Is Avon A Good At Home Business?

Avon has been around since 1886 when it was started by David McConnell.  It offers a variety of brand line cosmetics and other personal care items.  They even have a small assortment of men’s personal care products; fragrances, jewelry, and some watches.

Avon – How It Works

Avon operates using a direct sales model, which means that the Avon products are not sold through retail stores, but through its many independent contract distributors (Avon Ladies, reps).

Anyone can sign up to become one of their independent distributors.  People who do so try to earn commissions on sales of Avon products.

Avon also awards commissions to their reps who are able to recruit other reps into selling Avon products.  This makes Avon a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) strategy based company.  Which means it pays reps a small percentage of the sales their downline reps are earning.

Sale Teams that reach set gals get rewarded with onetime bonuses.  Individuals that excel at both selling Avon products and recruiting other reps can be rewarded with trips, TVs, and even cars.  You may have seen pink cars around town – there is a good chance they are being driven by an Avon Rep.

How To Get Started With Avon

You have to sign up and pay a fee to get one of their three starting kits.  The kits range in price from $25 to $100, and each one has more product samples and sales literature than the previous priced kit.


Once you have signed up and paid for your starter kit, you have to wait for your kit to arrive.  While you are waiting you can work on your new business by building up your rep page which is offered via the company website.  On your business website you can add your personal details, review and pick out Avon products you may want to feature, and of course start promoting your site through social media platforms.

I have heard through people who do actually sell Avon that the starter kits are a great value.

Sale Commissions

Once your kit arrives and you have your eStore setup you can start selling and trying to recruit other reps.

You earn money by selling Avon products.  You can do this by going door to door, talking to friends and family, hosting Avon parties at your home or somebody else’s home, and through social media to name a few.

Campaigns consist of a two week period of time during which product sales are generated through any of the means mentioned above.  Avon will pay out 40% in commissions if a given campaign goal is reached.  If sales goals are not reached, you earn nothing.

If you meet each campaign goal precisely over a fourteen week period you will earn just over $1000 in commissions and bonuses and recruit three new reps.


While it’s not stated openly On the company’s web page, reps are expected to eventually climb to a level of ‘unit leader’ by recruiting a downline of at least four reps.  Between the five reps in a team, your total combined sales should be about $1000 per campaign period, or $2000 per month.

In addition to earning 40% commission, Unit Leaders also get commissions from their downline reps of roughly 1-5%, which depends on their sale volume.  Until Leaders also get 1% commission from the sales of the second and third level recruits of their own recruits.

Avon – The Pros And The Cons


  • Start up costs are actually low and the kits you can buy are valuable for the money.
  • The market is huge.  Women, men, and kids can find something in the company’s product line.
  • The company is well established and sells high quality product for a descent price.
  • In comparison to other MLMs, Avon pays commissions at 40%, while most other are between 20-25%.


  • Major rep market saturation.  I’m a guy and I know of three reps personally in my area.  It sounds like there is some hard competition as there are lots of reps out there.  Checking the Avon website for local reps I found 19 in my immediate area.
  • Sale Requirements are high.  In order to get your commission you need to sell a specific amount of product.  If you don’t meet your goal, you don’t get a pay out.
  • You have to keep an eye on your downline, if they don’t produce, you don’t earn.  This makes it hard to go on vacations and take breaks.

Is It Worth Doing?

It can certainly fit into the needs of some people’s at home business goals.  If you are good at face to face interactions and always having the pressure of meeting a sales goal then this could be a great home job.

I would spend some time doing research on the reps in your area and seeing how heavy the market is saturated with, if many at all.  There may not be room for you to start an Avon business and grow it.

Work At Home Alternative

If you are serious about starting an at home business where you are the boss of yourself and call all the shots, then I suggest you check out my #1 recommended business idea.

You can read more about me and how I am making a nice income working part time from home.  Check out my post ‘How To Make Money Online And from what‘.  You can do what I do!


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