Online Jobs For Stay Home Moms

Looking for online jobs for stay home moms? Let me help.

Looking for online jobs for stay home moms? Let me help.

Looking for online jobs for stay at home moms?  I can help.  Two years ago I started researching jobs that I could do from home.  I wanted to make more money to help with bills, savings, retirement, and maybe even to be able to quit my day job.

If you are an at home mom or dad taking care of the kids, you are probably going to be hard pressed to find time to work on an at home business – spare time is probably hard to come by!

However, if you can find an hour or two per day to set aside for some work, you can be start a home business and make a nice income from it.

I did of lot of searching on the internet looking at a variety of jobs.  But I found one that really stuck out to me in a big way.

If you are looking for some work at home options for a stay at home parent, you can check out my post about “Top 5 Work At home Jobs” here.

Otherwise, keep reading for more information on which one of those five jobs I actually do myself.

Online Jobs For Stay Home Moms – There Is Really Only One I Recommend

Do you have a computer at home?  Do you have a means to connect that computer to the internet?

If you answered ‘yes’ to both of those questions you can start a work at home job today for no out of pocket cost.  And I’m not talking about taking surveys or watching boring videos and getting paid pocket change.  I’m talking real money, a real income.


What I personally do to make an extra income on the side in my spare time is blog.  I own a couple websites, and I blog on them about things that are important to me… things I know a lot about, such as a hobby or a strong passion, and I write about those things.

It’s pretty easy to do.  If you can type into a keyboard and share your thoughts you can blog.  Are you on Facebook?  If you are and are familiar with how that works you can easily get started blogging.

Having your own website setup and running is the key to making money online, and you can have your own website and be blogging on it within a matter of minutes from right now, if you so choose to get started.

When I say it’s easy, I really mean it.  Let me show you how fast you can have your own FREE website and FREE web hosting.  Check out the video I made below.  I show you how fast and simple it is to start a new website and post a new page on it to share with the world:

Job For Stay Home Moms – Blogging And Making Money!

I’m sure you’re wondering how blogging can make you money.  Again, this is also a pretty simple concept.  Let me explain how it works by telling you how I make $4k plus per month as a blogger.

I started blogging nineteen months ago and doing what is called monetizing a website.  Monetizing a website is what you need to do to your website to make money from it.

Basically you start a blog about a hobby or an interest you have.  You want to pick something you really enjoy, because writing about something you enjoy makes blogging easy.

As an example I started a blog not long ago about fly fishing.  I like to fly fish and do it often.  So I know a lot about it and share my various fishing outings on my website.  I will write about day trips I went on, weekend trips I went on, places I want to go, streams I want to fish, tips that I discovered, fishing techniques…etc… you get the idea.

Find online jobs for stay home moms and dads. Make an income from home.

Find online jobs for stay home moms and dads. Make an income from home.

But I also sometimes write about the gear I use, such as my fly fishing rods or reels.  Or maybe about some new waders I got or stream boots I use.  When I write about product I use or product I want, I also provide a link in my blog post to where people can go and buy that item.

When people read about my gear sometimes they will want to buy it.  So they click on that link and go to Amazon or REI or wherever the link is to, and buy that item.  If and when they do that I get a commission from the online retailer for that sale.

The thing I just described above is called affiliate marketing.  I don’t deal with customers, I don’t deal with product returns, I don’t have any overhead, I don’t ship anything, I don’t have to talk on the phone, and I can travel anywhere in the world with my laptop and work on my business as long as I have access to the internet.

I just blog.  I write about things I like to do and share it with people on my websites.

Have you ever been to a website and seen an advertisement link for some product being featured on Amazon?  If you have then what you saw was that website doing affiliate marketing, and they make money if somebody clicks on that link and buys something from Amazon.

Guess what?  If that person who clicked over to Amazon or REI doesn’t buy that item I was blogging about, but instead buys a different item or items – I still get a commission on the sale.

