Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

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How To Make Money Online And From What!?

You want to know how to make money online and from what!?  Well I am going to tell you what you need to do.  I am going to give you the straight information without any sugarcoating.  The entire purpose behind my starting this website, EARN YOUR SUCCESS, was to help people discover a viable means of how to work at home for themselves.

That's me with one of the grand-kids and my pet dog. It was a great day, because I learned that I could in fact make money online.

That’s me with one of the grand-kids and my pet dog. It was a great day, because I learned that I could in fact make money online.

There are actually people online trying to sell people like you this information.  I’m not doing that.  I’m giving it to you.

I’m using the information I am going to share with you below right now to earn over $2500 per month as a means of passive income.

You may want to bookmark this page right now.  There is going to be a lot of information below and you may want to come back to it later.  I’m not scratching the surface here, I’m telling you how and what to do!

If you haven’t read my ABOUT ME page, you should know that my wife and I have struggled financially.  Don’t get me wrong, we have a nice little home, drive leased cars, manage to go on an occasional vacation, but we have mostly always lived paycheck to paycheck.

We got tired of living like that, always one or two months away from being homeless if one of us lost our job.  So we decided to to something about it.

How To Make Money Online And From What

You came to this page from one of my other pages looking for more information.  Or you found your way to this page from an internet search.  I’m not going to smother this page with all kinds of fancy banners and advertisements.  I am earnest in my desire to help you become your own boss and find financial freedom.  You can do it working from home.

So let’s jump straight into this.

I make money blogging.  It’s how I make a nice income on the side.  From right now as I am sitting here writing this post I started working from home in my spare time as a blogger doing affiliate marketing eighteen months ago.  Likely in about one year or less I will be quitting my job (my wife as well) and we will be working about ten to fifteen hours a week and making enough money – actually more than what we are currently making in our day jobs.

We’ll be blogging as our only means of an income, and doing quite well for ourselves.

If you want to be able to do that very same thing.  Then pay attention right now because I am going to tell you what you need to do.  Some of the information I am going to list below may sound like more than you think you can handle, but I’m telling you right now it is actually pretty easy.  The hard part is finding the time to work at it if you already have a full time job and family duties.

The four basic steps to making money online from the comfort of your own home.

The four basic steps to making money online from the comfort of your own home.


  • You need to start your very own niche website (much easier than think…it really is, I can show you how)
  • You need to pick a hobby or interest you have and write about it on your website.  The hobby or interest is the niche.
  • You need to link a few consumer product that pertain to your niche to places online where consumers can go and buy the product (Amazon is a good example).
  • When consumer’s go to Amazon from the link on your web page and buy something, you get a commission.

That’s it.  That’s all there is to it.  It may or may not sound that hard, and it really isn’t, but it takes time and some work to build up a website that people are going to find and read.  You need to learn how to do that if you don’t already know.  You wanted to know how to make money online and from what, well that’s it.  That’s how I do it.  And it will not be long before I quite my day job.  Every month my websites (I have three and plan to add a few extra) earn a little more and more.

How To Make Money Online From Home – Step By Step

The process of blogging and affiliate marketing is easy.  Here is how it works and how you make money doing it.

  • People like to buy online these days, they can save money and find great deals, and they can avoid the madness of retail stores.  So before they buy online most people research what they are thinking to buy.  To do this they go online and do searches in Google for the specific item.  Let’s say they are looking to buy a Fender Electric Guitar.
  • You just so happen to have a niche website and write about guitars, reading music, playing music, guitar amplifiers, effect peddles…etc… all the things related to electric guitars because you love music, you play guitars, and you know a lot about them.
  • The consumer finds your website and reads about guitars and a review you write about the Fender Electric Guitar.  You are an ‘affiliate associate’ with Amazon and share a link on your web page that leads to the guitar’s sale page on Amazon.
  • The consumer clicks on the link, goes to Amazon, sees the guitar there and it has a great price plus free 2nd day shipping backed up by Amazon’s excellent return policy – and they buy it!
  • The guitar costs $599, as an Amazon Affiliate you make 8% commission on that sale, or about $48.
  • But it gets better, the consumer goes back the next day and decides to buy an amplifier and some extra strings.  They also buy a new backpack for a hiking trip they have coming up.  YOU ALSO GET A COMMISSION from those items as well!  Now your commission you just earned off that consumer adds up to $125.
People spend a lot of time searching the internet looking for product reviews of things they are interested in buying online.

