How To Make Money Online From At Home In 2018

As I sit and write this latest blog post 2017 is nearing an end.  2018 is fast approaching, and now is the time for making resolutions for the new year.  You have been looking at finding a means to work at home, and that has led you to this post.  Let me tell you how to make money online from at home in 2018!  Make it your resolution!

Make Money Online From At Home

All you need is a computer that has internet access.  If you have that already you can start today with your own online business for no other costs.  Yep, for free.

I started blogging on this site back in Spring 2017 telling people how they can do what I do; how to start their own online business working at home.  Many of the posts I have written talk about various ways to work from the comforts of home.  And most of those posts talk about Affiliate Marketing.

That’s what I do to make money online.  I do Affiliate Marketing.  Basically all I do is write product reviews.  In my reviews I tell people where they can go to buy online the items I write about.  When they do, I make sales commissions.

Online sales are growing every year.  By 2020 the estimated online sales volume is expected to hit over 520 billion in North America alone.  That’s a lot of money moving between consumers and online retailers.  You can tap into that just like I do.  Many people who buy online, like me, go to the internet and read reviews of items before they buy.  That’s where the Affiliate Marketer comes in… I write those online reviews about products I use and recommend.

How Working At Home Online Works

Okay, so here is the basic step by step process how I make money as an Affiliate Marketing.  It’s not difficult to understand.

Online retailers like Amazon, Ebay, Target, Walmart, Cabellas (there are thousands of them) want people to go to their websites and buy product.  They pay people (like me) who send other people to their websites to buy items.

I will use Amazon as an example:

I go to Amazon and sign up with them to be an online associate.  It costs nothing for me to sign up with them – they charge nothing for people to be their affiliates.  Once I’m signed up, I can get product links from their website that I can share online.

Lets say I write a product review about a new BBQ Grill.  I write about all the features it has, what I like about, what I don’t like about it.  I also share a product link I get from Amazon and put that in my blog.  The link I share allows people to click on it and go to Amazon and buy it.  When they buy it, the link that is associated with my affiliate account lets Amazon know I made the referral, and they pay me a sales commission.

As long as my post is online, which could be years, people can find that product review and I can make money.  There are some items I have written reviews about almost two years that still make money every week.  How much money, you may ask.  Well, currently as I write this blog post I make around $3000 per month online at home as an Affiliate Marketer.  I know several people making several thousands per month doing the exact same thing.

It Gets Better!

If that person follows my link and goes to Amazon but doesn’t buy the grill I reviewed, instead they buy another grill… I still make a sales commission!  Why?  Because it was my link that sent the consumer to Amazon to shop.  Anything they buy within 24 hours of using my link will earn me a sales commission.  TVs, computers, memory foam mattresses, shoes, jewelry, a guitar, a crossbow, fishing gear… if they buy it after using my link to get to Amazon, I make money.

People Search Online For Things That Interest Them

You see, people search online for things they are interested in.  Let’s take crock pot recipes for example.  Do you like to cook and use crock pots?  Every month people search online for “crock pot recipes”, in fact last month I am showing there were roughly 203,000+ searches done online for them in North America.

You could write and share crock pot recipes online, and also write crock pot reviews on tell people where they go and buy them.  Imagine if just 5% of the people doing crock pot recipe searches found your post, that would be 10,150 people.

Then let’s say that only 5% of those people decide to buy a crock pot from one of your links to Amazon.  5% is 507 people.

Crock pots range in price from $20 to $200.  Let’s pick an average price of $50.

In one month if 507 people out of 203,000 decide to buy a new crock pot after reading your post and following your link to Amazon to buy one.  And the average price per crock pot is $50, you could end up making $1014.00 per month.  That’s based on a 4% commission per crock pot sale.

Could you use an extra $1014.00 per month?  Of course you can.  Who wouldn’t?

How To Make Money Online From At Home

You need to start your own website.  In order to make money online you need to have an online presence where you can blog (write).  Up above I used an example of sharing crock pot recipes and writing some crock pot reviews.  In order to do that you need to have your own website.

Are you freaking out yet?  Does the thought of having to have your own website scare you and make you want to stop reading?

Well, I hope you keep reading.  Because I’m here to tell that getting your own website costs nothing, and it’s pretty darn easy to setup and add content to it.  If you have experience with using a word processor or using a smart phone, you can easily manage and maintain a website of your very own.

In fact it takes just a couple minutes to start a website of your own.  And it costs nothing!  Doubt me?  Watch the video below.  I made it myself.  And I show you how easy it is to start a website and add some content to it.

Along with a website and an idea about what you can write about, you can start working towards making money online.  I’m not going to lie to you, it can take a few months for a new website to start getting found online.  But once it does you can start earning online.  This is not a means to get rich fast.  It is a means to making a good steady income online.  How much you make is up to you.

Getting Started Making Money Online From At Home

You need to learn how to be an Affiliate Marketing if you want to do what I do working online.  It’s not rocket science, but with any new job you start there is some learning you need to do.  Maybe even some training.  This is no different.

I learned a lot about Affiliate Marketing online.  In particular I learned a lot about it from a place online called Wealthy Affiliate.  They provide free website hosting and few websites,  just like you saw in my video above.  They also provide step by step training to help get you started.

You can learn more about them here, reading my Wealthy Affiliate review.

Like I said, it cost nothing to get started.  If you have a computer or laptop at home with internet, you can sign up with Wealthy Affiliate for free.  You just need an email address.  Once there you can get two free websites and can start learning how to maintain your own blog – and make money from it!

What have you got to lose?  It costs nothing to give it a try.  And you know what, you may be surprised how easy it is, and how much you enjoy working as an online entrepreneur.

Make this next year of your life the year you take control.  Follow your dreams, and learn how to make money online from at home.  My #1 recommendation on where to go and do this is at Wealthy Affiliate.  Click here to get started.


Learn How To Work At Home!

Have a hobby or a personal interest you know a lot about?  You can turn your love of that hobby into a thriving online business just like I did!

Learn Affiliate Marketing and Earn Your Online Success!

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