Make Money Online In The UK

Learn how you can make money online in the UK.

Learn how you can make money online in the UK.

Want to learn how to make money online in the UK?  I’ll tell you how to work at home and make a nice income, just like I’m doing.  I started my own little online business twenty months ago and make around $4k (US dollars) per month.

I live in the States, but I interact most everyday with people from the United Kingdom through an online network of people who work from home.  I got the idea to create this latest blog post and focus it on people in the UK.

So without further preamble… let’s just into this!

How To Make Money Online In The UK

There are many ways a person can work at home and make money.  It’s the same here in the States as it is in the UK.  You have to avoid the online scams.  You also have to avoid those annoying jobs that say they pay you for taking surveys or watching videos… such jobs pay pennies and are not going to cover any monthly expenses.  Avoid them.

You want to make some serious money!  Money that is going to pay the monthly bills and for that upcoming holiday.  I’ve been around the block a few times and have looked at a variety of ways to make money working from home online.

Some people turn to starting an online photography business.  Others do freelance work as writers.  Both of those jobs can make you a pretty good income.  But you continuously need to be looking for work… you can’t get paid unless you are finding new work to do, and getting busy doing it.

I like to do affiliate marketing.  Basically how I earn a nice income by blogging and doing affiliate marketing.  You can do it too.

Making Money In The UK As An Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is pretty easy.  If you are not familiar with blogging and starting up a website there is a little learning you will need to do – but that is actually pretty easy.  You can have a website up and running in under a few minutes.  Modern technology makes it super easy to do.

I like affiliate marketing for these reasons:

  • I don’t have to contract myself out to find work in order to get paid.  I work when I want.
  • I don’t have to call or talk to people on the phone to sell any product.
  • I don’t have to maintain an inventory of any product at my home.
  • I don’t have to buy any product and try to resell it like many MLM businesses (Avon, Scentsy, Pampered Chef…etc…).
  • I don’t handle any customer product returns.
  • I can work from anywhere there is an internet connection with my laptop, which means I can travel and bring my home business with me.
  • I write/blog about hobbies and things I am interested in, and make a passive income from doing it.

This Is How Affiliate Marketing Works

Create a blog website and focus it on a niche.  A niche is a tightly focused theme your website is about; as an example let’s say you create a niche website about ‘crock pot cooking’.  You blog on your niche website about crock pot recipes that are made using crock pots.  Along with the recipes you share you also write a few product reviews about crock pots.

Make money online in the UK from the comfort of your home.

Make money online in the UK from the comfort of your home.

When you write a review about a crock pot you also provide a link to an online retailer, such as Amazon as an example, where a person can go and buy that crock pot you are reviewing.  When a person who finds your website, because they searched for it looking for crock pot recipes or crock pot reviews, clicks on that link that goes to Amazon and buys that crock pot you make a sales commission.

That’s basically it.  You choose a hobby or interest you have.  Write about it.  Provide some product reviews to items that are related to your website niche.  Provide links to where people can go and buy that product.  Then when they do buy that product you make a sales commission.

If that person clicks on your crock pot link and goes to Amazon, but doesn’t buy a crock pot, instead they buy something else… like a TV or a new set of sheets for their bed… you still get a commission on those items they buy.  You get a commission on anything they buy when clicking to Amazon from your site.

That’s how I make money as an affiliate marketer.  And you can make money online in the UK doing the exact same thing.  People are buying more and more each year online.  You can get in on that exchange of money between consumers and retailers.  People like to review and research items before buying online – that’s where affiliate marketers come in and drive consumers towards online retailers.

The online retailers pay you sales commissions for sending people to their online sites.

You can create a niche website that will make you an income from home using most any hobby or interest you have.  Think of a hobby you enjoy right now… is there a product or products related to it?  If there is you could make money blogging about that hobby.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started?

Starting a website and getting hosting for your website doesn’t actually cost anything.  Signing up with Amazon as an affiliate also does not cost anything.  Basically any online retailer allows people to sign up with them for free to become affiliate marketers for them.

You can start your own online business today in the UK as a blogger and affiliate marketer.

You can start your own online business today in the UK as a blogger and affiliate marketer.

Yes, you can actually start your own home business as a blogger and affiliate marketer at no out of pocket cost.  You can start your business today working at home for free.

Now, most people who do this actually buy their website domains and own them.  They also pay for their own web site hosting.  There are perks that come along with owning your own domain and paying for hosting.  You can buy your own website domain for about 7 to 13 British Pounds per year.  Web hosting, good web hosting should not cost you more than 275 British Pounds per year.

Why would you want to own your website and pay for hosting instead of using some of the free website services out there?  Because Google gives better search results to websites that are owned.  If you are invested in your website Google pays attention to that and will give you better search results for it.  You make money by people finding you on the web, through searches using Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  You have a batter chance of showing up higher in search engines results if you own your website.  Get notices more, make more money.  It’s that easy.

Getting Started Making Money Online In The UK – I’ll Help You!

Does affiliate marketing sound interesting to you.  Think it is something you can do?  That you want to do?

I learned how to become an affiliate marketer online through some excellent training – free training.

Want to learn to do what I do and where I learned to do it?  Does free online training sound good that you can use to get started today?  How about testing this out on a free website to see if this is a good fit?  Check out my #1 recommended place to go to learn about affiliate marketing here.

If you are serious about making money online in the UK, you won’t be disappointing.


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