People spend a lot of time searching the internet looking for product reviews of things they are interested in buying online.

Here are some interesting facts:  Every month guitars are searched over 200 thousand times (200,000) in Google.  Imagine if you can get one of those 200k searches to your site and buy a guitar just once every other day during the course of a month.  That would allow to earn an average of around $700 extra dollars per month, and that’s on the low side of things.  Guitars are not a heavily searched for product.  There are hobbies and products that get A LOT more searches per month than guitars and guitar gear.

***Realistically, $700 extra dollars per month on a single affiliate niche website is low.  I know several people who make $2500.00 plus per month on a single website.  For the record as I write this I have three affiliate websites up and running, and will be adding two more shortly.  Most people who get into this and working from home will have 2-6 niche websites and work on average fifteen to twenty hours per work at home as their sole means of income.

The only overhead you will have is your computer and an internet connection.  And maybe sending me a birthday card every year as a way of saying ‘thanks’ for introducing you to this amazing work from home opportunity.

If you want to learn how to make a niche website and become an affiliate marketer I can easily show you how.  Like I said, the entire point of Earn Your Success and my starting it is to help people get a piece of the good life working at home for themselves.

Working From Home – The Costs To Get Started

I’m sure you have questions after reading the info above.  Let me guess what they might be:

  • How much does it cost to start a website?  You can start today if you want and it will cost you $0.00.  I can show you where further below.
  • How hard is it to create a website and add content to it?  Easy.  If you can do internet searches in Google and muddle around poorly in a word processor program like WORD, you can EASILY build a website.  I can also show you how with easy to follow training for of $0.00.
  • Okay, but it costs money to sign up with Amazon as one of their Affiliate Associates to earn commissions on sales from their site?  Wrong again, that is also free if you have an email address so you can create your personal account as an ‘associate’.  There are also hundreds more businesses out there that sign up affiliates and it doesn’t cost anything.  Amazon it just an example because everybody has heard of them.
  • How many website will I need to be able to work from home online full time?  Possibly just one.  I know a few people through my network of associates that have only one website and it generates them more then enough to live comfortably and have true freedom in their lives.  However, most affiliate marketers have a handful of sites.

All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a hobby or interest that you love.  It’s best to pick a niche that you have an interest is.  The more familiar and passionate you are about your niche the easier it will be to blog about it.  It really makes it easier and less like work writing about something you love.

Personally, my monthly cost to do business is my internet bill, which is about $40 per month, and I pay for my web hosting which is about a dollar per day.  And I am making after a year and half around $2500 per month, with that figure expected to grow a little more each month.

Like I said; I want you to succeed.  This will cost you nothing and you can start today to see if it is a good fit.

How to make money online and from what?  Get yourself started with a website!

How Soon Can You Earn Money When Working For Yourself Online?

How long it takes before you start making money online depends on how much work you put into your site and how much 'trust' it builds over time.

How long it takes before you start making money online depends on how much work you put into your site and how much ‘trust’ it builds over time.

I tell you what, after people ask how they can make money online they always ask how soon they can start making money online.  I get it, it goes hand in hand.  But I told you a earlier I am not going to lie to you.  It is going to take a little time.  Starting a website is actually very simple.  Building it up with content takes effort and some time.  But once you have good content you will MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

The short answer is that you can possibly start seeing money trickle in about 1-2 months after you start your web page if you keep working on it and adding content.  The more time you can put into working on your website the faster it will grow and gain ‘trust’, and the sooner you will start seeing more and more money.

Most people who work full time and have family obligations don’t start seeing results until about 4-6 months.  Usually by the 12th month you will be seeing some nice chunks of extra spending cash and it will just keep growing from there as you cultivate your website.

You have to keep in mind that businesses take time to grow.  Apple was started part time in a garage.  Amazon started in a garage.  I am not saying you will be able to grow your blogging into a huge company like Amazon, but I am saying that businesses start small and grow over time.  The more stable a foundation you build early one, the more successful your business will be.  It can take time to build up, but the end rewards are more than worth it.

I mentioned ‘trust’ above.  Website ‘trust’ is a real thing.  Google, Bing and Yahoo are the three big search engines that most people use to look up things on the world wide web, and they don’t trust new web sites.  The older your website gets the more trust it generates.  The more content you add to it the more trust it generates.  Once you start getting that trust factor up higher, your website will be very easy to find on the internet when people do browser searches.  When people can find you, you can make money!

