How To Make Money For Retirement – Before And After!

Figuring out how to make money for retirement.

Looking for additional ways on how to make money for retirement?

If you want to learn how to make money for retirement, or make money to supplement your retirement that you already started, I can possibly help.

I am forty-three years old as I write this blog post.  Still many years away from retirement.  But it’s on my mind, mostly because I’m seriously behind on where I should be for having saved money for retiring.  I’m working to fix that though.

I’ve played around online with the various sites that have retirement calculators, and to be honest it scares me when I see how much money I am being told I will need to retire.  I am so far behind I will probably not be able to retire.

At least that was my situation nineteen months ago.  Not so much anymore…

How To Make Money For Retirement – Going Nowhere Fast!

My wife and I had been living paycheck to paycheck.  Some of that was investing into our retirement, but it wasn’t anywhere close to enough.  We needed to make a change.  We needed to find a means of generating another income aside from our day jobs.

I am not going to bore you with the details of how much money the experts say you need to have to retire, when they say you should have started to save, and how much they say you need to save each month.  More than likely you have done that work determining what you need before getting to this page.

If you found my page, you are looking for a way to increase what you are able to save each month, or looking for a means to earn income on the side now that you are retired.

My wife and I needed to make more money.  Period.  It was that simple.  Not only for our day to day living, but also for our desire to someday retire.  We didn’t want to have to work side jobs on top of the work we were already doing.  So we were looking for something specific to fit our wants and needs.

We turned to the internet looking for a job we could run out of our home – and we fount it!  I want to share that job with you now.

Retirement is about having more time for the important things in life.

Retirement is about having more time for the important things in life.

How To Make Money For Retirement – Start A Blog

I started a blog over nineteen months ago, and am making an extra four thousand dollars per month from it.  Anybody can start a blog; young, old, student, retired person.  Let me assure you, it is very easy to have your own website and add content to it.

My next door neighbor started her own blog about thirteen months ago and spends about an hour a day working on it.  She’s seventy-five, a retired nurse, and making an extra nine hundred per month for her efforts.

She actually has a pretty good retirement in place already, but she likes to travel.  The extra money helps her do that, and spend a little more on her grand-kids every year for birthdays and the holidays.

What Is A Blog?  Is It Hard To Do?

In case you are not sure, a blog is a website where you post and share information.  This website you are on right now is a blog.

Is is hard to do?  Not hardly.  It’s pretty darn easy.  If you have even a tiny amount of computer experience you can handle running your own blog.  If you have even a tiny amount of word processing experience you are already way ahead of the game.  The rest you can learn as you go.

However, even with no experience you can still learn to do this.  It is something you can apply yourself to and learn, and I can point you to the place to get some free step by step training.

Just like with any new job there are things you need to learn in order to do the work you need to do.  Blogging for financial help with your retirement is no different, you can train and learn to do this with some effort.

How Much Does It Cost Per Month?

I pay about $35 per month to own my own websites and pay for the web hosting.  That’s it.

However, you can start doing it at no cost to see if you like it and want to keep doing it.  If you find this is a good fit then you will likely end up wanting to buy and own your own website, most bloggers do.

How To Make Money For Retirement – Time Involvement?

One of the reason I started blogging as a home business on the side was to try and make some extra money, but I also didn’t want to start a job that was going to take up too much of me time.  I wanted something that I would work as little or as much at as I wanted.  Blogging fit that desire.

I usually work a couple hours per day at it, some days I don’t work at it at all.  It’s a passive form of income, so I don’t even have to be actively working to be making money at it.

One of the things about retirement is NOT having to work anymore and having time to do what you want to do.  Blogging doesn’t take much time.

How Does Blogging Make An Extra Retirement Income?

The answer to this question is a little more detailed.  The simple way to explain it is like this:

How to make money for retirement - get a website and start blogging!

How to make money for retirement – get a website and start blogging!

You start a website and start writing about something you love to do or something you know a lot about, like a hobby.  Every couple days you post a new update to your website about ‘something’ that pertains to that thing you love.

Eventually people searching the internet will start finding your website and reading what you blog about because they too have an interest in that same thing.  When people start finding your page, you can start making money for retirement.

You can sell add space on your website.  This is a good way to make some extra retirement income.  But there is a better way…

I do what is called affiliate marketing.  Affiliate Marketing is when you write a product review on your website about something that pertains to your interest.  Let’s say your blog is about Civil War History, and you write a review of a good book you read and provide a link to Amazon where people can buy that same book to read.

When people click on that book link you provided and buy that book off Amazon, you make a commission on the sale.  In fact if that same person buys anything off Amazon in the next 24 hours, you make a commission on that sale as well.  It doesn’t have to be the book your wrote about and reviewed.  If that person buys a new grill, or a TV, or a computer, or a Kindle… you make a commission on that sale too.

And it adds up fast.  Thus I am making an extra four grand per month doing this.

I don’t have any overhead, I don’t ship anything, I don’t handle customer returns, I just sit at home and write on my computer and share what I write on my blog and make a passive income.

How To Make Money For Retirement – Why Blogging Is A Good Idea

For me I am paying off my mortgage very quickly.  I will likely be able to retire early because of this.  It doesn’t take much of my time to do, leaving me time to do other things.  I actually plan to quit my day job as soon as the mortgage is paid off and do this from home as my job moving forward: Online Business Owner and Blogger.

Blogging is a part time job you can do anywhere with your laptop and an internet connection. Feel free to travel!

Blogging is a part time job you can do anywhere with your laptop and an internet connection. Feel free to travel!

I have three websites right now, and work about two, maybe three hours per day on them, and make a little over $4K per month.  I have plans to add another website soon, because I want to make more.  The income results for the amount of time I put into it makes this very lucrative.

Because I blog about things such as hobbies, I actually enjoy the writing that I do, and sharing what I know.

You can do this too.  If you are looking to add more money towards your retirement you can start doing this today.  If you are already retired you can supplement your money by doing this.

It’s not that hard to do, it doesn’t eat up all your time, and the results in return can be pretty good.

What’s The Catch?

Yep, there is always a catch.

Here is the catch:  You need to put the time in up front.  It takes a little time to start a website, start adding content to it, and start building up to having people find it.  It doesn’t just happen over night.  You should expect to have to put two or three months into working on a website and blogging before you start seeing traffic to it.

That’s the hardest part…. writing something that people are not seeing.  It just takes time before a new website starts getting noticed.  But people will eventually see it, and you have to keep working and blogging.  Once people start finding your site it makes it a lot easier to do the work, especially once you learn how to make some money from it.

How To Make Money For Retirement – Where To Start?

When learning how to make money for retirement through blogging, there is a bit of learning curve.  You don’t need any experience with websites or blogging to get started.  You can learn how to do it ‘as you go’.

There is a place online that provides free websites to test blogging out, and also can sell you your domain name and hosting IF and ONLY IF you decide this is a good fit for your.  They also provide some step by step instruction on building up that website and get adding content to it so you can do what I do: affiliate marketing on Amazon.

For more information check out my post about Wealthy Affiliate here.

Any questions?  Let me know below.


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