How To Increase Traffic For Your Website

So you decided to start blogging and make an income from your niche website.  You’re probably searching all over the internet researching and asking how to increase traffic for your website.  I know, I’ve been there.  The more traffic you can get, the better potential you have to make some money.  You want traffic.  Lots and lots of website traffic.

Learning how to increase traffic for your website is one of the first things any serious blogger and affiliate marketer will want to do.  The faster you can get pages and posts added with targeted keywords the sooner you can start ranking in the search engines.

Of course site age also plays a part in getting ranked.  But there is nothing you can do about that.  It takes the passage of time to build site maturity.  Working on content with a variety of keywords targeted towards your niche is something you can do something about.

How To Increase Traffic For Your Website – Keywords!

I enjoy doing keyword research.  I’m always curious to see what phrases and words I can come up with and see what the Google search results are for them.

When I do research for my websites and the latest blog post I am writing, I like to find keywords that people are using to search for information that have a descent amount of traffic every month, as well as lower competition keywords.

The lower the competition on a keyword the better chance I have of ranking for that keyword if I build a blog post around it.  The lower the competition the better, the higher the monthly search requests the better… both mean I have a good chance of getting that monthly search traffic on my blog.

And that can mean more money in my pocket every month.  That’s what working a home business is all about – making an income you can live from.

How to increase traffic for your website - Research Keyword tool Jaaxy can help!

How to increase traffic for your website – Keyword tool Jaaxy can help!

Keyword Research Tools – Jaaxy Is The Best!

Keyword research tools are great for figuring out how to increase traffic for your website.  But not all keyword research tools are the same.  Over the past sixteen or seventeen months I’ve tried more than a few.  Some were free and quite limiting on what information they provided.  Others cost a fee and provided more information.

Only one that I spent time checking into provided exactly what I wanted to know regarding my keyword research.  It also had some great extra benefits – and that was Jaaxy.

Jaaxy’s key features:

  • Pulls keyword information from all the big search engines to give you the full picture.
  • Shows monthly traffic for your keyword as well as alternatives! Great for keyword list building.
  • Shows the amount of competition you are up against to rank with any keyword.
  • Can help you narrow down your niche website ideas to find which may be most profitable.
  • Can easily show you where your web pages are ranked in Google.  Monitor your progress!
  • SEO Analysis.
  • Analyze your competitors websites.  See how they rank, how many back links they have, and more!

Jaaxy’s three level pricing – What do you need?

  • Jaaxy Free – Free! (limited use with free account)
  • Jaaxy Pro – $49 per month (great features, but slower and more manual)
  • Jaxxy Enterprise – $99 per month (get the big picture on your keywords super fast)
Jaaxy comes in three different user options; Free, Pro, and Enterprise.

Jaaxy comes in three different user options; Free, Pro, and Enterprise.

New For 2018!  Get Jaaxy For Free!

If you do your website hosting at Wealthy Affiliate and pay for premium hosting ($29 per month at reduced yearly subscription), you now get access to use Jaaxy for free.  That’s right, it costs you nothing if you do your website hosting at Wealthy Affiliate.

To learn more about them, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

What does Jaaxy Look Like?

Let’s say I want to check out the keyword ‘crock pot recipes’, because I am thinking about starting a crock pot blog with affiliate marketing for crock pots and crock pot related cookware items.  Below is a sampling of some of the search results.

Jaaxy, keyword research tool screen review

This image shows only a portion of the search results for crock pot recipes. The actual suggested keyword list was over a 100 phrases long!

Here is how the columns break down:

  • Keyword:  the first keyword displayed is the search you typed in, anything underneath of that are suggestions Jaaxy pulls that may be of interest to you.  It gives you keywords to think about using!
  • AVG:  Pulled search criteria from the big search engines, shows you the current average monthly search requests being done for that keyword.
  • Traffic:  How many page hits can expect from first rank in Google.  The further down you are in the ranking the more this number would decrease of course.
  • QSR:  Stands for ‘quotes search results’, this shows you how many pages you are competing against for the keyword.  You may need to manually click ‘Get QSR’ on the free and pro versions and wait for the search result to show, which usually takes about ten seconds.
  • KQI:  Stands for ‘keyword quality indicator’, which is a quick visual indicator that tells you how viable a keyword is for ranking.  Green is good!  Yellow is okay.  Red is meant to be avoided.
  • SEO:  Takes into considered QSR and KQI.  SEO ranges from 1 to 100.  The higher this number the better chance you have of ranking for it on the first page of Google.
  • Domains:  This option is limited to the Enterprise package.  It will show you domain name options that may be available if you are looking to buy a niche domain centered around the keyword.
  • Brainstorm:  Shows you some additional keywords that maybe related.  More suggestions!

Track Your Website Fast – And The Competition!

One of the features I love about Jaaxy is being able to track my website fast!  I can see what page of mine is ranked where in Google.  Which is much faster than doing an incognito Chrome search and clicking through pages trying to find where a particular blog post is at.

I can also use this tool to track my competitors and see if they are using particular keywords in their pages.

I can lookup my own sites to see where they are position in Google for specific keywords, or I can look up possible competitors.

I can lookup my own sites to see where they are position in Google for specific keywords, or I can look up possible competitors.


As you can see above, the website ‘Mattress Clarity’ is ranked on the first page of Google in position number 5 for the keyword ‘memory foam mattress’.  Mattress clarity is an affiliate website that specializes in recommending memory foam mattress.  The above search used the free Jaaxy tool version.

Another amazing feature of the Jaxxy keyword research tool is being able to look at the first top ten websites that are ranking on Google for a particular keyword.  I type in ‘Popcorn Popper Review’ and get the results of those ten websites.  If I click on one of those ten websites, I get the information below that tells me a lot of useful bits of information about a potential competitor.  I can see how many back links they have, meta description breakdown, how many words are on their front page…etc…etc…

If you are interested in checking out the free version you just need an email address to register your account.  Try Jaaxy here!

How To Increase Traffic For Your Website – Focus On Keywords

Getting back to increasing website traffic, when I use Jaaxy for keyword searches to build up my niche websites, there are really only three things that I focus one.

  1. How much competition does a keyword have?
  2. Does the keyword get a good amount of traffic?
  3. Does the keyword make sense?

The first two above are metrics that Jaaxy can easily capture and display with accuracy.  The third is up to you… does the keyword phrase make sense?  Is it spelled correct and have proper grammar?  Don’t focus on keyword phrases with bad spelling and grammar, as it makes your website look unprofessional.

Keywords that have a good amount of traffic and low competition mean you can pretty much dominate in the search engines for that keyword.  Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it?  Well, that’s because it is.  Don’t work harder than you have to.  Work smart.

I would rather easily rank for keywords with lower traffic and very low competition than try and fight for ranking on keywords that have high traffic and high competition.  Those keywords with supper high traffic and high competition could take you months or even years to rank with, if ever!  Why not go after something you know you can rank for fast and easy?

You may have to blog more unique content posts for different keywords, but you should do that anyway to help your website get better page authority.  It can be a win-win situation.


So are you ready to give Jaaxy a free try.  Just for creating a free account with an email address you get 30 free uses of the Jaaxy Keyword tool.  Search for keywords, look up page ranks, check out your competitors!

Give it a try!!  You just need to register with an email for 30 frees searches!

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