Any website you came across that is not owned by a retailer or manufacturer that talks about a product and sends you someplace to buy that product is an affiliate marketer.  You asked how to make money online and from what, I’m telling you to become an niche website blogger… an affiliate marketer.

Want to see some inspiration that this can work?  Click Here.

How To Make Money Online And From What – Is Blogging Hard To Do?

How to make money online and from what? Learn about blogging and affiliate marketing.

How to make money online and from what? Learn about blogging and affiliate marketing.

It really is pretty simple and it really will cost you nothing to start doing this today.  But the only way you will really find that out for yourself is to actually start doing it.

Like I said above I can get you set up with a free website of your own.  I can also get you some supper easy to follow training.  But you have to do the rest.  You have to be the person to sit down at your computer and start doing the work.

You have to Earn Your Success.  You have to be motivated to get this business going and keep it growing.  If you can do that you will find success.

I can point you in the right direction, but after that it’s all up to you.  It will take some time and some work, but the learning part is not that hard.

The training I can lead you to that will cost you nothing is the same training I learned to build this website and the few others that I own.

You will learn:

  • How to create a website (takes about 30 seconds, literally)
  • How to start moving around the websites ‘back page’ area where you add content (a lot like a word processor program).
  • Learn how to choose a niche for your website (it can really be ANY hobby or interest you have).
  • Learn how to figure out what ‘keyword phrases’ people might use to do searches in Google for your niche to find your website.
  • Learn how to write and add pictures (content) to your website.
  • Learn about monetizing your website (so you can make some money!).

If that sounds overwhelming it really is not.  The training I can point you is easy and the bulk of it is done by watching some videos and following along.

If you really want to learn how you can work from home on your computer using the internet, this is the way to go.  It’s good honest work.  You will create something of your own, you will nurture it and keep it growing, and it will make you a legitimate online income.  This is not a fly by night scheme, you will be learning how to build a website and making money from it.  You put the work in, you get the results.

Make Money Online By Joining Me At Wealthy Affiliate

I started in affiliate marketing and blogging over a year ago from now as I write this article.  I didn’t know what the heck I was doing.  I stumbled around a lot and made some mistakes.  Sure, I was making a little money, but I wasn’t achieving my dream of being able to work full time from home.  I did some investigating online looking for help and found an online resource called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate provides website hosting and teaches people how to build successful niche websites that make revenue.  I signed up for free and took some video classes (also free) and learned a lot about what I was doing wrong on the two websites I had already been running.

Within a couple months the money I had been making almost doubled.  What happened?  They showed me how to make my web pages get found easier by the people searching for the niches I had built my first two website around.  So yeah, I’m true believer in Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate click here!

How Can Wealthy Affiliate Help?

There are a lot of mistakes that can be made when learning how to setup a website for affiliate marketing.  I know, because I made a lot of mistakes learning to work from home online.  When I finally came across Wealthy Affiliate I learned that I had been doing a lot of things right, but also a lot things wrong.

Having a support system behind is can really help a lot.  When you join with Wealthy Affiliate through my website here you actually get access to me as a mentor.  Check out the screen shot below of one the support networks in Wealthy Affiliate.

Learning how to make money online and from what!? Have a great support network behind you!

Learning how to make money online and from what!? Have a great support network behind you!

It was through their free training courses that I began to discover many things I hadn’t understood but thought that I did.  I learned about what is good content and bad content.  I learned about how to get my web pages notices by Google quickly, I learned how to choose keyword search phrases that would lead people to my websites, and so much more!

Wealthy Affiliate will help you:

  • Choose an interest/niche
  • Build a Website
  • Learn how to attract visitors to your site
  • Earn revenue from your website

Wealthy Affiliate has a free training course that you can quickly access when you create an account.  The course consists of 10 excellent modules that will have learning and building a viable niche website in no time.

The training modules explain EXACTLY how the real process of making an income online working from home really works, and guides you through the process of building your very first website.  Once you know this process, you can easily apply it to as many websites as you want.

Education and training is really at the heart of what Wealthy Affiliate is about.  Each course has fantastic walk-through videos and step by step instructions.  It really is ideal training for anybody starting out – and for those like me who started on their own and needed some help getting back on track.

