Jobs For Ex Felons – Finding Work That Fits Your Needs

Having a hard time finding a good job? Jobs for ex felons.

Having a hard time finding a good job? Jobs for ex felons.

Is it hard finding jobs for ex felons?  I would think it could be, depending on the crime and the time.  But really, I don’t know.  I just imagine that it would be.  I got to thinking that building up an online business as an affiliate marketer could potentially be a great job for en ex felon.

Not having to jump through hoops for an employer is something that motivated me into becoming an online entrepreneur.  So if it’s such a great fit for me, it could be a great fit for everybody.  I’ve promoted affiliate marketing to anybody and everybody I know.  Doesn’t mater what your age is, how much experience you have online, or what kind of work you’ve done in the past.

Affiliate marketing is for anyone.  Even ex felons!  So this blog post is geared to people who have been convicted on felonies, who are in prison, maybe getting out of prison soon, or are out of prison.

Good Jobs For Ex Felons – Be Your Own Boss!

That’s right, start your own online business, and it doesn’t have to cost you anything to get started.  I’m talking about affiliate marketing.  Blogging.  Starting your own website and adding content to it, and then monetizing that website to make a income.

It’s not that hard to do.  Starting up a website is super easy.  It takes minutes to create your own website, that’s right, just a few minutes.  If you have experience with using a smart phone, or a word processing program, or driving a car, you can easily have your own website and maintain it.

Imagine being your own boss.  Work on your business when you want, wear what you want.  Work from anywhere in your home.  You just need a computer or laptop, and a WiFi connection.  If you can get that, or have access to those things in prison or out of prison, you can start working today online for yourself.

Okay, I know you want full details, and I’ve just been scratching the surface.  Here is how you would use your website to make money online…  real money.  Enough money to live on or provide for your family.

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Online Job For Ex Felons – Affiliate Marketing

This is exactly what I do to make money online.  Ready?  Here we go…

I started a website, much like this one you are on now.  My website if focused towards fly fishing.  I like fly fishing and know a lot about it.  I blog (write) about fly fishing on my website.  And you know what, because I know a lot about that kind of fishing, I find it very easy to write about it.

I might write and post about a day I spend fly fishing in Wyoming.  Or I might write about some tips I learned over the years that may be useful to readers.  And sometimes I write product reviews about the various fly fishing equipment I own or want to own.

When I write product reviews I provide ‘links’ in the content I am writing that tells people where they can go to buy the same gear I am using or want to buy myself.  Usually those links lead to where people can read more about the product.

When people click on that link and go to Amazon and buy that gear I wrote about I get a sales commission.  Cha-ching!  Yeah, just like that, that’s affiliate marketing, and that’s how I warn money online as a blogger.

Affiliate Marketing Is A Way To Make A Passive Income

Blog posts I have written a couple years ago about gear I use are still making me money today.  As long as people can find my website, read what I am writing, and follow those links on the product reviews I share, I am going to make money.  Anytime of day or night people can follow those links and buy stuff, and I get a commission.

What’s even more amazing is this:  If somebody reads a review I wrote pertaining to a fly rod I like to use, and then follows a link for that item to Amazon, but then doesn’t buy it and instead buys something else instead, I still get a sales commission.

That’s right.  I make a sales commission on anything that a consumer buys when they go to Amazon from my link.  They don’t just have to buy what I am promoting and writing a review about.  It happens all the time that people follow my review links to Amazon then end up buying other items.  Whatever they buy on their visit I earn a commission.

If that person goes back to Amazon within 24 hours after last visiting them through my product link and buys anything within that time frame, I also make a sales commission.

The money I make online this way can add up pretty fast.

As an example, let’s say I just wrote a product review on my website about a fancy new fly reel, and provide a link you can click on HERE to buy it.  If you click on that link it will take you to Amazon and the product page to buy that fishing reel.  If you buy that reel I make a sales commission.  If you decide to shop around on Amazon and buy something else, it can be anything, I make a commission on those things you buy as well.

If you go back within 24 hours of having last clicked on my Amazon link and buy more stuff, I make commissions on anything else you buy in that time.

If you have a computer with WiFi access you can get started today at no cost, learn more here.

Working Online For Ex-felons

As mentioned earlier by getting into this line of work you can be your own boss.  You are essentially starting your own business online, working it, owning it, making an income from it.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make an income, but it doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes time to build up that online presence.  There are things that you will likely need to learn, or relearn.  If getting into this type of work be prepared to put in 6 months of work before seeing some income come in.

Most people see a little money within the first couple months.  And from there things just keep building as you keep blogging and working on your niche site.  The more content you add to your site, the better chance you have of getting found by people doing searches for what you blog about.  The more your site gets found, the better chance you have of earning money.

Get Free Training In Affiliate Marketing

I learned about affiliate marketing on my own.  It was fun, but tough.  I made countless mistakes, but I kept learning as I went along working on my niche website.

Eventually I came across an online company the provided web hosting services as well as training in affiliate marketing.  The company is called Wealthy Affiliate, and can read more about them here.

Wealthy Affiliate was free to join.  No credit card needed, just an email address to create an account.  I signed up and when I did I got access to some free online training in affiliate marketing.  Best thing I ever did was signing up.

I learned about many mistakes I had been making.  I also made some updates to website that I hadn’t known about, and soon I was making more money than I had been before.  It is easy for me to admit I owe some of my success today to Wealthy Affiliate.

They can provide you with some free training in affiliate marketing, as well as provide you with two free website and website hosting.  This is a great way to test out affiliate marketing and see if it is a good fit for you.  Hard to beat free!

For more information check out my full Wealthy Affiliate review here.



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