Keywords That Have Better Earning Potential

There are certain keywords that have better earning potential over other keywords, and as an affiliate marketer you need to be able to recognize the difference.

In this blog post I am going to point out some things pertaining to different keywords, the buying phase people go through when looking to buy inline, and how to recognize which will be better at earning.

Keywords That Have Better Earning Potential

There are certain keywords that have better earning potential when you put them together.

There are certain keywords that have better earning potential when you put them together.

I am sure you have been there… you have written a great new article and it has lots of detailed information on its subject matter.  It has some good pictures, some video, and all the fixings for excellent on page SEO.

After you publish it you wait and keep an eye on it to see how it will end up ranking over the next couple months.  More importantly you want it to be cash earner for you and push some income up on your website.

You notice that the new post is getting lots of page hits, but the follow through is not there… it’s not generating you any income.

What gives!!??  No sales.  No income coming in from it.  That can be very frustrating.

So how and why does this happen?  One thing can be the keyword you are focusing on.  Another is the buying pattern people go through when looking to buy product online.

Online Searchers Follow A Buying Pattern!

There is a basic thought pattern to people who are looking to potentially buy an item online.  Let’s take a look at the phases in that online buying pattern.  We’ll focus on a searcher that is looking to buy a new TV and us that as an example below:

Research Phase:  This is where the person thinking about buying a product goes online and searches for information about the item they want to buy.  They are not sure if the product they have in mind will be what they are looking for, or they are looking for something particular in a product category with lots of different items to choose from.  Such as a TV… there are lots of manufacturers and models to choose from.  So they go out and do research on many different TVs while they educate themselves on features and what they want.

People in this searching phase are not ready to buy.  They want to gather as much information as they can on TVs.

You may get a lot of people hitting your website who are in this phase, but more than likely they will not convert into a link follower and provide a sale.  If your site has a lot of good information, they may save it and remember it to come back to later for further review – and that’s a good thing!  So make sure you write good content and provide detailed information.

These people are going to be visiting ten or more websites gathering information before they end up going to the next phase.

Comparison Phase:  After a person has done their research they usually have put together a short list of TVs (again, using TVs as an example) that fit into what they are looking to buy.

At this phase it becomes a point of picking which TV from the list they want to buy.  So they start to focus on details between the product, the finer details.

Certain keywords that focus on the product name with page information that provide a lot of detail are going to stand out.  You want them to come back to your sight if they found you once before.  Or, if they haven’t found your site yet, they may be doing more focused keyword searches in this phase that uses the product name.

A person in this phase could easily turn into a sale conversion if your blog page has convincing information on why they should buy.

Buying Phase:  Cha-Ching!  This person is ready to buy.  They know what they want.  They now want to find a place to buy the product where they can get a good deal.

These are the people you really want to pull into your site.  And this is where keywords play a big role on standing out to the person looking to buy something (like a TV) online.

These keywords may not have high traffic numbers, but they usually convert into a sale – and that’s what you want.  High traffic keywords are great, but most of those keywords are not focused on people who are in the Buying Phase.

Keywords That Have Better Earning Potential – Learn More!

So you want to concentrate your efforts on writing good content that focuses on the second and third buying phases mentioned above.  If you do you will find you will make more money.

Keywords play a big part in making that searcher convert into a buyer.

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