Learn How To Start A Business At Home

how to start a business at home and earn an income from it.

I’ll tell you how to start a business at home and earn an income from it.

If you are looking to learn how to start a business at home I can help.  I have started my own online business nineteen months ago and am making a considerable side income from it.  Being able to quit my day job is right around the corner.

Just so you know I don’t do any of these things when working on my home business:

  • I don’t deal with salesmen or customers.
  • I don’t have to sell anything.
  • I don’t have any product overhead in my home or anywhere else.
  • I don’t have to ship anything or place orders.
  • I don’t deal with product returns.
  • I don’t have to ever talk on the phone.

As long as I have my laptop and access to the internet I can work.  I don’t really have to be at home to work, I can travel if I want and still work on my business.

I also don’t have to be actively working online to make money… I make a passive income from what I do.  I wake up in the morning and check my account to see how much I earned while I was asleep.

By now you are probably thinking I’m full of crap.  Or that I have some angle I’m working.  But I’m not and I don’t.  What I do is a legitimate work at home business.  I can point you in the direction to get started.

However, I want you to know up front this takes some effort and some work.  I didn’t start earning money from my home business right away.  I had to build it up first and develop it.

How To Start A Business At Home

I started a home blogging business nineteen months ago and doing what is called affiliate marketing.  It’s not a new job, people have been doing it since the internet was invented.

Basically I write on the internet about things that I know a lot about, such as a hobby.

As an example let’s say I blog about fly fishing.  I sometimes write a review about an item (fly rod or reel) that pertains to my hobby and provide a link to an online retail store where people can buy that item.

I don’t just write about product.  Most of the content I blog about will pertain to fishing trips I had gone one, trips I want to go on, tips I can share, streams I like to fish…etc…  If I buy a new piece of gear I might write about it and provide a link so people can buy it if they choose.

When people find my website and read my content, they sometimes like to go an check out the items I occasionally write about and buy them – when they do I make a commission on the sale.

Would you believe me if I told you I make over four thousand dollars a month doing this in my part time?

I work a couple hours a day on average blogging.  I sometimes work in my home office, sometimes on the couch in front of my TV, sometimes on the deck, sometimes I go to the local bagel shop… anywhere there is an internet connection I can work there.

How To Start A Business At Home – You Need A Website

Don’t panic or get discouraged at the thought of needing a website to do what I am doing.  Getting a website of your own is like going to the grocery store and buying produce… you literally can pick out a website that looks good to you, and start working within minutes.

Don’t believe me, check out the video I made below.    It’s not very long and I show you step by step how easy it is to startup your own website from scratch, for free.  I also show you how to post a new page and share it with the world on the internet for everybody to see.  Check out how easy it really is, click on my video below!

If you have a computer and internet connection you can get started today at NO COST.  You heard me say in the video above that you can get a free website and free hosting, and you can.  All you need to do to sign up to get those things is an email address and create your account with Wealthy Affiliate here.

Free websites and free hosting are a great way to see if this is something you want to do.

What Does This Home Business Cost, Really?

While you can get access to a free website and free web hosting, 99% of the bloggers out that there that earn an income from their home business own their own websites and pay for their hosting.  I mentioned that in my video.

There are perks for owning your own domain name.  So while the free website mentioned above is great for learning to see if you like blogging, you will certainly want to buy your domain at some point in the future.

When you learn how to start a business at home you learn true freedom. You become your own boss.

When you learn how to start a business at home you learn true freedom. You become your own boss.

Buying your own domain name costs about $9 to $16 dollars per year.  I know, not at all that expensive.  You were worried it would be?

Web hosting is more expensive.  It can cost anywhere from $30 to $250 per month.  Yep, that’s a little more expensive.  But to be honest with you, you don’t need to spend more than $30 per month for your web hosting.  I sure don’t.

I make over four thousand per month right now doing this, and pay about $34 per month as my business overhead cost.

Yeah, that’s pretty darn good!

Learning How To Start A Business At Home – Earn As You Learn

I said up above that there is some learning involved in being able do what I do.  Most new jobs require some on the job training, this is no different.

Luckily when you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate you get some great step by step training on building up that website and how to monetize it so you can earn an income like I do.  It’s were I learned to start my business from the comfort of my own home.

Learning how to start a business at home does not need to be complicated or difficult.  It’s neither of those things.

If you want to learn more about me, including additional details on how blogging and affiliate marketing works as a home business, then please check out my page HOW TO WORK AT HOME.

If you could care less about who I am and just want to get started learning and earning on a free website, then head straight to Wealthy Affiliate here.

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