Is Amazon Associates A Scam Or Legit Money Making Opportunity?

Is Amazon Associates a scam?

Is Amazon Associates a scam?

Many people involved in affiliate marketing avoid Amazon claiming Amazon Associates is a scam, or that it’s just not worth the time or effort to work with them.  Well, I just want to say that they are most certainly not a scam.  As far as affiliate programs go it may not be the best out there, but it is a well established and easy program to associate with.

In this Amazon Associates Review I’ll go over some issues that people claim to have, as well as the positives of the program.

So without further mumbo-jumbo let’s jump into this review – and though I said it before already, Amazon Associated is not a scam.

Common Complaints About Amazon Associates

I’ve been working at home in my spare time for over two years now, and I have seen a fair share of complaints from some affiliate marketers about the Amazon Associates program.

Here is a list of the most reoccurring complaints:

  • Complaints that affiliate links stop working: meaning that they still send traffic to Amazon from their sites, but are not getting credit for sales.
  • Some complain that Amazon fudges your ‘clicks’ on your associates report to make you think you are seeing more traffic from your site than you are when starting out initially.  Supposedly this is to make you work harder and link more products from your website to Amazon.
  • People complain that Amazon closes their accounts if they start making too much money, or for no reason.
  • The Amazon Associates payment scale is horrible and not worth the work.

I am an Amazon Associate, and have been for a while now, and I have had no issues at all with anything mentioned above.

As an affiliate marketer I keep a close eye on my affiliate links, and I track when people click on them.  I have never seen any ‘click’ numbers being messed with or appear to be out of sorts in my associate’s report with Amazon.  Nor have I had problems with suspecting purchases were not get reported and commissions paid to me.

As for Amazon closing down accounts, well, they have a massive operating agreement that they hold their associates to very closely.  If you are in breach of that operating agreement, they will suspend and even cancel your account.

Thinking of signing up as an Amazon Associate?  Make sure you carefully read their operating agreement!

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Amazon Associates Pays Poorly

Yeah, as far as affiliate programs go, Amazon Associates does pay pretty low.  In fact compared to most programs they downright suck.  Commissions on sales are low.  Check out the caption below:

Amazon Associates commission rates

Amazon Associates commission rates, as of 11/10/17.

The amount you get paid depends on the products you are promoting as an affiliate.  Some products sell themselves, and they pay less commissions than others.

They Have Low Commissions… But It Works Out

I promote sports and outdoor gear on one of my affiliate sites.  A crossbow review I wrote on a $600 crossbow makes me $27 in earned commissions when somebody clicks over to Amazon to buy it.  Not so great, but I’m not gonna complain… want to know why?

Because Amazon is the biggest online retailer.  People recognize and trust ordering from Amazon.  Amazon can get away paying lower commission rates, because they have over 60% of all online sales.  That’s right… out of all online sales across North America in 2016, Amazon got over 60% of all of them.

What I am saying is that I earn more in low commission payments from Amazon than I would from higher commission lower sales from another affiliate.  People trust and buy from Amazon.  They have good prices, and they get more sales than any other online retailer or affiliate program.  In the long run I make more with Amazon than any other affiliate I am associated with.

Why Amazon Associates Is A Great Affiliate Program

Amazon is the best and most successful online retailer.  When it comes to eCommerce, no one is doing it better.  People trust ordering from Amazon, and they’ve been doing since 1994!

Amazon has more online products for sale than any other retailer.  Because people trust buying from them, you have a good chance of making a sale compared to other lesser know affiliate programs.

Here are some of the reasons why I like being an Amazon Associate:

  • Everybody knows who they are, worldwide.  People will buy from them before buying online somewhere else.
  • My affiliate account works when people buy from my links in Canada and the United Kingdom, not just in the United States.
  • I can link my affiliate account to other countries where Amazon is located and make money in those countries as well.
  • Their online product sale page layouts do all the sales work for you.  They layout images, important product facts, consumer reviews, and great prices.
  • They have great customer service, for both their associates as well as the customers buying product from them.
  • I get paid for upsells:  If people click over to Amazon to buy a product I featured and reviewed on a website I own, and then they end up buying other product – I get sales commissions on those other items as well!  I make a lot of extra money this way.
  • They have twenty-four hours cookies.  That means that is someone uses one of your links and goes to Amazon, and then returns within 24 hours from last using one of your links and buys products, you make commissions of anything that is purchased.
  • 90 day cart commissions:  Some people will use your link and find product they want to buy and add it to their cart, but they don’t purchase right away.  If they purchase within 90 days of that item being their cart, you still get a commission on the sale.

Check out the standard Amazon sales page below for a dog house.

Typical Amazon sales page.

Typical Amazon sales page.

Amazon knows how to sell.  They provide great pictures, reviews by other customer (good and bad), product details, and an easy way to add items to your cart.  Getting people to Amazon is harder than it is for Amazon to make the sale.

Is It Worth Signing Up With Amazon Associates?

My personal answer to that questions is YES!  While there are some people who complain and have had issues with Amazon Associates, by far most feedback I hear and from my personal experiences have been fantastic.

There are many perks for using Amazon as an affiliate marketer.  Many of which I have mentioned above in this blog post.  If you are new to affiliate marketing I would strongly suggest you start with Amazon.  They are easy to sign up for and don’t have many website requirements that other online retailers have.

But buy far the main reason why I suggest Amazon is because they are well known, they carry a lot of products (over 536 million as of August 2017) and add more constantly.  They are also trusted more than any other online retailer.  The Amazon brand is recognized and well know.  People have less qualms about ordering from them then they do other less familiar online companies.

The Amazon Associates Operating Agreement

Be sure you read the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement and follow it, and you’ll be just fine.

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