Jungle Scout – Can It Give You A Marketing Edge?

Jungle Scout Review - Can it help jump start your niche website?

Jungle Scout Review – Can it help jump start your niche website?

Let’s face it, Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn yourself an income, but it can be competitive around certain niches you are considering getting involved in.  That’s were Jungle Scout comes in.  They claim they can help you find a profitable niche market with their research tools.

Can they really help?  In this post I perform a Jungle Scout review and see if their claims are legitimate, or if you are better off looking elsewhere for an online niche website edge.

Disclaimer:  I am not associated with Jungle Scout.  What you read in my review below is all based on online research I performed.  The end conclusion I provide is my own, and has not been influenced by outside sources.

What Is Jungle Scout?

I touched briefly on this above.  Essentially Jungle Scout wants to assist you in finding a profitable niche for you to do Affiliate Marketing around.  More specifically it is a web based app and Google Chrome extension that allows you to access the Amazon sales database.  This can provide you significant insights into Amazon’s product and category markets to maximize potential affiliate marketing probability.

The web based app has more features, and costs a little more (more on that below), but it provides additional information into the analytics around things like category sales, pricing, and market gaps.  All of that is beneficial to an affiliate marketer because you can see what items people are interested in, and what product competition potential is for a niche website.

The information you get from Jungle Scout does not just have to be used creating a niche site that gravitates heavily towards Amazon.  The information it provides shows you product trends, and you can take that information and create affiliates with other online retailers as you choose.

Why Would Somebody Want To use Jungle Scout

Let’s face it, finding a niche idea to monetize a website around it is not always easy.  I tell most people to pick a hobby or something they are strongly interested in to blog about.  Usually there is a product you can create affiliate links for around your hobby.

That’s great advice, especially for people who are new to creating websites and affiliate marketing looking to learn how to work at home.  It’s easy to write about something you a know a lot about.

However, for people more experienced with monetizing websites, picking a profitable niche that will assuredly generate a strong income is beneficial.  If you are going to put time and work into a site it’s nice to know your odds are good to make some money, right?  Darn right!

That’s where Jungle Scout comes in.

Who Is Jungle Scout Really For?

If you are getting into affiliate marketing or are already experienced at it, the service Jungle Scout provides may be beneficial you.  Also, if you are thinking about creating an e-store on Shopify it would also provide useful information.

The bottom line is that Jungle Scout can give you lucrative information that will help you comprehend what product markets, and specific products, would be beneficial creating niche websites around.

Profitability is key to affiliate marketers and e-store builders, and this service can give you a strong leg up on that.

How Much Does Jungle Scout Cost

There are two different options available for Jungle Scout.  One is a web app, the other is a Google Chrome plugin/extension.

Let’s First Look At The Web App

There are three unique signup levels that provide different perks.

  • Startup:  Costs $29 per month (annual monthly breakdown cost)
  • Standard:  Costs $49 per month (annual monthly breakdown cost)
  • Business:  Costs $69 per month (annual monthly breakdown cost)

Month to month costs are more expensive.  Below is a graphic that details the various levels of the Jungle Scout web app.

Jungle Scout web app level features.

Jungle Scout web app level features.

Second Is The Google Chrome Extension

There are two levels here, both are one time costs that provide different levels of features.

  • Lite:  One time cost of $97.
  • Pro:  One time cost of $197.

Below is a graphic that shows the Jungle Scout Google Chrome extension features by level.

Jungle Scout Google Chrome extension level pricing and features.

Jungle Scout Google Chrome extension level pricing and features.

Jungle Scout Review – Personal Thoughts

Starting out as an Affiliate Marketing can be a big step, especially for those with little to no website building, blogging, and website monetizing experience.  Most people who are new to this kind of work are not looking to spend money to get things up and running.  Jungle Scout can be spendy for such people looking to test the waters, so to speak.

For those with more experience in the above mentioned fields, Jungle Scout can certainly be a boost in regards to finding a profitable niche fast.  However, if you are new to niche websites and have money to spend to get started, then Jungle Scout can certainly be a benefit.

As for myself I am not looking to start a new niche website anytime soon.  I would however probably utilize Jungle Scout if I was, and subscribe to the web app for a month and test it out.  Preferably I like to build niche websites around things I personally like and know things about.  But I would be curious to see what markets and products Jungle Scout would show me.

I have not played around with either of the services provided, but I have read wonderful things online from people who have, and they love it.


For me the bottom line is this:  Jungle Scout would be a valuable tool to have.  It can provide you a clear advantage when it comes to looking at niche website ideas that are not overpopulated by other affiliate marketers.  Being able to get into a niche promoting products that few people have targeted can be a major boost to earning money online.

If you are an experienced affiliate marketer then by all means I would suggest you check into using Jungle Scout and seeing what it can provide.

If you are new to affiliate marketing or wanting to get started but don’t know where to start?  In that’s the case I would first suggest you get some training under your belt.  The best place to do that would be, in my opinion, where I learned the brunt of my online marketing training.  To learn more check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here, you’ll be glad you did.  It’s free to signup and get things started.

Thoughts and comments on Jungle Scout?  I would love to hear them below in the comments.


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