I Hate Working With People – Quite Your Job!

I’ve had jobs in the past where I hated working with people.  Let’s face it, people can really be a hassle to have to deal with.  Sometimes I would think about how nice it would be not to have to deal with people at all when it came to work.  Some people just can’t handle working with people at all, they have phobias or are introverted.

Do you hate working with people?  They cause you anxiety and lots of stress?  Do something about it!

Do you hate working with people? They cause you anxiety and lots of stress? Do something about it!

Do you hate working with people?  Would you rather find a way to be able to work and make in living without having to deal face to face, or over the phone, with other people?  Sometimes I admit I hate working with people, but that’s only some of the time.  It would be so much easier being able to work on my own, but my day job is in Sales, and that means dealing with people and their vast personalities; good or bad.

However, my side job does not require I work with people.  In fact my side job I work part time at is one I do freely and independently.  It’s my own business, and I work at home from my home office, or wherever I can bring my laptop and have access to the Internet.

I Hate Working With People

I only hate working with people when things go wrong at my day job.  Otherwise to be honest I don’t mind it too much.  I spend a lot of time on the phone during the day talking to customers and potential customers.  There are also about 100 emails that cross my desk each day as well.  I work in Sales, and dealing with people daily is what it is.

But when I go home and work on my side business there are no phone calls I need to make.  usually not any emails I need to send.  I don’t have to talk to anybody or deal with anyone.  I can sit on the couch or in my office on my laptop.

My side job, the business that I own and operate has no real overhead.  My monthly cost to run my online business is around $31 to $35 per month.  That’s it.  No more.  Did I mention my part time business earns me around $3500.00 per month?  Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

You’re probably wondering what I do working from home.  How is it that I don’t deal with people, that I don’t have to work with people and still make some nice money.

Do You Hate Working With People

You can do something about it.  If you are an introvert or have a social anxiety disorder of some kind, you can find a job where you don’t have to work with people.  Better yet you can start your own business online from your home and make a pretty darn good income.

Perhaps you just find people to be jerks and they cause you undue stress.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get out of the political work rat-race and work for yourself calling the shots, being your own boss, and making some good money?

I work part time at my side business and make a darn good income doing it.  As soon as my mortgage is paid off my wife is quitting her day job and my side income will support her in staying home in early ‘retirement’.  That day is not to far away either.

So what is it that I do that you can start doing today as well?  So far it sounds pretty good, you might be thinking even maybe a little too good.  Well, don’t mistake it as being too good, because what I do on the side is work.  It’s not easy money… I earn it through work and dedication to my business.

How To Stop Having To Work With People

I blog.  That’s what I do on the side part time.  I’ll sit around on my laptop or desktop, or even my tablet, and write on my blogs.  That right there is the basis of how I make $3500.00+ per month online working from home; blogging.  It’s easy to get started without any website experience.  Starting a website of your own to blog on takes just a few minutes – it’s that easy.  Anyone can start doing it no matter what their experience is being online.

My online business is owning a couple websites that I blog on and make an income from.  I’m sure you have heard of people who work as bloggers, who run blogs… that’s what I do.  Guess what?  You can do it too, and it’s easy to get started doing.  Like I said, it costs me around $31.00 per month in overhead costs to do what I do.

As a blogger:

  • I own a couple websites I blog on
  • There are no people I need to talk to or deal with in order to do this job
  • I have no product overhead… just my laptop, internet fee, and website hosting fees ($31 to $35 per month)
  • My monthly income is growing each month, currently making over $3500.00 per month after 2.5 years of part time blogging.  Could likely make a lot more if I worked this full time.  I know other bloggers making $10,000.00 or more per month who do this full time
  • I spend my time blogging about my hobbies and interests that I have, which is rather fun and not so much like work at all

Stop Working With People – Work On Your Own

If you want to get away from having to work with people and take a serious look at starting your own online business as a blogger, then I can point you in the direction to get started.  In fact this website you are one right now is one of my blogs.  I love blogging about what I do, and showing people how they can get started doing exactly what I do.

Creating a website is easy.  Do you have five to ten minutes of spare time?  If you do then in that amount of time you can have a website up and running, at no out of pocket cost at all, and be blogging.  You don’t really need to have any experience with websites and web design either.  If you can click a mouse around and type a little, or learn to type, then you can be blogging.

***I mentioned above you can get started at no out of pocket cost.  That is true.  You can.  And I’ll show you were to go to do just that; it’s a great way to test out blogging to see if you like it.  But if this is something that you have an affinity for, you’ll want to upgrade from a free website to one you own and manage yourself, as that is how you can start earning money from your website.

Hate Working With People – Start Working Today On Your Own

In order to become a blogger you need a website.  You also need a computer with internet access.  Most people already have a computer at home with WIFI.  So more than likely all you really need to do is decide what you would blog about and get a website started.

I do all my website hosting at Wealthy Affiliate/SiteRubix.  They have free to use websites and you can create two of those just for creating an account with them.  All you need is an email address to create an account, no credit or debit card needed.  They also provide some step by step instructions on setting up your website.  On top of that they also will give you some free training on how to monetize your website to make money.

Starting out with a free account is fantastic.  Test blogging out and see if you can get into it and do it.  If not, then you are out nothing.  But if you like it and can see the potential to make it a business you own and manage, then you are going to want to upgrade to ‘paid hosting’ with a premium account – which is what any serious blogger does as it gives them more control and the ability to generate more income from their website.

Stop Working With People, Work As A Blogger

As a blogger I have a couple websites that I own and write on.  My couple websites are all ‘niche websites‘, which means each one is focused on a theme.  This website is about Earning Your Success by learning how to work at home and being your own boss.  Other websites I own are about fishing, and another about hiking.  My wife has one that is about cooking.

You can create a niche blog website about any hobby or passion you have.  And make an income from it.

Being able to work as a blogger means I can work when I want, where I want (as long as I bring my laptop and can get WIFI access), and not have to work with people.

I get to blog about things I enjoy and love.  If I can’t be out fishing I can certainly blog about it and share information and even fishing products I like to use.  People who like to fish find my website… and when that happens I can make money.  Good money.  Passive Money.

What is passive money?  Well, my websites are up on the internet all the time.  People can find them any hours of the day.  By monetizing my websites I earn money from them when people find my websites and click on certain things.  That can happen even when I am sleeping at night… passive income, and I don’t even have to talk or deal with other people to earn it!

I Hate Working With People – Conclusion

If you hate working with people or have a social anxiety disorder then starting a blog may be just what you are looking for.  You can work on your own without having to deal with people, and you can make a good income doing it.

Don’t think for a moment this kind of work is easy.  Sure, it’s not that hard creating a blog and website, and it’s not that hard blogging about something you know a lot about and love, such as a hobby.  But it still takes work, time, and some dedication.  It can take a new website a few months or more to start gaining some traction and make money.

You can start a website today for free in about ten minutes or less.  No cost to you.  All you need is an email address to create an account with Wealthy Affiliate/SiteRubix.  They’ll show you how to get started and have you working on your own blog in no time.  They’ll even provide you with some free instructions on how to monetize as website to make money.

Hate working with people?  You don’t have to.  Check out blogging; click here to get started!



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