Is It Possible To Make Money Online With A Blog?

Yes, it is most certainly possible to make money online with a blog.  In fact it’s not that hard to jump into blogging and learning how to monetize a personal website.  I started blogging a few years ago and make money every month, good money, blogging part time from home.

You have questions.  I have the answers.  This entire website, Earn Your Success, is here to help get you started.

Make Money Online With A Blog – Takes Time!

While it’s not that hard to get started blogging and learning how to monetize it, it does take time.  Blogs just don’t spring up overnight with all kinds of content on them.  They don’t just magically attract readers.  And they don’t get much respect from Google and the other big search engines right away.

If you are thinking of starting a blog to make money online be prepared to spend a few hours per day working on it, if not more.  You should also expect to put in a few months of work, maybe several, before you start seeing money come in.  This type of work is not going to make you enough money to quit your day job right away.  But eventually it certainly could.

What You Need To Get Started Making Money Online

You will need a blog, your very own website.  Getting a blog is easy and affordable.  It also does not take much to actually set one up and start posting blogs.  You don’t need to know how to code or program.  If you can point and click a mouse, and have even a little experience using a word processing program, then you are going to find adding content to a blog easy.

Here is what you will need to get started:

  • A website name that you own (yearly cost between $10 – $16).
  • Website hosting, a place to host your blog or blogs (around $30-$50 per month).  That monthly fee usually allows you host many dozen of websites under a single account.  It goes far!
  • A computer or laptop with access to the internet.
  • An idea for your blog, something that is specific, such as a hobby you have that you know a lot about and will find easy to blog about.
  • The desire to own your own online business and be an online entrepreneur.

Just to give you an idea of my monthly costs to blog, I pay around $33 per month for website hosting, and make over $3000 online as a blogger working part time a few hours a week.  I still work my day job, as does my wife, but she’ll be retiring early very soon.

That’s Not A Lot Of Money

I know, three grand+ per month is not a lot.  But then again I only spend about 3-5 hours per week, less than 15 hours per month and that’s what I earn.  I could certainly apply myself and work more, maybe add a couple more niche blog sights and make a lot more.  And my wife and I may do that in the near future when she retires.

If you are looking to make ten thousand or more a month you can certainly do that, and many bloggers who work full-time on their blogs do.  You can too.

How much money do you need to start making per month before you can quite your job and focus full-time on blogging?

The Niche Blog

Bloggers who make good money working online have blogs that are tightly focused on a specific theme or idea.  These are called ‘niche’ blogs.

A niche website, as an example, may only have information about cooking chicken.  The entire website is about ways to cook and prepare chicken.  That’s a niche.

This website you are one now is about learning how to work at home online – that’s the focus.  Anytime you are on a blog website that seems to only focus on one things, you are on a niche website.

I also own a blog about fly fishing where I only blog about things related to fly fishing.  That’s the website’s focus… its niche.

By creating a blog that is focused like that, you are able to draw in more people to your website.  It makes your website easier for people to find who are looking for specific content they are interested in reading about.

When people can find your website, you can make money online.  But that can take time before people start finding your blog.

Building A Niche Blog To Make Money Online

More people use Google to do online searches than any of the other search browsers combined.  And guess what?  Google does not put much ‘trust’ in new websites with little content.

In order to build trust in your new niche websites it will take the passage of time and content being routinely added.

Content means you need to have blog posts for people to read.  If you can add two blog posts per week, 1000 to 2000 words long, then you will be doing good.  But it could take four to six months of you doing that before Google starts trusting your website.

Once Google starts to trust your blog, and if the content you are posting is good content, Google will start allowing your posts to place higher in the search results.  And once that happens your website is easier for people to find… and when they find you like I mentioned above, you will start to make money.

Making Money Online From A Blog

There are a few ways to make money from your blog.  Doing so is called website monetizing.  Some bloggers do what is called affiliate marketing, some even place advertising on their blog.  And then there are some that do both.  Both are good ways to make money online.

Website monetizing is not hard, but it can take a little to learn about.  A lot of it has to do with writing content so that Google and the other search engines can easily determine what your blog posts are about, so that they can make is easier for people to find.

Notice how my blog post has several ‘headers’ in the body of text?  Did you notice there seems to be a specific theme to what those headers refer too?  Making Money Online.  That is all part of learning how to monetize a website.  That, and more.

Do You Want To Learn More And Get Started Blogging Today?

I write more about website blogs and how to get started as a blogger here on this website.  In fact I go into great detail about and how you can learn more and get started today, for free even, with no out of pocket costs.  Free is a great way to see if this kind of work is really for you.

Interested in learning more?  If so check out my blog post:  Wealthy Affiliate Review.

You will be glad you did.


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