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It’s been a while since I have written any posts to this blog.  I actually maintain a handful of other online blogs where I ‘journal’ about various aspects of my life.  It’s a good way to take your hobbies that you enjoy, share them people online, and make a side income doing it.

Journal Online

In order to get started with an online journal and get blogging you need a website.  In this day and age that’s pretty easy.  In fact you can get a website setup and hosted for free over at Wealthy affiliate: click here to get started.

Journal Online And Make An Income From Home!

Setting up and blog to journal is going to be a simple thing for anyone who has a little word processor experience, such as using WORD, or for anyone who has spent any time messing online with social media.  If you can handle fiddling with any of those two things mentioned above, you are going to have an easy time with your website and using Word Press (content management system that is the backbone of your website).

Focusing Your Journal Into A Money Making Blog

Earlier I wrote a post on Earn Your Success about turning a journaling hobby into a money making side gig.  You can read that article here:  Turn Your Journaling Hobby Into An Online Business.

When you start your own online blog you are essentially sharing your interests and hobbies with the entire world.  People who are interested in those same things seek out like minded people – that’s how people find your blog.  They do Google searches and find your website.

When people start finding your blog and it grows a following you can start making money.  How you mask ask?  Easy.  Keep reading.

Ways To Make Money With Your Online Journal

There are a few different ways to make money with your journal online.  As long as you keep adding interesting content to your blog/journal, you will continue to draw people to it.  This is how you can make passive income from your online journal efforts.

  • Sell advertising to various companies
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (With Google!)
  • Accept PayPal donations
  • Sell product you make, physical or digital
  • Affiliate Marketing (requires a little training, but a great way to make money online with a website)

Get More Information On Journaling Online

Journaling online is called blogging.  There are many bloggers out there online, like me, who make side income and even large full time incomes working from home – or working anywhere in the world they want to travel where they can work online with a laptop.  Yep, that’s all you need to make an income online from home or anywhere you go:  A laptop, a wifi connection, and some good content on your blog.

Want to learn more?  Then I suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate.  They provide free website hosting, premium website hosting, free blogging training and assistance for those who need it, as well as premium advanced lessons for online schooling.  When you create an account (no credit card needed) you get access to a free website and free website hosting.

Check them out here if you are ready to get a free website and start blogging/journaling today.  Start Journaling!


Learn How To Work At Home!

Have a hobby or a personal interest you know a lot about?  You can turn your love of that hobby into a thriving online business just like I did!

Learn Affiliate Marketing and Earn Your Online Success!

Put your wallet away, because it costs nothing to get started...

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