How To Pay Off A Mortgage Early

Wondering how to pay off a mortgage early? I can help point you in the direction to make it happen.

Wondering how to pay off a mortgage early? I can help point you in the direction to make it happen.

If you are wondering how to pay off a mortgage early I can give you a surefire way of doing it.  Let’s face it, mortgages tend to be further down on the priority list when it comes to debt issues.  It’s always the biggest cash sink on the list, and the one that you usually know is going to be there the longest.

With typical mortgage financing durations being arranged for twenty to thirty years, most people don’t push to hard at paying it down or off.  Most concerns go to the smaller monthly bills, and credit card debt and pinching pennies for going on vacations.

One big PRO in paying off that mortgage early is that you pay less interest.  That means in the long run your house costs less, and you get to keep more of your money.  Also, just imagine what your life could be like if you didn’t have to worry about making that huge payment every month?

What else could you do with that money every year?  Travel perhaps, or remodel the kitchen, put more money towards retirement, set more money aside for the kid’s college tuition’s…?

The things you could do are endless.

How To Pay Off A Mortgage Early

What if I told you that this website you are on right now, that I blog on in my spare time from home, is making me money that I use to pay off my mortgage early.  Would you believe me?  Well you should, because that is exactly what I’m doing.  You want to know how to pay off a mortgage early, get a website and start a blog in your spare time.

You don’t need to be a programmer or know how to write code, you don’t need to know somebody who is a web-designer.  You can easily have a website of your own within minutes from right now and be typing content into, it’s that easy.  Literally.

For years my wife and I lived darn near paycheck to paycheck.  It really was getting old.  Bills and monthly expenses were getting paid just fine, but at the end of the month we were not saving much and had little side cash for doing the fun things we wanted to do.  I started a few years ago looking for a means to earn extra money.  I didn’t want to go and get a part time job.  I was already working fifty to sixty hours per week at my day job.  What I wanted was to find a way to make some extra money from the comfort of my own home.

Starting a blog is an easy to do part time job from home that can generate substantial revenue.

Starting a blog is an easy to do part time job from home that can generate substantial revenue.


I eventually discovered blogging and how to monetize a website to earn revenue.  Passive revenue.

I started learning how to blog eighteen months ago and currently make $4k plus per month on the side.

Yep, I have a couple websites up and running right now that I blog on in my free time that makes me money.  I make money off those websites during all hours of the day; while at my day job, while sleeping, while on vacation…etc…  I have essentially added a third paycheck to my wife’s and my monthly income.  And we are paying off our mortgage early with a good chunk of that extra income.

The plan is to have my wife quit her job once it’s finally paid off.  That’s my near future dream and it’s going to come true.


You came here wondering how to pay off a mortgage early, and I suggested you get a website and start blogging.  It is so much easier than you may think.  If you want to learn more details on how this works go to another page on this website titled ‘how to work at home‘.  I break it all down how blogging and monetizing a site can make you a substantial extra income.  I also point you in the direction to get a free website and free hosting for that website, along with some free training and a walk-through on getting that website setup in just minutes with a few clicks of your mouse button.

There are actually websites out there that charge you for this information.  I am giving it away for free so that you can learn to do what has been working for me.

Be sure to check out my #1 recommended way to start a website and making an extra lucrative income from home here!

If you have any questions please feel free to leave them below.

TD Bauer

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