Is The Auto Money System A Scam – Full Review

Is the Auto Money System a scam?

Is the Auto Money System a scam?

I’ve seen a lot of posts on some work at home forums I follow asking if the Auto Money System is a scam or a legit money making opportunity.  Over the last couple days I took some time to do some research on the Auto Money System, and didn’t find anything I liked about it.

I will say it upfront, avoid Auto Money System like it’s a deadly plaque.  It’s not going to help you earn an income or find financial security.

Below I am going to share my review with Auto Money System.  I always like to point out on such reviews that I am in no way associated with Auto Money System.  All of the information in my review is from online research and based on my opinion from what I personally discovered.

The Auto Money System Review

Most of us would love to be able to work at home and make enough money to not have to worry about paying bills.  That’s why your hear, right?  You want to find a way to make money from at home and be your own boss.

Well, the Auto Money System is not going to make that happen for you.  After my review I will point you in a direction that could help you meet your personal financial and work goals, but for now, on with the review.

How Does Auto Money System Work To Make Money?

Auto Money System costs $37 for you to get started doing.  That price can vary however, as they will offer you discounts if you try and leave their sight and go elsewhere.  The $37 is just a start, as there are a number of upsells where they try and get you to buy into their system and suck more money from you.

Once you get inside their ‘members’ area, you’re going to be horribly confused.  They throw a lot of junk advertising and more upsells at you..

So how do they make money?  Good question!  I would love to know that too.  Because in order for you to make money they need to make money.  Oddly enough I could not find anything that detailed what they promote or sell.  Nothing.  This is a huge red flag that Auto Money System is a scam.

They say you make money by logging into the members area… but what do you do there?  I have no clue.  In my opinion the member’s area is designed to try and pull more money from you, and nothing more.

Is the Auto Money System A Scam?

You bet it is!  It’s just as bad as Facebook On Fire.

I tend to believe that any online marketing or money making system that tries to gain your trust by lying to you is a scam.  Right from the start Auto Money System starts lying to you.  From the beginning the video they have you watch is supposedly unfolding before you live – they want you to believe that, but it’s not really live at all.

On top of that there are so many fake testimonials they present you with.  Horrible actors telling you what they made, and making outlandish claims.

They talk about how your current existence is dull, how you are in a dead end job, not making enough money, and how they can fix that for you.  They put you down while trying to build themselves up as your great savior, promising you money and good fortunes.

They tell you that you don’t need any skills or knowledge of anything to make money.  According to their sales video you don’t need to know advertising, marketing, HTML code, or product jargon.  Sounds pretty darn good… almost to good to be true, and you can make hundreds, even thousands a day!

Well, something this vague and full of promises without proof is in fact to good to be true.  It’s a scam.  Avoid it.

Auto Money System – The Bottom Line

To me Auto Money System is nothing more than a scam.  Big on promises that you can be rich through their program where you don’t have to do anything.  Yet there is no substance behind what is actually being done to make money.

To give money to this system is to throw money out the window as you drive down the highway at full speed.

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