As you go through the courses, each new lesson will build upon the previous lesson’s tasks.  You learn by ‘doing’.  It’s a great way to learn, and even possibly earn as you are building up your website and working from home.

The level one starter course will take you through ten lessons of training.  You will start as a novice and end up with knowledge well on your way to becoming an affiliate marketing pro.  Along the way you will meet some other people just like you working as affiliate marketing bloggers and sharing ideas and techniques – the support group inside Wealthy Affiliate is amazing.  I have met so many interesting people.

Here is a checklist of the some of the things you will learn in their level one free training course:

If you really want to make money online then this is the best way to go about doing it.  How can you go wrong with being given two free websites and some free training?

My recommendation to you is to follow and apply the training without skipping around.  You may think you know something and want to skip ahead – don’t do it.  I know from experience in setting up my own work at home blogs that I was wrong about a great many things I thought I knew.

How to make money online and from what?  Become a blogger; get a website for free and some free easy to follow training from Wealthy Affiliate.

Seen enough?  You can stop reading now and head over to Wealthy Affiliate now.  Signing up through my page has some perks; one of which is that you get access to me at Wealthy Affiliate to be a mentor and help yo get your business started.

If I Don’t Use Wealthy Affiliate Can I Still Blog And Make Money?

Of course.  Wealthy affiliate gives you two free websites and free limited hosting along some training.  But you can go start blogging on our own through any number of hosting sites.  You will likely end up paying some up fronts costs to buy your website domain ($9 – $16 per year on average), and you will also need to pay for your monthly or yearly website hosting ($30 to  $200 average monthly cost with yearly subscriptions).

Wealthy Affiliate is not the only website hosting company out there.  I am sure you have heard of GoDaddy, Pressable, and WP Engine.  You can go to those companies and also get hosting, though you will have to pay upfront for your websites and hosting and they don’t provide you step by step training on how to build a successful site.

The free websites and free hosting you get for signing up with Wealthy Affiliate is limited regarding what you can do.  It’s a great way to jump into blogging and affiliate marketing with some basic training to see if you like it and want to keep doing it – without a cost to you out of pocket.  However, you can certainly do this elsewhere and pay up front for your websites and hosting needs.  The nice thing about Wealthy Affiliate is you get their help on how to build a niche website from the ground up, step by step.

Most people who are serious about blogging and making money this way end up signing up for the full unlimited website hosting package at Wealthy Affiliate.  You get better website support, and unlimited features to use.  What makes Wealthy Affiliate so nice is that they are cheaper than the other big name hosting companies, and they have no upsells.  You get excellent hosting PLUS affiliate marketing training and support.

***Yes, you can keep your free websites and free limited hosting for as long as you want, and can build a great website for affiliate marketing.  You don’t ever have to pay for the premium hosting.  Once you sign up with their starter package it’s free for life.  You never have to pay anything under their starter signup package, and you can stay that way forever.

I talk more about affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting (free and premium) on my blog page ‘Wealthy Affiliate Review’ here.


I write about Wealthy Affiliate on more than a few of my pages here in a variety of ways trying to get this amazing message across.  If you want to start earning your success today and begin working on an at home business you can be proud of at no out of pocket cost to you, then click on the Wealthy Affiliate banner and get started.  It really is that easy.  And I’ll be there in the Wealthy Affiliate Network to help you.

You sign up from my page Earn Your Success, and I will be there to greet you when you create your free account.  Make sure you ‘follow’ me so you can ask me questions along the way as you learn to build up your niche website.  When you sign up through my website, you get me as your mentor.

Signing up through my page also gets you a little bonus – you’ll learn about it when you sign up and start digging into building your website…

It’s free.  You have nothing to loose if you give it a try.  Just for creating an account you get two free websites, free limited website hosting, and the great training I mentioned above for free.  No credit card needed, just an email address to start your account.

You want to know how easy it is to create your own web page in thirty seconds for free, click the banner.

You want to start working towards your financial freedom, click the banner

You want to be able to quite your day job and be your own boss, click the banner.

Make sure you look me up in the Wealthy Affiliate online community to say ‘hi’ and send me any questions you may have.  I am more than eager to help.  I’m usually around a few times throughout the day.  I want you to succeed, and will help you along the way.

If you were wondering how to make money online and from what, I hope this blog post helped answer that.  Blogging and affiliate marketing has worked great for me.

Ready to learn how to make money online and get started now!  Join me at Wealthy Affiliate here!

TD Bauer

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