How To Work At Home Jobs

Looking for a specific how to work at home jobs? Working at home online is a valid career move.

Looking for a specific how to work at home jobs? Working at home online is a valid career move.

Have you been searching the internet for how to work at home jobs?  There are many different jobs out there that you can work from home.  I have tried a few.  But there is only one that has actually worked for me in providing a good income.

I started my own work from home business about nineteen months ago and am now making $2500 plus a month.  If you are interested in doing what I do, then keep reading.  I started this web page for the sole purpose of sharing with people how I am finding online work success.

I am sharing this information for free.  Other places on the internet will charge you for their ‘big money making secret’.  But this is really not a secret, there are many people doing what I do.  You can join me and I’m more than happy to show you how.

How To Work At Home Jobs – What To Avoid

That's me with a grand-kid and my pet dog. This was taken the first day I made over $100 online. It was a great day...

That’s me with a grand-kid and my pet dog. This was taken the first day I made over $100 online. It was a great day…

There are lots of work at home jobs you can do.  But most don’t pay well and take a lot of time for little reimbursement.  Many people think taking surveys online is easy and a great way to make some extra cash.  Yes, I suppose if you just need to make a handful of cash for the day for some extra spending you can take surveys or get paid to watch videos and make comments on them.

But that kind of online work is not going to get you far.  If you want to actually quit your day job and learn how to work at home you need something better than that.

If you want to be able to pay the bills; new car payment, rent or mortgage, cable TV bill, and save up money for a cruise or some other type of vacation, then you need to find something that is going to pay you well for your efforts

So if you are looking at various how to work at home jobs, there is really only one that is going to let you start working today towards those goals.

And I’m doing it.  I started over a half a year ago and making good money now.  It is only going to continue to get better as I make more money.  My goal is $6000 per month.  It is certainly attainable.

Want to know what I am doing?  Keep reading.  This gets good.

How To Work At Home Jobs – I Recommend Only One

I make my money by doing what is called ‘affiliate marketing‘.  You might have heard of this term before and may already know what it is.

For those that don’t know; affiliate marketing is what many bloggers do.  They blog about things that are interesting to them.  They write about product they like to use and provide a link to an online retailer like Amazon or Walmart.  When people click on the product link and go buy that item the blogger makes a commission on the sale.

That is what I do.  I blog and do affiliate marketing.  In fact, this website you are on right now is a blog that I own and write on.  Blogging is easy.  You pick a subject you are interested in and write about it.  This site is dedicated to helping people work at home making an income they can live on.  I’m passionate about helping people learn to do this, so writing about this subject is something that I find easy to do.

Blogging is great work at home job.

Blogging is great work at home job.

How To Work At Home Jobs – F.A.Q.

How much does it cost to start?  If you have a laptop and an internet connection already, you can start today for free if you want.

How Much Money Can I Make?  Hundreds per month, even thousands per month.  I know a couple people who I network with that make several thousand per month – but they worked to get there… this is work.  It’s not hard work and not time consuming, but it is work.  Work you do for yourself to make an income.  You’re the boss when you do this.

How Long Before I start Making Money?  You are not going to get rich and start making money overnight.  This is a business and requires time to be built up.  Some people make a little money between 2-3 months, most not until a few months later.  I have been doing this for nineteen months.

Want to learn more?  Keep reading.

How To Work At Home Jobs – More Detail Explained

As an example let’s say I have a blog about fishing.  I like to fish and can easily blog about my many fishing trips I have taken over the years and the gear I like to use.  I tell lots of stories and talk about places people can travel around North American to go fishing.

On that fishing blog website I also write a few product reviews about my favorite fishing rod and reals.  Those items can get expensive, and people who are serious fisherman spend hundreds of dollars on their equipment, even thousands, every year.

So when I write a review about my favorite fishing real and rod, and people want to possibly buy them, I provide a link to Amazon where they can do just that.  When they buy the item I make a commission on the sale.

But it gets even better than that.  If that person buys anything else from Amazon during their visit, I get a commission on those other items too!

AND IT GETS BETTER!  If that same person goes back to Amazon anytime in the next 24 hours and buys more stuff, I also get a commission on those items as well!  It doesn’t have to just be the items I mention on website, it can be any item a person buys from Amazon.

You see how commissions add up fast this way.  And they do.

Amazon is not the only company that allows bloggers to affiliate with them.  Most any online retailer do this.  Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Ebay, REI, Cabellas, Click Bank… there are thousands that do affiliate marketing.  And they don’t charge you anything to sign up with them.

  • I have no product I keep on hand.
  • I don’t have to deal with product returns.
  • I don’t have to deal with direct customer sales.
  • I can do this from anywhere there is in internet connection with my laptop.
  • I work a few hours a day on my various blogs, and that’s it.

How To Work At Home Jobs – Is Blogging Hard To Do?

It’s easy.  You don’t need to be a web-designer to start and maintain a blog of your own.  If you own a smart phone and navigate around on it sending text messages and searching on Facebook and doing whatever, you can EASILY handle your own website and add content to it.

It’s a lot like typing in a word processing program.

In the video below I show you how fast and how easy it is to start a FREE website.  I even show you how easy it is to add some content to the new website and share it with the entire world on the World Wide Web.  Check it out, the video is not that long and you will be surprised at how easy this really can be.

Getting Started – How Much Does It Cost?

If you have a laptop and an internet connection you can get started today, for free.

If you have a laptop and an internet connection you can get started today, for free.

This is where people get shocked.  Up above I said you can start today for free.  And you can.

As long as you have a computer and an internet connection you can start today for free.  In fact a month or two from now it will still cost you nothing if you so choose.

However, most bloggers pay for their web domain names and web hosting, and I do as well.  If you become serious about doing this you would want to do that as well.

It costs me less than a dollar a day, but you can get that for free if you know where to look, and I do, and will share that with you below.  Free websites and hosting are great for testing things out and seeing if you are interested in doing this.

Eventually however, you will likely want to pay for your domain name and web hosting as there are benefits with owning them.  If you get to that point and really want to build a serious online business then expect to pay about $30 to $33 per month.

I have a few websites of my own and pay between $33 to $35 per month.  Considering I make right now over $4k per month, I would say it’s worth it!

How To Work At Home Jobs – Want to Learn More?

This website, Earn Your Success, is all about helping people get started doing what I am doing.  I own three blog websites of my own and work a couple hours a day on them to earn $2500 (and growing) each month.  It took a little time to build up to this, but I can show you how to do it.

I am paying off my mortgage fast, and as soon as I do my wife and I have plans to quit our day jobs to only do blogging and affiliate marketing.  I suspect will do some more traveling as well.  That’s our goal, and we’re close to it.

How to work at home jobs… there is really only one that I found that works, that actually pays you good money for your work.  And you get to be your own boss.  I learned to blog and make money at home from an online company called Wealthy Affiliate.

You can read more about it and I will share with you how you can start today at no out of pocket cost, get some free easy to follow training on setting up your first website, and more, on my blog post Wealthy Affiliate Review’ here.

Take control of your future today.  I did it.  You can too.


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