How To Write Good Content For A Website – 8 Tips Provided!

Learn how to write good content for a website.

Learn how to write good content for a website.

Many people getting into blogging and doing research about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) often see others mention ‘good content’.  But was it good content?  How do you know that what you are writing is considered good?

Let me tell you, I’ve struggled with this and other issues that pertain to blogging and SEO.  Like stop words… do we use them and where do we use.  But let’s not get into a discussion on stop words.  Maybe later in another posts.

My problem is I tend to overthink things and get technical.  That’s not a bad thing, but most of the time, in this day and age as I write this blog post, Google likes it when webmasters keep their content simple.  And this directly pertains to writing good content.

How To Write Good Content For A Website

First and foremost you want the work you are putting into writing a blog to be seen and read by people.  In order for that to have a better chance of happening you need to know a little about what is called on-page SEO.

If you are not familiar with that term then check out this post here were I go into some detail about it.

Moving forward I will presume you know what on-page SEO is.

So what is good website content?

Google like pages that share fresh and original information.  If it thinks that your post has something worthy to share that fits what people are searching for when they type in keywords into their search engines, you will rank.

The Internet is all about sharing information.  Google wants to put relevant info in front of people quickly who are looking for information.

Let’s take a look at a few factors that constitute ‘good content’:

  • Original Content:  Google hates duplication information.  So don’t copy and post work from anybody else.  You need to take the time to write in your own words on the subject you are blogging about.
  • Write Naturally:  You don’t have to have perfect grammar, but it does help to just write naturally, much like would talk to a person like your mom, dad, or sibling.  Just be smooth like you would BSing with somebody over a meal at a restaurant.
  • Write For People, Not For SEO:  Many people starting out, and even some who have been doing this a while, try to write for what they think will mean better SEO rankings.  You shouldn’t do that.  Write for people who will read your website content.  Writing for SEO may not flow and read well.  People will bounce off your page fast if your content feels robotic.  Write for humans, not Google algorithms – which are by the way very smart, smarter than you think.
  • Create Strong Headlines:  Your H1, H2, H3 headers should really snap and get people’s attention, letting them know what is to come if they keep reading your post.  Keeping a reader engaged is important.  If they stay on your page and site longer, that’s a good thing!
  • Ask Questions In Your Post, And Provide Answers:  This is great way to keep readers engaged in your content.  Especially if people are looking for valid information, and you are writing about something pertinent.
  • Provide Source Information:  This may or may not be applicable to everything you write, but as an example when sometimes writing about something technical or medical related you supply your source info.  Like “2016 Harvard Study By Dr. SoAndSo”…  it carries some weight when you are sharing info.  Let’s the reader know you are not just spewing out words.  Let’s them know they are reading GOOD CONTENT.
  • Use Images And Videos:  People are visual, and Google indexes sites more often when they have visual aids.  So don’t be affraid to use them in your posts.  Just make sure you can use certain images – not all images and videos are free to use.  In doubt, maybe make your own.
  • Make Routine Updates To Your Site:  Whether updating some old sites with new info, or just adding new posts.  Update your site!  Adding new content is great.  Updating old content is just a good, as it keeps your overall page current.  And that makes for good website content.

Writing Good Content For A Website – Conclusion

When reading all of the tips above there is one things that comes to mind:  Is your content worthy of being shared?

Good content often means that it is share-worthy.  That means when people read it they will share it with others.  If you have a post that people want to share then you have a post with good content.  They go hand in hand.

If you are starting out as a blogger and looking for some detailed information and training about blogging and making an income from home.  You need to learn how to get your website in front of people.  That’s so important.

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