Internet Careers Online Review – Another Online Scam?

Internet Careers Online Review - It's Not What You Think!

Internet Careers Online Review – It’s Not What You Think!

I researched Internet Careers Online to see if they were a legit money making company or just another scam.  Finding a career you can work online from home is the dream of many people.  Internet Careers Online implies that you can work at home and make easy money.  But is it really that easy?

If you are here reading this post you are doing the smart thing; researching before you jump on board with Internet Careers Online.  Good for you!

The information in my review is based on content online that I found.  The opinions below are my own, and I am in no way associated with Internet Careers Online.

Without further preamble let’s jump into the review!

Internet Careers Online Review

First off let me say that in my opinion Internet Careers Online is a scam and should be avoided.  Keep reading for all the details that led me to this conclusion.  There are many online scams, such as Facebook On Fire, and this is one I would add to the list.

If you are looking for a viable way to earn money online, the way I do it, check out my post How To Work At Home.

Internet Careers Online – It’s A Link Posting Scam

The name implies ‘careers’ in their title, but that is very much misleading.  What this sham of an online business does is promote link posting.

Here is how it is supposed to work: When you sign up with them you get a unique tracking code that is assigned to various links you can post.  When you post the links that have your tracking code and when people click on your links you are supposed to make money.  Sounds pretty easy.

That’s the basics of how they explain that the money making process works.  They claim all you need to do is post those links they provide you anywhere and everywhere that you can online.  Link spamming at its most annoying.

How It Really Works

The truth is that there is no immediate payment to you when somebody clicks on the links you posted.  Instead what really needs to happen is that person who clicked your link needs to follow it and buy something.  When or if that person buys the item you linked, you get a very small commission.

This sounds a lot like Affiliate Marketing, but it really isn’t.  One reason why this doesn’t work to make money is that you may be promoting a link that tries to get people to invest in gold coins or some new biotech company.  Just placing a blind link on Facebook or some other social media site is not going to get people to click on that link and actually buy something.

A link needs to have substance behind it, such as niche website in order to generate a link sale.  The process promoted with Internet Careers Online does not do that.  It’s not even close!

Real Affiliate Marketing doesn’t work that way.  When done right, Affiliate Marketing can make you money.  This type of link posting scam only makes money for the owners of Internet Careers Online.  They get paid when somebody clicks on the link, maybe a penny or two.  You only get paid if somebody actually drops some money and buys something, which rarely ever happens with this kind of blind link posting.

Internet Careers Online Dresses Up Their Process

Internet Careers Online does a great job making their business sound legit and a sure fire way to make some money online.  They claim it is a great opportunity that you can make substantial earnings, that little work is required, and that their process is proven to work.

That is all complete and utter nonsense.  Don’t believe it.  It sounds way to good to be true and it is.

Internet Careers Online claims that big companies like Dell, Johnson and Johnson, Apple, Tesla, Best Buy, and many others will pay you to place their product links.  They claim that it is cheaper to pay you to post links than it is part time staff to do it.

That is another load of BS, and don’t believe it.  Why would those companies pay you hundreds of dollars per day to do something they could hire a part timer to do for under $8.00 per hour?  It makes no sense.  And such claims are totally misleading and shouldn’t be believed.

You Pay Internet Careers Online!

Guess what, in order to get started working for this company you have to pay them.  How much?  $97.00!  If business is so good and they assure you that you will make money, then why won’t they subtract the start up costs from your first paycheck?

The answer is that they know you aren’t going to make any money from this, and they want to get your money first.  The reason for this:  They know that you will get annoyed and frustrated quickly and quit, so they get money from you up front.  That’s their angle, and that’s how they make most of their money, by scamming you out of yours.

Don’t fall for it!

Internet Careers Online – 60 Day Refund Policy

This one really cracks me up.  They claim to have a 60 day refund policy and that you can get your money back if you are not satisfied.  How nice, right?  Wrong!  Read their highly vague disclaimer that they use to get out of paying anybody back… see the screen shot below taken from their website:

Internet Careers Online - terms

Vague disclaimer on refunds!

That is one very vague refund disclaimer.  If anybody reads this who has ever been refunded by Internet Careers Online, I would love to hear from you and see actual proof that you were refunded.

That disclaimer gives them a huge loophole to not have to ever refund any money.  I’m not saying they won’t do it, but it’s highly doubtful.

Conclusion – Internet Careers Online Review

In my opinion it certainly is another link posting scam.  There are thousands of them out there on the internet and they should be avoided at all costs.

The sale pitch promises you an easy to follow business plan to earn money online posting blind links anywhere and everywhere you can.  You have to pay them to get started working.  Their disclaimer on refunds pretty much gives them an easy out not to ever have to give a refund.  It all sounds too good to be true – and it is.

Avoid Internet Careers Online at all costs.

If you are looking for a real means to work at home online and make an income that you can live on then check out more information on this website.  I promote viable means to work at home while pointing out online scams.

For the past couple years now I have been working part time at home and make a lucrative income from it.  Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review for how you can get started today for free working online from home.  All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

No matter what, avoid Internet Careers Online!


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