Learn How To Earn An Income Online At Home

Learn how to earn an income online at home.  All you need is a computer with WiFi to make a full income.

Learn how to earn an income online at home. All you need is a computer with WiFi to make a full income.

You can learn how to earn an income online at home.  I can show you how to get started today.  As long as you have a computer at home with access to the internet, you can get started today at no cost.

I’m not talking about taking surveys or watching videos for pennies.  What I am talking about is earning an actual income you can live on.  One were you can pay the bills and still have money left over.

You don’t have any overhead such as product you have to buy and sell.  There is no need to make phone calls and talk to people.  Certainly there is no customer interaction.  You can set your own hours, and work when and where you want as long as you have a computer with WiFi access.

Ready to learn how?  I’m ready to tell you.  It’s why I started this website, Earn Your Success.  People actually try and sell you what I am about to share.  Put your wallet away… this is from me to you and it’s free.

How To Earn An Income Online At Home

It’s all about the internet.  What I am about to tell you is going to scare some of you that are reading this away.  Don’t let it.  Keep reading past the next sentence.

You need to get yourself online and start your own website.

STOP!  I know what most of you are thinking – You are thinking that you can’t possibly run your own website because you don’t know anything about programming or coding.  You don’t have to.  If you are worried about starting your own website don’t be.  It’s easy to do and takes a few minutes.

If you can navigate around doing Google searches and surf the web, or mess around with a smart phone, you can easily manage your own website.

Don’t believe me, then check out the video below.  I personally show you how fast and easy it is to start a website of your own for free.  If you can type and point and click a mouse, you can do it.

I hope you watched that video, because that shows you how easy it is to start your website for free and in just several minutes.

The place online you can do that through is a website company called Wealthy Affiliate.  When you create an account with them for free, you get two free websites and free web-hosting.  No upsells, and no need to pay for anything.

Okay, so you can see how easy it is to start a website, but you are probably asking about applying that to learning how to earn an income online at home.

Keep reading.  I’ll tell you how.

Learning How To Earn An Income Online At Home

In 2015 people in the United States spent over 315 billion dollars online buying product.  That number is expected to go over 500 billion by 2020.  That’s a lot of money, and that’s just in the United States.

I earn an income online working at home by blogging on a couple websites I own and doing what is called Affiliate Marketing.

If you have a hobby or two that you love doing and know a lot about, you can turn that hobby into a means of making on income online from your home.

I am sure you have heard of people who blog and make money from it.  Well that’s what I do.  I work a few hours per day on my websites blogging.

Here is an example of how this works:

Let’s pretend you know a lot about guitars and can play.  You start a niche website that is focused on learning to play guitars, taking care of guitars, and helping people find new guitars they may like to play.

You write about guitars you own or have owned, how to learn to play, and what guitars people may like buy to get started.  And when you write about those things, you also provide links to online retailers like Amazon that sells those items.

Amazon has items for sale to teach people how to learn to read music and play guitars.  They also sell hundreds of different guitars.  You can create links from your page to Amazon so people can find where to buy those items.

When people go to Amazon from your site and buy something, you earn a sales commission.  This is what affiliate marketers do.  It is what many bloggers do to earn an income working at home.

And you can make a lot of money doing it.

Online retailers want people like me and you who have websites to encourage readers to go to their websites to buy product.  They pay you sales commissions to do it.  And it costs NOTHING to sign up with an online retailer to be an ‘affiliate’ for them.

Any hobby you have can be turned into a niche website that makes you money; camping, video games, movies, reading, cooking, gardening, yard games, grilling, jewelry, shoes, hats, office supplies, wine, clocks, watches… anything!

If you have a hobby that has items or product related to it, you can write about your hobby.  Share stories about your hobby and tips and things you enjoy about it. Also write some product reviews, and make an income from affiliate marketing.

Online retailer you may have heard of that work with affiliate marketers:  REI, Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, Macy’s, Target, Walmart, Amazon, Tiffany’s, Click Bank, and many others.

How Does A Website Make Money?

I get asked this all the time.  It’s really pretty simple.

People like to buy things online, and when they do they tend to do online research before they make a purchase.  Or, they are interested in a hobby and go online to read about it.  Either way, they come across websites that provide information they are looking for when they do Google Searches.

