Learn How To Work At Home For Retirees

Work from home in your retirement part time online.

Work from home in your retirement part time online.

Retired and looking for a fun way to work from home making a side income that can supplement your retirement?  If you are familiar with computers and have hobbies you are knowledgeable in you can make a very nice income working at home online.

You can be your own boss, set your own hours and work when you want.  The best part is that the work will revolve around something you are already interested in.  Doesn’t that sound nice?  Hopefully the job or career you worked at up until you retired was something you enjoyed doing.  But if not, then now is the time in retirement to make money working on something you DO enjoy doing.

I’m here to help guide you towards a mean of making a cushy online income that focuses around a hobby or passion you currently have.  What’s better than making money based on something you enjoy doing?  As an example I like to fly-fish and I make money online every month because of my fly-fishing hobby.

What hobbies or interests do you have?  You can very likely make money online via your hobby.  Lots of people do it… you can too.  Keep reading to learn how.  This is where it gets interesting.

Learn How To Work At Home For Retirees

The basis of what I am going to share with you how to become a Blogger and Affiliate Marketer.  I make money online every month blogging about a couple of my hobbies.  Have you ever gone onto the internet to look up information on something that interested you?  I do it all the time.  Movies, books, camping, travel destinations, cooking recipes, how-to guides…etc…etc…

Perhaps you have gone online to research a new product you were thinking of buying, such as a TV or a new golf club set.  Maybe you like to read about people who go canoe tripping in the Canadian Wilderness and follow a few websites that share stories about such things?

Guess what – those websites you were on and may go to every few days are maintained by bloggers.  Some people do it professionally full time, some do it part time.  It’s very likely that most of those websites you were on generate a monthly income for their owners.

So why can’t you start your own blog and focus it on an interest or a hobby of your own?  Are you concerned that you have no technical experience in creating a website or maintaining a website?  Most people shy away from blogging because they think they don’t have the expertise to operate their own website.  Well I got news for you, it is really easy to start your own website and add content to is.  You really don’t need any experience to get started with a personal website.

If you can use your computer, tablet, or smart phone to search the internet and look up websites or play around with social media, then you can easily start and operate your own website.  You can start today.  It doesn’t even have to cost you anything to give it a test try.  I’ll tell you how.

How A Retired Person Can Make Money At Home

Above I mentioned that blogging is a means to making an online income writing about something you enjoy doing, such as hobby you have.  But how does that work exactly?  Writing and sharing information about a hobby online is all it takes to make money?  Yes and no.

On my fly-fishing blog I write about trips I have taken, gear I like to use, tips I learned over the years, and more.  On Another blog I have I write about memory foam mattresses and their many benefits over spring loaded mattresses.

On each of those blogs I share product reviews that relate to my hobby.  If there is a fishing rod I like to use I will mention it in my blog and tell people where they can go online to buy it, such as Amazon or Dick’s Sporting Goods.  On my memory foam mattress blog I share links where people can go and buy affordable beds online.  When people click on those links and go to an online store such as Amazon and buy something I make a sales commission.  That is called Affiliate Marketing.

I blog and share information that revolves around my hobbies.  Sometimes I provide links to where people can go research and buy product that I use when enjoying my hobbies.

A Little More Information On How This Process Works

More and more people are going online to read, entertain themselves, research products, and shop.  Companies like Amazon make it really easy to find most anything you want and order it straight to your house.  Often times cheaper than what you can buy things for in Brick and Mortar stores without the hassle of checkout lines and traffic congestion.

Those online stores that big companies maintain will pay you for sending customers to their websites to buy product.  All you need to do is signup to be their affiliate.  They charge NOTHING for you to sign up with them.  It’s free.  Companies like Tiffany’s, Bass Pro Shop, Amazon, Target, Walmart… if you can think of a company likely they have an affiliate program.

Once you signup with a company like Amazon you can link any product or items that relate to your hobby that you blog about back to Amazon.  As an example let’s say you have a blog about outdoor photography.  One of your blog posts is a review on a particular Sony Camera, the Sony Alpha 6000.  You share your thoughts about that camera that you used to great affect on a trip you took and provide your blog readers with a link to where they can buy it from Amazon.

If somebody is reading your photography blog it is likely because they share your hobby and like to read about it.  Or perhaps they were looking for a review on the camera mentioned above and found your blog via a Google, Yahoo, or Bing search.  If your blog reader clicks on that link and buys the camera you earn a sales commission.  Currently as I write this post, Amazon pays 10% commission on digital cameras.

Let’s do some math: if 100 people per month read your blog about that camera but only ten go on to buy the camera you will make roughly $548.00 in affiliate marketing sales commissions.  As I write this blog that camera cost $548.00.  10% commission will earn you $54.80 per camera sold.  That adds up to $548.00 per month from a single blog post and product referral you wrote.  The following month you have thirteen people who buy that camera and make $712.40.  The month after than only eight referrals occur and you earn $438.40.

