Keyword Search Engine Ranking Tool

Jaaxy, keyword search engine ranking tool.

Jaaxy, keyword search engine ranking tool.

Looking for the best keyword search engine ranking tool?  Look no further.  Let me introduce you to Jaaxy.

If you are writing blogs and you want them to get ranked in the search engines, you need to know what keywords to focus on when writing content.  Period!  No ‘if and or buts’ about it.  If you want to give your posts the best chance of getting noticed you need a fantastic keyword search tool.

I give you Jaaxy.  And you can test it out today for free.  I use it almost daily when I am doing keyword research for my affiliate marketing sites.

Keyword Search Engine Ranking Tool – JAAXY!

Before you jump in and do a test, take a look at the the image below so you can get a sense of the fields and what they mean, then give it a test run.  You get 30 free uses – no credit card or anything required.

  • KEYWORD:  You type in a keyword phrase you get yours at the top, and a list of alternatives to consider
  • AVG:  Average Monthly Searches, shows you monthly searches each keyword phrase is getting.
  • TRAFFIC:  What you can expect in page clicks if you are on the first page of Google, the hither up, the more clicks.
  • QSR:  Quoted Search Results, this is the exact number of competition for that keyword.
  • KQI:  Keyword Quality Index, color coded for quick visual.  Green is good, yellow is okay, red is bad.
  • SEO:  From 0 – 100.  The higher the number, the more likely you are to be able to rank with the keyword on the first page.

Want to test it out?  Give it a try in the field below.  Or continue on to read more about the features you can do with this keyword search engine tool.

If you are looking for a cutting edge keyword search engine tool, Jaaxy does it all.

Search Analysis – Keep An Eye On Your Competition

Want to know what your competition is doing?  Jaaxy’s Search Analysis tools let you do just that by evaluating the top ten sites that are ranking for any keyword phrase you want to know about.

Use the Jaaxy search analysis tool to check out what your potential competition is doing on their pages.

Use the Jaaxy search analysis tool to check out what your potential competition is doing on their pages.

Check out meta descriptions, keywords, word counts, link on the site, Alexa Rank, keyword density, back links, and Adsense content quickly and easily.

Keep a close on your what the top ranked competition is doing.  Very beneficial to affiliate marketers.

Site Rank Check – Check Your Sites Ranking

Type in the keyword phrase and the URL of the site you want to check and PRESTO!  You get a report on where that page is ranking.

Jaaxy site rank tool.

Jaaxy site rank tool.


Jaaxy is a perfect keyword search engine ranking tool for keeping on top of keywords, your pages, and your competition.  If you are an affiliate marketing or just a blogger wanting to make sure your pages rank and get read, this tool is invaluable.  Signup today and you get 30 free searches!

Give it a try:  JAAXY

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