In fact, if that person goes back to Amazon in the next 24 hours and buys more stuff, I get commissions on those sales too!

Still interested?  What if I told you that you can start doing this today for free?  Even more interested?  Keep reading to learn more.

Stay At Home Moms And Dads – Blog And Affiliate Marketing

Let me break down the money making process into a simple traffic pattern flow:

  • Start a website and blog about a hobby or passion you have.
  • The more content you share on your website, the more traffic (visitors) your website will get.
  • When you start to build traffic to your site you can make money.  Without traffic there is no money to be made.

Starting a website and blogging is pretty easy to do.  However, building up traffic can take some time.  I am telling you this up front because this is the hardest part when starting a new website: having a website that is new, that you work on and share content on, that nobody is seeing.

Online jobs for stay home moms and dads - try blogging and affiliate marketing.

Online jobs for stay home moms and dads – try blogging and affiliate marketing.

It takes time for a new website to generate traffic and get found.  It can take a couple months before people start finding it doing searches in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The search engines don’t ‘trust’ new websites at first.  They need to age and mature a little.  You need to keep adding new content to them when you write blog posts.  All of that helps overt time to get your website noticed.

However, if you share you blog on places like social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) you can sometimes start getting traffic to your site that way, and making money before the search engines trust your site.

People who share your interest will do searches on the internet and find your site – because they too have that some hobby and want to read more about it and learn more about it.

That’s why people find my websites.  They share my passions.  If they can’t be out fly fishing they like to read about it and check out new gear.  So they search the internet for fly fishing related things and find my site.  Maybe they are looking for recommendations on places to go fishing, or maybe they want to learn more about a new fishing pole that I just happened to write about.

They will find your site just like they find my site.  But you have to blog and build up content to get found in the search engines.

I have a couple websites I own and blog on, and I make a little more than $4k per month blogging and doing affiliate marketing.  I work in my spare time.  Usually an hour or two a day.  Some weeks I only work a few hours ever other day.  Whenever I can fit the time in I will do some work.

However, the more time you can focus on your website, especially up front, the faster you will get noticed and building traffic.

Is It Really Free To Do This?

Yes, it really is.  I started this website, Earn Your Success, so that people like me who are interested in working on an at home business can get started quickly and easily.  And I can help you gets tarted for free.

You have heard of places called Go Daddy, Blue Host, Gator, and WP Engine perhaps?  Those online businesses sell people domain names (website names) and provide hosting for websites.  I go through a company called Wealthy Affiliate.  They also sell and provide those same services, but they also will provide you with two free websites and free web hosting.

Why do they provide those things for free?  Because they want to show you how easy it is to start a website and start blogging.  The free websites are great for learning on.  And the free web hosting does not include IT support.  So it’s limited, but free nonetheless.

Most bloggers who run affiliate marketing websites own their own websites and pay for their web hosting for the included technical support if they have issues.  As an example I have a couple websites and I pay about $34 per month to own their domain names and pay for web hosting with IT support.  That $34 covers ALL my websites and hosting.

It’s pretty cheap.  That’s my business overhead.  And I make $4k + per month.

Now, if you are just starting out and wanting to do this, I strongly suggest you make use of the free websites and free hosting.  Test this out before you make any investment.  I know, it’s a small investment, but why invest even that little bit of money until you know you are going to really want to become a parent working at home as a blogger.

As an at home mom or dad make sure this fits into your life.  It’s free, so test it out before making the investment.

Clicking this text link here will bring you to Wealthy Affiliate to create an account and get started

Online Jobs For Stay Home Moms – Is This Really As Easy As You Say It Is?

Everything I described above is the basics to the concept of working at home as an affiliate marketer.  As a stay at home parent with limited time between household duties and taking care of the kids it can be tough.  I’ve been there.  I have four daughters and nine grand-daughters, all gone from the nest now.

I know your biggest challenge in all this will be finding a couple hours of free time throughout the day to get a little work done.

