Online Teen Jobs – Work At Home And Earn An Income

Looking for online teen jobs? I can help get you started!

Looking for online teen jobs? I can help get you started!

As a forty-three year old if I could go back in time to my teenage years knowing what I know now… I would be incredibly wealthy.  I know it for a fact.  So if you are still in your high school years and looking for online teen jobs, I strongly suggest you look at becoming your own boss.  Be an entrepreneur.  Start your own online business.  Do it today if you can.

There are many online jobs out there, legitimate ones, where you work for yourself when you want, but do so for other companies who have the work for you to do.  This is typically called freelance work.  I will share a few examples of such jobs below.

Then there is work you can do online for yourself, as your own boss calling all the shots, where you answer only to you and nobody else.  I will provide a great example of this type of job below as well.  In fact, this type of work, where you become an online entrepreneur is what I do and make a considerably income every month.

Working At Home – The Benefits

You can go look for a job outside the home.  It’s easy to do, lots of places look to hire teenagers and it’s a great way to learn about work ethics, work place politics, as well as make friends and networking.  You can learn a lot about yourself working a part time job as a teenager outside the home.

Working from home has many benefits. Even for teens looking to get started earning some money of their own.

Working from home has many benefits. Even for teens looking to get started earning some money of their own.

But there are some big benefits as well to working for yourself at home.  Here is a list of just a few:

  1. Working at home requires a computer and an internet connection, but if you have a laptop you can actually travel most anywhere and work as long as there is a WiFi connection.  You’re not just limited to working at home!  Travel and be able to work.
  2. Work when you want, for as long as you want.  Usually the more time you put into working from home on a job you will earn more depending on the job.  But when you work and how often you work is up to you.  Schedule your personal work time as needed.
  3. No need to put on a uniform for work, no need to worry about a dress code… wear what you want.  Work on your pajamas if that’s how you feel!
  4. More personal time, more freedom.  When you can work when you want and balance your own schedule, you will find that you have more time for friends, family, and hobbies.
  5. No need to worry about commuter traffic or gassing up the car to get to and from work.  Not having that time slotted and that expense gives you more personal time and allows you to save more money.

Online Teen Jobs – Working Freelance

Sure, you can easily find crummy low paying jobs online that allow you to make pocket change for taking surveys and watching sales videos.  But you want to make more money than pocket change!  You want some money in your pocket that is going to get you somewhere… like a car, or saving money for college, or for that summer trip between high school and college…  or who knows what else.


You can start working freelance jobs today as either a writer or a transcriber.  Now, these types of jobs usually start out paying low when you sign up with online companies as a freelance contractor.  As you earn some experience and get more jobs completed under your belt, you can get higher and better paying jobs.

So let’s take a look at two options for starting freelance work from home:

  • Casting Words:  This is a legit company that you can sign up to do transcription work for.  You listen to audio files and type them into a data entry program.  The payment usually starts out low and is based on how long the audio files are.  You can work up to getting paid as much as $15 per hour for working from home.  Want more information?  Check out my more detailed review of Casting Words here.
  • Copify:  If you can type and write you can make a pretty good living as a freelance writer working for Copify.  What is a pretty good living?  Average income for people who stick with it make about $35 – $45 grand per year.  Of course you have to work your way up to that.  You start small and as you build rank and reputation within the company you can take on better paying jobs.  I don’t have a review of Copify like I do Casting Words, but you can check Copify out here.

Online Teen Jobs – Become An Online Entrepreneur

If you like the idea of being your own boss and becoming an online entrepreneur, than this section of my blog is for you.

As I write this blog post there are nearly 4 billion people around the world with internet access.  In the United States alone in 2015 online internet sales reached $335 billion, and by 2020 that same number is estimated to hit $523 billion.

A great online teen job is to start a blog and monetize it to earn a steady income.

A great online teen job is to start a blog and monetize it to earn a steady income.

That’s a lot of money exchanging hands, and those numbers just reflect the United States.  Wouldn’t you like to get in on some of the money that is being moved between consumers and online retailers?  Well, you can.

Let me tell you what I do to make money online:  I blog and do something called affiliate marketing.

