Internet Experts Review – Is It A Scam?

Before joining Karen Johnson’s Internet Experts be sure to read my review.  Is it a scam or a legit means to make money online?  I tackle that question here and provide a solid proof that will not leave you wondering.

As I always do in my online reviews like this one I like to inform you the reader that I am not at all associated with Internet Experts.  Everything I discuss in my review below is based on online research I had done in my spare time.  This website, Earn Your Success, reviews online jobs and separates the scams from those that are legit.

Internet Experts Review

(I’m not surprised: the Internet Experts website is down and has been for several days… they likely changed names and are still online but being called some else under a new website)

Sadly enough I have come across many online business just like Karen Johnson’s Internet Experts.  Surprisingly there are hundreds, if not thousands of online ‘businesses’ like this one out there on the internet.  And yes, to make a claim up front, Internet Experts is nothing more than another link posting scam.

Keep reading for more details.  Or, if you want to read about a legitimate way to work at home online check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Internet Experts Scam – They Lie And Fabricate

They claim you can make $379 per day.  That is a very specific sum, but oddly enough that exact dollar amount keeps popping up with other scams that are exactly like this one.  They all claim they have been featured or mentioned on the big news chain networks.

Internet Experts make a loose claim about being features on the big news networks - that's a flat out lie!

Internet Experts make a loose claim about being features on the big news networks – that’s a flat out lie!

That is a lie they throw at right from the start.  I have gone to those news networks websites and done specific searches for Internet Experts and found nothing mentioned about them.  Why do they and the other link posting scams like this one do that?  To make them seem legitimate.  Any research you do into their bold claim comes up empty.

Other online scams just like Internet Experts with the same sale gimmick/scheme:

Internet Experts Link Posting Scam

This program, and the many others just like it, are not at all what they claim to be.  All advertise the same type of work with the same sales hooks to lure people in.  All hint and mislead at being featured on various world news outlets.  They try and come across as legitimate and get you to sign up fast and give them your money before you have a chance to second think things.

They claim you can post links for big name companies like Apple, Best Buy, Walmart, Costco, and Subway, to name a few… and that when people click on your links that you post on their behalf you will make a little money each time.  They claim you can make hundreds, even thousands per day.

It’s just not true.

Think about it…  Why would they pay you hundreds or thousands of dollars per day when they could pay a part time kid $7.50 an hour to do the exact same thing and pocket the extra money?  The answer is that they wouldn’t… it’s a scam.

Sadly there are lots of scams out there, like Facebook On Fire and many others.  If something sounds too good to be true, and you need to pay somebody to ‘get started’… then the odds what you are looking at is an online scam.

Link Posting

Link posting is actually a real job that can be used to make money online, but it’s not easy to do.  There is a right and wrong way to do it.

The wrong way is just blindly putting links up anywhere and everywhere like Internet Experts wants you to do.

The right way is to create a blog or a niche website that has information on it that people will search out on their own and find.

An example of the right way:  Create a blog about a hobby or interest you have.  People will find it on their own.  Once people find your blog/website, you can start sharing links to product you like to use that is related to your blog… when people click on those links and buy the product, you can make a sales commission.

Further Example:  Say you know a lot about men’s watches.  You create a blog about men’s watches and various time pieces sharing your knowledge on the subject.  People interested in that sort of thing find your website through Google Searches, and if they read a product review on a watch you recommend that has a link to an online store (like Amazon) that sells the watch… and they use that link to go buy the watch – you make money.

That’s how I actually make money online through links… it’s called Affiliate Marketing.  Read more about it here and how I got started doing it: HOW TO WORK AT HOME.

Internet Experts – Conclusion

Signing up with Internet Experts and giving them money so you can start posting links all over the internet and in emails is not going to make you any money.  It sounds easy, but it’s just not going to work.  All you will be doing is loosing money to join up them and then spamming links all over the place.

If it sounds to good to be true, it is.

The only way to make money inline is through some dedicated work on your part.  Through applying yourself and actually creating something that people want to see, read, watch, or learn more about.  Blogging is a great way to make money online.  I’m sure you have heard of people who are professional bloggers?  They make pretty good money.

Avoid Internet Experts.  They lie to you right from the start and try to make themselves seem legitimate; they are not!

You want to learn how to make money online as your own boss, working for yourself?  Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review.  Or you can also check out How To Work At Home.  Both are great posts that will give you lots of free and useful information.


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