ISurveyWorld Review – Take Surveys And Get Paid Cash!

ISurveyWorld Review - Can You Really Make Money Online Taking Surveys?

ISurveyWorld Review – Can You Really Make Money Online Taking Surveys?

If you are here you are doing yourself good due diligence by checked out my ISurveyWorld Review.  What is ISurveyWorld?  Can you really make money online with them?  Are they another online scam site or a legitimate way to make a side income?

Let’s face it, there are thousands and thousands of online money making scams.  It pays to do some research on websites like mine before jumping into any money making method.  Online scams like Facebook On Fire and many others are everywhere, you cannot be too careful!

I am not at all affiliated with ISurveyWorld.  The information found below in my review of their system is based on research I did online.  The opinions expressed in my review are my own.

ISurveyWorld Review – What Is It?

ISurveyWorld is yet another among many survey sites on the internet.  It’s a basic concept; you take surveys and offer your opinion on a wide variety of things and get paid for it.  It sounds simple, but it’s really not as simple as it sounds.

Personally I am not a fan of taking surveys online to make money.  You typically end up making very little for the amount of time you put into taking the surveys.  With that said, a lot of people like to do this kind of work on the side when they are sitting around waiting – as a time killer.

Just for signing up (for free) you get $5 added to your payment account with ISurveyWorld.

Just for signing up (for free) you get $5 added to your payment account with ISurveyWorld.

Just for signing up you get $5 in your account.  However, in order to get paid you actually need to reach the minimum of $25.00 in your account.  From what I have been able to determine, it could take a while to reach that payout threshold.  ISurveyWorld makes their payments to survey takers through PayPal, which is very convenient.

A Closer Look At ISurveyWorld

When you signup you can create a profile of yourself.  This helps ISurveyWorld send you specific types of surveys that are more geared towards you.  The surveys you end up taking are those that you need to qualify to take.  That requires taking surveys about yourself first.

Once you have an updated profile you will start to get sent survey invitations.

One thing I noticed is that the most surveys take about fifteen minutes to complete, some longer and some less , and pay on average $1.00.  I also saw some that paid $0.50, but where estimated to take ten minutes to complete.

ISurveyWorld - an example of some survey times and pay amounts.

ISurveyWorld – an example of some survey times and pay amounts.

How Much Can You Make With ISurveyWorld?

Let’s break it down with some very simple math:

In order to earn $20 you would have to take at least twenty surveys that pay $1.00 and take on average fifteen minutes to complete.  That would mean working 5 hours to take 20 surveys to get paid $20.00.  To me that is not so great.

There is no guarantee that they will have that many surveys for you to take.  You may only be able to take a few surveys per day which means it could take a few weeks to make $20.00.

More That I Don’t Like About ISurveyWorld

I signed up and took a few surveys with them.  Let me first just say that it really was not a pleasant experience.  I took three surveys and each one required me to fill out basic information (on myself) and then directed me to other sites to sign up and take more surveys for.

It was all slightly off.  And it made me feel like I was being used more to provide my personal information to other marketing sites.  This made me feel very suspicious of ISurveyWorld.

I don’t think they are a major scam, you can make money (very little) through them.  But it really came across that they were pushing you off on other sites – and likely if you did sign up with those other sites from their site, ISurveyWorld makes more money off you.

Taking a closer look at their website I noticed that some of their links, internally, didn’t even work.  Other indicators seemed to show their site doesn’t get routine maintenance.  To me that is a bad sign.

ISurveyWorld Review – An Honest Opinion

Personally I feel like ISurveyWorld should be avoided.  There are better survey sights out there if you are into this sort of way of making extra money online.  Swagbucks comes to mind, which is well known as a reputable survey company.

Four things I didn’t like about ISurveyWorld:

  • It would take you five or more hours of taking online surveys to make $20.00.  That’s a lot of time to put into something and only get paid roughly $20.00.
  • Their website has broken links, bad typesetting, old copywrite…etc…
  • It doesn’t seem at all like they have any of their own surveys.  They send you elsewhere to signup and take surveys on other survey sites, which results in your personal information being gathered all over the internet.
  • They don’t at all come across as overly reputable when you take a closer look at their overall system.

If you are looking for a means to make money online, I would seriously suggest you look elsewhere.

ISurveyWorld Review – Conclusion

Considering that in order to make money taking surveys you need to put in a lot of time for typically low payment returns, I tend to recommend people avoid such online survey jobs.

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