Is Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate? Don’t Make Me Laugh!

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate? Shown here are their steps to online monetary success.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate? Shown here are their steps to online monetary success.

A couple days ago I was eating dinner with a buddy and we were talking about website monetizing.  Of course the conversation turned towards Wealthy Affiliate and where I do all my website hosting.  A couple people at the table to next to us were listening in on our conversation.  They asked some questions about affiliate marketing that I was glad to answer, but then asked if Wealthy Affiliate was really legitimate.

I chuckled at first, but then did my best to answer.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate?

I answered them by explaining exactly what Wealthy Affiliate was.  And here is how I broke it down:

Website Services

First and foremost anybody who has a website needs to have a domain and have a place that hosts it.  Wealthy Affiliate provides domain registration services just like Blue Host, and Go Daddy, and a variety of other companines online.  They also provide website hosting services, just like many other providers do.

They also let people sign up for free use of two website domains and hosting.  Again, anybody can sign up with an email address and get free hosting.

Most people who want to ‘OWN’ their own websites and register a website domain name pay for that service.  It costs around $4 to $16 per domain you register per year.  That’s cheap.

Then most people whoa re serious about getting their websites found pay for websites hosting.  Paid for hosting provides many services, including faster server hosting which can help sites load faster, which Google likes.  Usually with paid hosting you get a few other services tacked on, like IT support and other perks.

Wealthy Affiliate Has No Upsells

So when you signup for premium hosting at Wealthy Affiliate, you get EVERYTHING.  No upsells.  Most other hosting providers will give you cheap hosting options for under $20 a month, but then if you want better IT support, daily backup, SSL certificates, accelerated servers, help desk chat support, …etc… etc… you have to buy those services for extra costs.  And those services can add up fast, to well over $50-$150 per month.

But that’s not the case with Wealthy Affiliate.  For a flat monthly fee you get all of that and more.  It works out to $29 per month when you sign up for their yearly subscription.

And they add new benefits all the time, for free, that are part of the premium level hosting package.  Just a month ago they added the use of an incredibly detailed keyword search tool called Jaaxy that you have access to use, for free.  If you aren’t a Wealthy Affiliate hosting subscriber and wanted to use Jaaxy it would cost you $50 a month!  Again, it’s free to anybody who pays for hosting at Wealthy Affiliate.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate?  Well, just from the information provided above you can see that it offers valued services.  But I wasn’t done explaining to the eavesdroppers… I had more to share.

Affiliate Marketing Training

Aside from the great price on website hosting and all the hosting perks you get.  Wealthy Affiliate also provides training on how to monetize a website.  If you want to learn how to work at home and own a home based business, then they can help you do that.

There are a lot of ways to monetize a website.  Some are better than others, and some fit certain kinds of websites better than others.  Wealthy Affiliate delves into the most popular methods for setting up a website to earn an income.  But they excel at teaching people about affiliate marketing.

As a free member you have access to two free sub-domain websites and free hosting – both have limits.  But as a free member you also have access to a training course that teaches you how to setup a new website and teaches you how to do keyword research as well as the basics of affiliate marketing.  That course is for free.

Now, as a subscriber to their premium hosting you in fact get access to ten complete courses on website monetizing.  Each course has multiple lessons and classroom settings to ask questions of other members as well as the owners of Wealthy affiliate.

The user network access alone is priceless.  And you get all that for free when you pay for website hosting with them.

Easy To Follow Training Courses

The courses they offer are easy to follow.  They all use video training combined with some written texts.  Each lesson has a section for questions and answers.  So if you don’t understand something just ask.

The user base is large, so you usually get an answer back quickly to any questions you may have.

The courses they have teach you step by step how to start, build add, and maintain a website of your very own that you can monetize and make an income from.

Legit?  Oh yes.  Very much so.  The course training is updated routinely.  It has to be, because there are changes that take place online the way Google and people like to do things that can affect websites.

Let’s Review – Is Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate Or Not?

Let’s take a look at what is offered at Wealthy Affiliate for free.  All You need is an email address to signup and get these user features:

Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership

  1. Access to use 2 free website subdomains.
  2. Economy speed free website hosting.
  3. Access to 1 free course on how to build a website to be monetized to earn an income from home (beginner course).

Now, if you decide you want to enter the world on being an online entrepreneur where you own your own website and pay for faster website hosting with all the perks that come with it:

Premium Wealthy Affiliate Membership

For $359 per year ($29.92 per month) your get a no upsell hosting package that includes:

  1. Server hosting space for 50 websites that you manage (25 owned, 25 sub-domains).
  2. Website security package.
  3. Daily website backups.
  4. Private network messaging with other hosting members.
  5. Additional course training behind the beginner course (9 more course units).
  6. Personal affiliate blog.
  7. Affiliate bootcamp trainging (learn to affiliate Wealthy Affiliate).
  8. Live video courses.
  9. Step by step video walk-through training.
  10. Keyword research tool ($49 monthly value).
  11. Training classrooms focused on website building and site monetization.
  12. 1 on 1 coaching from a personal mentor to help you succeed.
  13. 24/7 website IT support.
  14. Website comment building platform.
  15. Website feedback and peer review platform.
  16. Free SSL certificates for each website you want to host.
  17. Spam blocker tool.
  18. Email for each website
  19. Site Speed hosting boost
  20. And more…

The cost for web-hosting, IT support, and the website security alone is worth the monthly cost of premium hosting.  Everything else is a bonus, and at no extra cost.  Like I said, they don’t have upsells.

My Conclusion

When I got done telling the people next to use at dinner all about the various features that are offered, it was obvious that Wealthy Affiliate is legitimate.  On top of that, I’ve proof possitive it is.  I learned the brunt of what I know about affiliate marketing from them.  I also do all my website hosting through them as well.

I am earning a nice side income from my work I do on this website, and others that I own, because of what I learned through Wealthy Affiliate.

It is not a scam.  They provide valuable services, and then some.  If you are just looking for advanced web hosting with some nice security and IT features, then they go beyond what most providers offer with those few services alone.  However, if you are looking for online training to start working at home and need website hosting, they just can’t be beat.

If you are serious about wanting to start a career working at home then you need to get a website and learn how to monetize it.  Imagine being able to work the hours you want from within your home.  Wear the clothes you want to wear.  Travel and work on your website as long as you have a computer with WIFI connection.  Avoid work commutes.  Imagine more free time in your life…

Sounds pretty good.  Then you should check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Or, if you just want to jump straight in and sign up for free with an email address then click here now.


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