Is Affiliate Marketing A Business?

Being able to work at home as an affiliate marketer is a very real possibility.

Being able to work at home as an affiliate marketer is a very real possibility.

Is affiliate marketing a business?  If you have been been doing any research into finding ways to earn an income at home, you most certainly have come across the term affiliate marketing and blogging.  I can tell you factually that it is indeed a legitimate business, and that it can be a very lucrative one.

I have been working part time during some evenings and weekends as an affiliate marketer for over a year now.  I build niche websites, blog on them, and link product found on my websites to online retail stores where I earn sales commissions.

Anything a consumer buys when they click from my websites to the retail site I make money on.  Anything.

Is Affiliate Marketing A Business?

Walmart, Amazon, Target, REI, Cabellas… pretty much any retail chain you can think of works with affiliate marketers to drive consumers to their online stores to buy product.  Don’t believe me?  Go to your Google search browser and type in the name of any of those retail stores I just mentioned and add behind it the word ‘affiliate’.  You’ll get all the proof you need.  It’s real, and it’s legitimate.

It is actually a very easy process.  Here is how it works step by step:

  1. I create a niche website that focuses on something I know a lot about, perhaps a hobby… let’s pick hiking.
  2. I blog about hiking, places I have hiked, places I want to hike, and talk about some of the gear I like to use, like backpacks.
  3. On my website I write a few reviews about backpacks, maybe easy to carry rain gear, and some other items I like and use.
  4. On those pages where I write about those products, I also provide a link to a place online people can go and buy them.
  5. When people who find my website and decide they want to buy that backpack they click on the link and go to the online retail store and buy it.
  6. When they do, I get a sales commission.  I can make anywhere from 1% to as much as 80% in commission depending on the product or products.
  7. It gets better, because if that consumer buys anything else I also get a commission on those items too.  Often times if that same consumer goes back to that online store and buys more products in the following day or days without even going through my website I can still earn commissions!

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?  I thought so too when I started doing this over a year ago.  And I still think that.

If you can play around on a Kindle or your fancy smart phone you can build a website with relative ease.  The process has become simplified over the years.  You don’t need to be a programming or know how to code.  I don’t anything about that stuff, yet here you are on a website I built myself.  You can quite literally have a website of your very own up and running on the world wide web in a matter of minutes from right now if you really wanted to do it.  It wouldn’t even cost you a single penny to get started.

Is Affiliate Marketing A Business?  Why Yes, Yes It Is.

You can make a lucrative income from blogging and being an affiliate marketer.

You can make a lucrative income from blogging and being an affiliate marketer.

I have setup this web page, Earn Your Success, for the sole purpose of showing people how they can start to work from home and become their own boss.  I’ve mentioned this elsewhere on this website’s other pages and posts; my wife and I are about ready to quit our day jobs and enjoy working out of our home in our part time making a full time income that covers both of the salaries we earn at our day jobs.

I can honestly answer your question, “Is affiliate marketing a business?” … Yes, it most certainly is.

Where And How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing

There are places on the internet that try to actually sell you the information that you need to get started.  I’ll tell you what you need to do right here, right now, for free.  Don’t ever pay anybody a single dime to learn how to get started doing this.

  • Get a website of your own (I’ll tell you where to go to get two free websites today)
  • Pick a hobby that you love to do
  • Start adding content to your new website pertaining to that hobby (I can get you free training to show you how, it’s supper easy)
  • Join an affiliate program with Amazon or any other online retailer (It’s free… they want you to help them make money)
  • Link some product you write about in regards to your hobby to the retailer
  • collect commissions payments
  • Eventually make enough a month to quite your day job and work for yourself
  • Laugh when you wake up in the morning and check your Amazon Affiliate account and see that you made $400 while sleeping.
  • Travel and spend more time NOT working.

Still sounds pretty easy, right?  It actually is.  There are a lot harder things out there to do than this.  But this does take some work!

Is affiliate marketing a business? Why yes, yes it is.

Is affiliate marketing a business? Why yes, yes it is.

Like any new job there is going to be some learning involved and some effort.  You do have to work at this.  And new websites don’t get noticed much right away when you first make them.  It takes time for Google, Bing, and Yahoo to ‘trust’ new sites.

That’s the hard part: working on adding content to a new website that nobody is seeing.  Eventually they will, but you have to keep working at it.

When you make a new niche website for affiliate marketing you will be working now for financial success later.

I going to be honest with you, this can easily be a great business for you to get started in, but you have to be prepared to build it up.  You are not going to be making hundreds more a month in extra income by the end of your first month of creating a website.  It can take a few months to half a year to start seeing some revenue come in.  So don’t quit your day job right away.

I network with affiliate marketers daily, and know that most new websites can take six to twelve months before they start bringing in the money.  Now, not all are like that.  Some people find a good niche and can build up traffic to their websites through social media.  Doing so can jump start that income coming through your website.

HOWEVER, if you keep working at it, and maybe add a few more niche websites as you learn to build them, you can easily be quitting your day job and working from home – or anywhere else you want if you like to travel, as long as you bring your laptop along and have a WiFi connection.

Want to test this out and see what it’s like?  You can try it out for free.  Just for creating an account (no credit card or anything else required) with Wealthy Affiliate you get two free websites and some free training on how to create and start adding some content to those websites.

They’ll get you started learning how to become an affiliate marketer and blogger.  Even though they give you access to two free websites, I would only focus on using one of them while you learn.  Later you can use the other, or go find website hosting on your own once you get some experience under your belt.

Ready to start that home business today?  Just by clicking the banner below you go to their signup page and can be building your website in minutes.  I am also a member there and have their training to build websites similar to this one, so I will be around to help you PERSONALLY.


I hope you are no longer wondering if or is affiliate marketing a business.  I hope I thoroughly tackled and answered that questions for you.  If you have any more questions about it or starting a work from home business please don’t hesitate to ask.

If you are looking for a more thorough breakdown of Wealthy Affiliate and how they can help you learn and earn your your way to financial success, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here, I hold nothing back!

TD Bauer

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