.  Over the past couple years I learned a lot about the top SEO mistakes.

I’m sure you have heard of it, Search Engine Optimization, (SEO), has to do with a variety of tweaks you can do onsite to your pages and posts to help search engines find and index your website.

SEO changes often, and if you want to stay on top of your site getting ranked you need to keep up with those changes.  Never more so than now has onsite SEO, good onsite SEO, been critical to getting your site found and ranked in the search engines. Continue reading


Facebook On Fire Review – Big Scam Or Legit Money Making Opportunity

Facebook on Fire Review - is it a scam? Yep!

Facebook on Fire Review – is it a scam? Yep!

Making an extra $300 per day sure sounds nice, doesn’t it?  Imagine being able to do just that by fooling around on Facebook by posting, liking, and sharing posts.  That is exactly what the Facebook on Fire online money making plan tells you that you can do to earn easy money.  Sounds pretty good?  Sure it does!  That’s why I’m doing a Facebook on Fire review.

First, as usual, I want to point out that I am no way associated with Facebook on Fire and its creator, ‘Joseph Magnum’.  My review is based on research I did online and my opinion of this money making system is just that, my own.  If you are looking to sign up and give Facebook on Fire a try, then I strongly suggest you go online and check out a few other reviews before making an informed decision. Continue reading