I am sure you have heard of people who are bloggers.  And you have probably heard that people can make money as bloggers.  Many of them do it from affiliate marketing.

I started blogging about twenty months ago and make slightly more than $4 grand per month doing affiliate marketing.  Unlike the freelance work I mentioned above where you have to actually contract yourself out to do a job and make money, affiliate marketing is a way to make a passive income.

What I mean by passive income is this:  I don’t have to be actually working on anything to make money.  Doing freelance work requires you sign on to do a job, complete the work, turn it in, and then get paid for that work just one time.  Passive income means that even after I do the work I can get paid for the work over and over again.

If that sounds interesting to you, or to good to be true… well, there is work involved in what I do.  So don’t think for a moment this is effortless.  It takes some time and effort to get to where I am, but if I can do it, anybody can do it.

So How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

In this day and age people are buying more and more online.  It’s easy to purchase the things you want from an online retailer.  You can usually get a better deal than you would if going to a local retail store.  Also, you can read reviews online of the product you are wanting to buy before you buy it.  You can’t do that at a retail store.  People like reading product reviews before buying, especially on big purchases.  This is where bloggers and affiliate marketers come in and make a lot of money.

Getting started blogging and working from home is easy.

Getting started blogging and working from home is easy.

So what I do as a blogger is create my own niche website about something I am passionate about, like a hobby I love to do, such as fly fishing.  On my blog I write about fly fishing trips I have taken, trips I want to take, rivers I fish, streams and other places I want to fish.  I like fishing and know a lot about it, so its easy to blog about it.

I also write about any new gear I buy, or old gear I still  have and love to use.  This is where affiliate marketing comes in.  When I write about my gear, such as a fishing reel or rod, I do a full review of the item – and then I provide a link to an online retailer where people reading my blog can go and buy that item.

People like to read online about the things they are interested in.  So people who like fly fishing will find my website to read about it.  Also, people looking for product reviews before buying a new piece of gear may also find my website when they search for an item that I write about.

Either way, when those people click on those product links and go to REI or Amazon or wherever I link product to and buy an item, I get a chunky sales commission.  If they don’t buy that item that I provided a link to, but buy other items – I still make a commission on those items as well.

Essentially online retailers will pay you a commission for any customer you send to their online store who buys anything.  That is what a affiliate marketing is all about.  You drive traffic from your niche website to an online retailer’s site.

Amazon is a great place to do affiliate marketing through, and you can affiliate with them for free!

Amazon is a great place to do affiliate marketing through, and you can affiliate with them for free!

I wrote a review on a fly reel I like to use about twelve months ago, when people find that page and click on the link to go buy that item or another item at Amazon, I make a money… passive income.  I put the work in months ago and I am still getting paid for it now.

As a teenager looking to find online work, starting your own online business as a blogger and affiliate marketing is a great way to make money.  You own your own business.  You work when you want and where.  You don’t handle product returns.  You don’t talk to customers.  You don’t ship anything… you just blog about a hobby or something you have a lot knowledge and experience about – and learn to monetize your website as an affiliate marketer.

You can even get started doing this at no out of pocket cost.  Get a website for free, get some free online training, and start building up a website as a blogger… building a website is incredibly easy.  I’ll tell you how to get started below!

Online Jobs For Teens – Conclusion

I started this website to help people learn how to work at home and make a steady income - you too can Earn Your Success!

I started this website to help people learn how to work at home and make a steady income – you too can Earn Your Success!

I hope I have given you some great ideas for working online as a teen looking for a job.  Freelance contract work is a great way to make some money.  But starting your own niche website to blog and become an affiliate marketer is going to likely make you more money over the long haul.  It will also provide you with a means of making a passive income, where you have more free time to do more things you want to do while still making money.

If you are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing and what I am doing I can point you in the direction to get more information.  You can actually get started today as a blogger and it doesn’t cost you anything.  Setting up a website is so easy, it just takes a couple minutes to do.  And you can do it for free.

If you want to learn a little more about me and affiliate marketing check out my page How To Work At Home.

If you want to learn where to go and get started blogging today for free and get some free training on affiliate marketing, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.  This is where I learned to do affiliate marketing.

If you have some other suggestions for online teen jobs I would love to hear about them in the comments below.


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