Once you write that blog post, it can keep making you money for a very long time… passive income.  I love passive income.

It Get’s Better

If the person who clicked on your link does not buy the camera, but goes on to buy something else, anything else, you also make sales commissions on ANY item they may buy.  They don’t have to buy just the camera for you to make a sales commission.  In fact if they don’t buy anything right away but go back within 24 hours after having clicked your affiliate link and buy something later… you still make a sales commission on ANY item they buy.

I’ve actually earned sales commission on guitars, saunas, tents, watches, and a variety of other items.  Let me tell you, it adds up fast.

On my fly fishing website I mostly write about fishing trips and tips.  I have a few dozen blog posts that focus on the gear I like to use and I provide links to where people can buy those items online.  On average I earn about $1500.00 per month on items that I actually refer people to buy.  Also on average I make another $1000.00 plus per month on items that people buy that I don’t even refer them to!

For the record, I’m 45, still work a day job, and work part-time online as my own boss blogging and affiliate marketing.

How To Make Money From Home In Retirement – Getting Started!

I’m sure you still have questions: Does it cost anything to do this?  Is it really easy to start a website and maintain is?  How much money can I make?  Do I need to learn new skills?  All are valid questions, and I am sure there are others you also have as well.

Cost:  I pay about $30-$32 per month for website hosting and website name registration.  I also have a monthly internet bill I pay for, and a laptop I use for blogging.  That’s my overhead.  Most people already have a computer at home of some sort, most also have internet WiFi as well.  So really for me my monthly cost is owning and paying for my website name and hosting.

I pay for everything on a yearly basis in full to save money (around $360 for the year).  Paying month to month for hosting services can cost about twice that amount, so it pays to do yearly service subscriptions for web hosting and pay much less.

Is Blogging Easy:  If you have used a word processing program or email software at all in your past and can type a little, then you can easily start your own website and maintain it.  It really is as easy as picking a hobby you have, a name for your website, and start typing and sharing information you have.  Really, the hardest part of starting a website is coming up with a name!

How Much Can I Make:  It all depends on you, how much you work at your blogging website, and a few other factors mentioned below.  I currently work about 4-6 hours per week, mostly from home.  Sometimes I travel and can work on my side business anywhere there is WiFI access with my laptop.

Do I Need To Learn New Skills:  Of course!  As you well know with any new task or job you begin there are things you will need to learn.  When you started your career you likely had to learn some new skills.  That applies here as well.  You will need to learn about blogging and how to write a blog post so that it gets found by people… you will need to learn about things like keywords, and Search Engine Optimization.  Those terms may sound scary… but they are not, trust me.  Blogging is a learn as you go process, and is a lot of fun.

Getting Started Working Online During Retirement

The thing you need most of all to start working in your retirement as a blogger is a website.  That means you need website hosting.  I’m sure you have heard of places like Go Daddy, Blue Host, SiteRubix, and a few others.  All of those businesses provide website hosting and website name registration.

Of those businesses I mentioned above only one provides training on blogging and affiliate marketing, and that’s SiteRubix, powered by Wealthy Affiliate.  They guide you step by step on getting your website up and running and making money as an Affiliate Marketer.  I do all my website hosting through them, and they also taught me a lot about making money online as a blogger.  You can check them out here:  Wealthy Affilite/SiteRubix.

Their step by step process will have you working on your own website within several minutes.  It costs NOTHING to create an account with them, a free account, that lets you play around with two free website to test out if blogging is a good fit for you.  What better way to learn more about blogging than  for free!

Of course if you are serious about making an income doing this you will want to pay for hosting and register your own website name that you own… which costs me on average about $30-$32 per month (and covers all of my websites).

Their step by step guide will also teach you about keywords and search engine optimization, and some other useful things. Of course check out other options for hosting – but they are the ones I like and recommend.

Working At Home Part Time In Retirement – Conclusion

You would think there might be more to learning about working at home part time in retirement.  But at this point you really need to jump in start doing it!  Start your own website and start blogging!

Need an example of a blog that makes money?  This blog you are on right now is one of my blogs and I make money from it every month.  One of my hobbies is writing about making money from home online.  I also point out online scams that should be avoided.  This blog, Earn Your Success, is a money making blog for me.

What hobbies do you have:  Cooking?  Camping?  Bird Watching?  Movies?  Historical fiction novels?  Travel?  Crock pot cooking?  Shoes?  Gag gifts?  Anything you can think of as a hobby you can blog about and make money online on a website you own.

I’ve been doing this sort of work part time for a few years now.  On average I work about 4-6 hours per week online blogging.  I’m working on paying off my mortgage and thinking about retirement down the road.  Blogging and Affiliate Marketing is going to help me reach my retirement goals fast.

Thanks for reading!

(For more information on getting started online, check out my review of SiteRubix and Wealthy Affiliate)


Learn How To Work At Home!

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