I blog about camping on a website and write about tents and other camping gear.  People find my website for various reasons.  They wither like to read about camping, or they are looking for something specific that I write about.

When they do searches in Google they use what are called ‘keywords’.  Those keywords they type in to look for information can lead them to my website popping up in their search results.  When a website gets found and people click on it… you can make money.

Some keywords get searched thousands of times per month.  There are some that get searched hundreds of thousands of times.  Others may only get searched a handful of times per month.  But if they lead people to my websites I can make money.

How To Earn An Income Online At Home – Getting Started

I have a few websites that I blog on.  One is about camping, another is about hiking, and another is about memory foam mattresses.  I earn money from all of them.

It costs me about $30-$35 per month to cover my business costs associated with working online.  But I am further along into affiliate marketing that you are, if you start doing this.

If you start learning how to earn an income online at home and get started today it will cost you nothing.  I pay for domain names and web-hosting.  You don’t have to.

To get started doing this you obviously need to learn how affiliate marketing works and how to apply it towards a website.  This is called website monetizing.  You need to learn how to get your website found by people doing searches in the three big search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

When you websites get found you make money.  The more it gets found the more money you can make.  The more you blog about things and link to potential products people may want to buy you make more money.

But how to get started doing this and learning this?

Remember in my video above where I showed you how easy it was to start a free website?  Well, that same website where I did all that on also provides some free training on how to setup and build a website for affiliate marketing.

All you need is an email address and you can get started today at no cost with Wealthy Affiliate.  They provide two free websites, free web hosting, and some free easy to follow training on getting started in affiliate marketing.

Signing up through my page gets you access to me as a mentor inside their community network.  That right there is a pretty amazing perk.  I’m more than happy to answer questions and help you along the way.  Somebody did it for me, I’m just passing it along.

You can get started right now by clicking this link and signing up: Getting Started!

Earning An Income Online At Home – It Takes Some Work

Learning how to earn an income online at home can be pretty exciting.  But don’t expect it to start earning you an income right away.  It takes time to build up this kind of at home business.

I’m not going to blow smoke, this is not a get rich scheme.  You will have to learn how to do some new things, just like with any new job.  Some people are lucky and can start earning some money right away in the first month or two.

But for most it can take a few months.  Part of this has to do with Google and the other bog search engines.  They don’t trust new websites and don’t give them much attention in the search rankings.  After three months that tends to change.

But during those three months you have to be blogging and adding content to your website.  Picking a hobby to blog about makes it easy to write, but it still is annoying when you are writing blogs posts that are not getting found.

If you are seriously interested in getting started learning how to earn in income online at home then you need to be prepared to put some time in and work at it.

The end results are worth it.  Imagine being able to be your own boss working from home when you want.  No overhead to worry about, no phone calls to make or take, and no customer returns to deal with.  Just blogging about something you love and being able to make in income from it.

If you can put the time and effort into affiliate marketing you will be Earning Your Success.  That’s something to be proud off.  You would be an online entrepreneur.

It Doesn’t Cost You Anything To Start Working At Home

Like I said above, you can get started for free.  I encourage everybody I meet who is interested in learning how to earn an income online at home to never pay anybody to get started.

Some places that teach online affiliate marketing want you to sign up with them right away and pay a monthly fee.  Wealthy Affiliate is not like that, and that is why I choose them to learn about online marketing and why I promote them.

If you are unsure about doing this type of work from home, you can test it out and it doesn’t cost you anything.  You get those two free websites, free web-hosting, and some free training.

At some point like me, if you want to make this a real business you own, you will want to buy and own your own websites.  When you do that is when this starts to cost money.  But that is also when you can start writing off on your taxes such expenses for running a home business!

Like I said above, I own my own website and pay for my own web-hosting.  It costs me about $35 per month.  That’s it.

But before you get to that point, learn as much as you can and make sure you want to become a blogger that does affiliate marketing.  It’s free.

Want to to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate?  I wrote a full review of their many services.  You can check it out here at my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

If you are ready to get started and give this a try, you can start learning how to earn an income online at home by clicking here: It’s Free To Get Started!




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