Now, with that said, there are things you are going to have to learn.  Just like with any new job you have ever started there were things you needed to learn.  This is no different.

The only difference is that before you worked for somebody else.  This time, if you decide to give blogging and affiliate marketing a chance, you will be doing this as a Sole Proprietor; you are going to be your own boss, you are in affect becoming an online entrepreneur, you will be working for you.

But yes, there are things to learn, such as; SEO, keyword phrases, link building, page linking, tags versus categories, meta descriptions, and slug lines, to name just a few.

Do those things I just listed make you nervous?  Worried that you can’t learn how to do this?

If you are concerned I’m here to tell you don’t be worried or nervous.  You should be excited!

Excited?  YES!  Because when you join Wealthy Affiliate you also get the absolute best step by step training on setting up that new website and monetizing it to make an income.  All those terms I mentioned above are examined in their training.

You can start learning how to do this step be step, and all those terms I mentioned above will be covered and make sense as you apply them while working on your website.

As a new ‘starter member’ using the free websites and free web hosting you get access to all the training shown below.

Free website creation and affiliate marketing training you get as a free starter member at Wealthy Affiliate.

Free website creation and affiliate marketing training you get as a free starter member at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you decide this is a good fit for you, and want to buy your own domain name that you own and pay for your web hosting, then you would get access to more training and the IT support… AND MORE…

Access To More?  Like What?

As an at home parent trying to start a job at home to earn money you’re going to most certainly have some questions.  As a member over at Wealthy Affiliate you would also get access to their Member Support Network.

Having the best chance to succeed at this means having a mentor and good support to get questions answered, and answered fast.  If you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate through my website you actually get access to me – whether you sign up for the free starter membership or go to the paid hosting, you get access to me as a direct mentor.

If you sign up for the paid hosting, on top of the faster website load speeds and IT support, (and other things), you also get access to the Member Support Network.

The support network is where you can ask questions quickly and usually get answers within a few minutes from people like me who do our website hosting through Wealthy Affiliate.

That's me, TDBAUER at the top, helping answer questions people may have, through one of the Member Support tools.

That’s me, TDBAUER at the top, helping answer questions people may have, through one of the Member Support tools.

You see, people who use Wealthy Affiliate for web hosting are pretty much all affiliate marketers.  We use Wealthy Affiliate because they are focused on providing services to bloggers and marketers.  If we need help, we get it, and we know we are getting the best possible help from people who are doing what we do.

Want to sign up for free and start working at home on your own website and business?  Keep reading, almost done.

Online Jobs For Stay At Home Moms – Conclusion & Getting Started For Free!

So why am I doing this?  I get nothing for you signing up as a free member at Wealthy Affiliate through my site.  But I do get the satisfaction of helping people who are like minded such as I am about doing work at home.  And I do enjoy mentoring online and answering questions over at Wealthy Affiliate.

I can help you get started blogging and affiliate marketing.

I can help you get started blogging and affiliate marketing.

AND, if you do eventually sign up for the paid hosting I do make a small commission.  It’s affiliate marketing.  This right here is my final lesson to you in this blog post.  I just talked passionately about something I strongly believe in.  Everything I told you is factual and on the up and up.  Free information from me to you.

And then I share with you how you can do exactly what I am doing.  It’s marketing.  This website, Earn Your Success, is one of a couple websites I own and blog on and do affiliate marketing through.  I have other sites where I talk about fishing and another about camping – and do affiliate marketing to earn an income on the side from both.

You have to be passionate about your website or websites.  You have to want to share with people what you know.  When you can do that, you can make an income from it.

If you are serious about finding a part time job you can do while staying at home as a parent, then look no further.  Blogging and affiliate marketing is it.

Ready to get started?  If you want even more information you can learn more here.

If you want to join me over at Wealthy Affiliate with the free starter membership then click here.

As far as online jobs for stay home moms go, this is hard to beat.


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